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Member Since 21 Jun 2008
Offline Last Active Jul 20 2011 02:47 AM

#709999 I'm So Happy!

Posted by on 18 June 2011 - 04:55 PM

I am so proud for you....you give me hope and inspiration.....please share all of your success stories that are to come....I look forward to hearing the next one.....
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#709657 Happy To Be Celiac?

Posted by on 17 June 2011 - 01:02 PM

I totally get what you are saying, and in my head I know I am the lucky one....but my heart has not caught up hey...I still cry walking the grocery store...no really I physically cry!!!
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#709593 People Who "bailed" When You Were Sick/crippled With Pain?

Posted by on 17 June 2011 - 08:55 AM

My heart goes out to you..as I have been there too lost family and friends ...but I had to change my thought to it is their loss!! None of my family took it serious and have all chosen not to get tested even though they all have symptoms even my one niece has struggled since birth...she is soooo obvious celiac...but again oh well after yrs of trying to help them I have to just help myself and my kids now ...I know it hurts and it will always hurt...family should never turn their back.....But we here can be your family.... :D Big hugs.....
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#708818 Please Help Bloating Is So Bad

Posted by on 15 June 2011 - 04:30 AM

Thank you all... sreese68 you are right about the diet. That is exactilly what I did and I guess for a while it worked because i removed the gluten but now it has come back to bite me in the gut shall i say....I will confess it will be very hard to go processed gluten-free free, but I know you are all right it is what needs to be done, and I don't know why it brings such sad feelings up. when I got diagnosed it was such a mess. I had suspeceted somehting was wrong for a long time and just got handed antidepressents for yrs which I would not take and kept telling my GP I was not depressed, I was depressed because I felt so terrible....then I read up on celiac and thought hmm that sounds a lot like me, in my search I found all of you and searched on here more. Thats when I knew and pushed for testing but she would not do it....during all this time I would go off and on gluten as I figured ok I must be wrong...finally one day I go so sick and as fait would have it my regular GP was away. the dr I saw that day said lets test you somethings is really wrong. She sent me for the blood test and it came back inculnlusive, so back to square one and eatting gluten....needless to say sick again and retested, it had now been 2 yrs since I found your site here joint pain and the discovery of hashimotos through my new Dr through my move across the country. What I did not know was that when he tested my thyroid he also ran blood work for celiac...bamb there it was clear as day, both where positive...I asked him why he tested celiac and he said because they are usually connected...that was Nov 2010...the day i cried even more, but this time in joy, becasue I knew I was not crazy all these years..I had both my children tested and they too are positive.

Richard, yes support I am finding out is impoortant I tend not to reach out for help but since the gluten-free diet is clearly not working and I am finding this very hard to do on my own I am now asking for advice and support, our home is now completly gluten-free and my inlaws are very good when we eat there, they are still learning but open to helping. My family thinks I am just being dramatic and annoying, but that is a whole other story... ;)
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