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Member Since 31 Jul 2004
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In Topic: What Do You Use?

06 August 2004 - 12:08 PM

One thing to remember (comes from years of IBS) is when you increase fiber, you MUST increase water, so if you take a fiber supplement and it constipates you, you need more water! ;)

In Topic: New Here And Have A Question

06 August 2004 - 12:03 PM

I am by *no*means very experienced, but I am planning on using Citrucel, it's methycellulose, which is a man made fiber. That might help. Anytime you change how much fiber you are getting things change. Funny, I have gone from constipation to more diarhea. I have been having a hard time being totally gluten free though. (i just cheat when I am tired). Good luck and let us know if you find something that works!

In Topic: Could I Have Celiac?

06 August 2004 - 11:57 AM

Wow, you sound exactly like me, same symptoms, age and everything. I even found out the same way! I have not had the test for Celiac, and have only been attempting to live wheat free for a short time (very unsuccesfully I might add, lol). I have had the flushing before an episode before too. I could have written your post! I've had the hypoglycemic episodes too, just not the lactose... Right now, I am just assuming I am gluten intolerant and not celiac, I will see if my doctor recommends having hte test. My sister has seen improvement off wheat also, so that makes me wonder tho.....

In Topic: Unidentified Food Problem?

02 August 2004 - 11:58 AM

I figured out that yesterday's stomach ache was due to aspirin in Excedrine Migraine. But, my stomach hurt today after eating a grilled chicken salad. I'm guess it was something in the ranch dressing or maybe cheese? i need to add, that at this point I think I am only gluten intolerant, not celiac, but I guess you never know for sure unless you have the test....

In Topic: Enterolab Results In !

31 July 2004 - 04:38 PM

So the fact that you are just gluten intolerant will show up on the test? Does that mean you are not Celiac if you have no intestinal damage?????? :huh:

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