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In Topic: Hypothyroidism Or Super Sensitive Gluten Reaction?

17 January 2010 - 09:25 AM

Yes, breathing it in seems to hurt me worse too! Ugh... its awful. Terrifying. I won't be somewhere with flour in the air. Period.

Good news is the thyroid thing DOES heal! I used to be so sick... literally shivering and unable to get warm at 70 degrees... I spent an entire winter sore all over my body from the constant shivering and having to soak in 2-3 hot baths throughout the day just to survive. No amount of blankets or sweaters helped... among other "broke down thyroid" symptoms like depression, exhaustion, etc.

I've healed a lot! I walked to the gym the other day in 50 degree weather in only a t shirt and light sweater! I can tolerate the cold so much more and my sleep, mood, and other things are much, much better now. I feel my thyroid works now. The longer you are away from gluten and other foods that bother you the more and more you heal, it just is a slow process.

So how long did it take for your thyroid to start functioning well enough for you to start functioning?? I am not functioning well at all right now and would soooo love to know that this was a temporary thing. Also as I said my Dr seems to be baffled about how to fix my thyroid if airborne gluten keeps impacting it so are you saying after a while your body stopped attacking it because of airborne gluten?? I am desperate for help right now but don't know who exactly can help me since my Dr seems shocked by my degree of sensitivity.

In Topic: Hypothyroidism Or Super Sensitive Gluten Reaction?

17 January 2010 - 07:41 AM

Thanks everyone! I do love my l-glutamine. Apparently it is supposed to focus on healing the intestine. . . it does seem to help mine. All my typical gluten reactions are better now. But the cold and muscle soreness are still hanging on. Of course it doesn't help at all that Denver is in deep freeze mode with a high today of 12 degrees. Driving to work this morning it was an entire -2. But time goes on and so must I!!!

Butterfl8, I just saw this post and realize it is a month old but wanted to tell you I am having the same kind of issue. If I am exposed to airborne gluten I have serious neurological issues and severe fatigue then the neuro symptoms pass after a few hours but I am left with severe fatigue and the next day I have severe hypothyroid type symptoms. I am beginning to suspect that an airborne exposure is causing my body to start attacking my thyroid now. My Dr is baffled but we cannot seem to regulate my thyroid and it is making me nuts!!

In Topic: "Super Sensitive" Celiacs.....

17 September 2009 - 08:23 AM

I just wanted to mention the website, elance. It's place where persons with skills and employers can communicate and bid for work. Let's say you can type. You go into the site and look for typing jobs. When you find some you like, you can bid on them. The employer accepts the bid they like and you have a job! It's all done this way so you can work out of your home. There are many, many skills jobs of all kinds offered so take a look and get ready to freelance!

I will be checking this out today!! What a great tip!!!

In Topic: "Super Sensitive" Celiacs.....

16 September 2009 - 09:44 AM

Thank you all for the tips, advice and encouragement.

I tried to find a shelter when I left him last week but all the shelters in florida are communal environments and because of my airborne issue I would be too sick to function in that setting so in effect the only safe place for me is my own home from a gluten perspective. I talked to several shelters all over the state and they really just couldn't accommodate my issues. So frustrating. So I had to come back home and act like everything is ok.

I spoke with my Dr today and she is writing a letter for me and one for my son that speaks to our issues. Hopefully this letter is enough to get my husband to drop his insistence that this is not a real disease. He would then have to pay for a Dr who would dispute my Dr's findings and I don't think he wants to take it that far.

He has done a pretty good job of poisoning the water with his family by telling them all along that this is my newest so-called medical issue. (I have been asking Drs to help me figure out what was wrong with me for 10 years and they all kept saying it was in my head and it appears my husband believed them all along and not me)

Does anyone have tips or tricks for filing for disability. I think that really is an option for me considering my severe reactions but I would rather be able to make a good living if I can find a company who will work with my issues. But for right now I need to consider all my options and get things in the works since either getting approved for disability or finding a job will take a long time.

In Topic: "Super Sensitive" Celiacs.....

15 September 2009 - 04:29 PM

Ravenwoodglass We are in a bit of the same boat. My husband has decided that this whole celiac thing is all in my head and there is nothing wrong with me or with my 3 yr old son who has been diagnosed as well. Yes, we were both diagnosed thru blood tests and he asserts that I interpreted the results the way I wanted and so did my Dr. He has made several statements in the last few months like a little bit won't hurt him and why do we have to worry about milk?(he has an autoimmune reaction to casein as well) And it has left me feeling like I just can't trust him to keep either of us safe. And as sensitive as I am he refuses to adhere to my no gluten zone for our home which I feel like is the only safe place for me in this world at times. He has become increasingly volatile and we had a tremendous argument last week where he swore he would prove I was crrazy and take my son from me. So I have spoken to a lawyer and am proceeding with the divorce paperwork. So great for me but what the heck am I going to do to support my son?!
I really appreciate your tips and ideas and those are exactly the kind of ideas I was looking for. And I welcome any more ideas that others may have as well.
And to the other who have responded, thank you for assuring me that so many others have severe reactions too. Maybe not exactly the same but that at least I know there are others who are just as sensitive.

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