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16 July 2009 - 01:03 PM

hi, i'm wondering if anyone can help me understand my recent diagnosis of osteopenia and osteoporosis.

i was diagnosed in 1998 and have gluten-free ever since. i never cheat on the diet and i go with assumption that everything has gluten and work backwards from there. i rarely have stomach problems anymore (and can almost always trace it back to something eaten outside of the home). overall, i consider myself healthy. i exercise, eat well and have not struggled with my diet since that first year of diagnosis.

i recently went for a check up. my doctor said my gluten-free blood work was excellent (i forget the technical name) and complimented me for sticking very closely to the diet. he said my vitamin D was also excellent, which surprised him. only thing low was B12, so i am now on a supplement.

i had my first ever bone density scan. that came up quite negative. i am a 29 year old female. my doctor said i have osteopenia and small amount of osteoporosis.

my question is this: why do i have this? i have done excellent at being gluten-free for years. my vitamin D is great. I happen to naturally choose a calcium rich diet, including yogurt daily, a lot of cheese, ice cream, tofu, things like that. is there something wrong with my gluten-free diet then? i don't understand how, especially when the doctor said there was no gluten in my blood work up.

any help or guidance is greatly appreciated.

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