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Member Since 30 Jun 2008
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A Freedom Diet? Im So Lost!

17 October 2012 - 05:23 AM

Hello, long time no see! I joined this board months and months ago thinking I would do well to try gluten-free free with my MS to see if I could improve my sx. Well, I did it, and discovered my sx remained the same, so gluten-free was probably not my issue. I continued to bloat, have severe constipation, Multiple sclerosis sx, headache, nausea, brain fog and the like. I was kinda bummed because I know someone who is gluten-free and does great on it. Clearly I dont have this odd problem. I was in denial a bit (ok more than a bit) and decided that I could continue to eat what I wanted when I wanted and since my trial and biopsies were negative I was in the clear. WRONG! A bit of time has gone by and my sx are so much worse. My intestines are swollen, gastroenteritis was worse gastroparesis was also always looming and my weight was crawling ever higher each day even though I was not eating that much. I started seeing a naturopathic MD and she investigated my whole background and didnt treat me like most of my MDs who treat one body part at a time, or one disease at a time, she looked at my history, my diet, my interactions with the world, my stress, my brain fog and so forth. My intestine has always been really sensitive and quickly flares into a mess. It was decided that MILK was my issue first and foremost and the reason I didnt react to the gluten-free diet was that I was allowing milk in it. So, it was decided that I would go not just gluten-free but FLOUR free. ALL flours! even rice, tapioca and all the others. Sugar free (without allowance for artificial sweeteners. Not just milk but Dairy free (except Ghee) and as a good measure since so many tropical fruits are so acidic to remove all tropical fruits for a while. I am told that after a while I can add a few things back in, but am promised I wont want to.

I have been doing this diet for the last 3 weeks, almost the last month and I have dropped 10 pounds. My tummy bloat is gone. My red face is much calmer. While my intestines are still struggling a bit to get moving, they are moving better. My brain fog is less, but still there, my MS sx seem to be less wild, but still there. All good news yes? then why am I here? OMG Im soooo lost! I dont have any idea what I should be eating, how to cook it, how to keep myself full, what are good choices, bad choices, and for good measure I am a breast cancer survivor so I am soy free. MANY milk alternatives have soy in them. MANY gluten-free products have soy in them.

You will probably see me stalking around the recipe threads, seeking things I can eat. My gluten-free friend has gone two steps further and asked me to remove Oats and corn to make it a complete "perfect way of eating" so even more restrictions! I am trying to see it as "what CAN I eat" instead of what CANT I eat, but its hard.

Dairy free, Flour free, Sugar free, Tropical fruit free, GMO free, corn free, soy free, and oat free make many traditional choices hard! To top it off I live in the backwoods and we have very few choices for grocery stores around here. There are no trader joe's or other such organic places. How do I know who uses GMO? I was upset to find Kashi does. This has been more than a challenge and with my addled brain im struggling. im hungry and im grouchy!

Wave if you see me in the halls. I could use a hug. im tired! but determined.

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