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In Topic: Any Scientific Evidence Than Less Than 20Ppm Can Cause Ttg Rise?

Today, 03:51 AM

Your tax dollars at work! 

In Topic: Any Scientific Evidence Than Less Than 20Ppm Can Cause Ttg Rise?

Yesterday, 02:32 PM



There was a research review put together before the US gluten free standards were set.  Basically, the standard was set at 20ppm because the "vast majority" of celiacs could tolerate exposure at that level.  


I think this link will take you to the PDF entitled Health Hazard Assessment for Gluten Exposure

in Individuals with Celiac Disease:
Determination of Tolerable Daily Intake Levels
and Levels of Concern for Gluten  
(US FDA May, 2011)
A very detailed look at the issues. 
An opinion piece with links to the research. This is actually a pretty good place to start, I think; but the 1st paper has an interesting discussion of slow, long term reactions, that may pertinent.
Good luck sorting things out for your daughter. 

In Topic: Does Dairy Affect Your Mood And Mind?

20 March 2015 - 05:18 PM

My spouse noticed this as well. He dislikes goat, but does tolerate sheep milk products.  He also has the MTHFR issue, so that may be worth checking out; that seemed to affect his mood also. 

In Topic: Prosciutto Brands For Super Sensitive?

20 March 2015 - 05:14 PM

Boar's Head is very committed to gluten-free/CF but I am not sure about certification.  I do know that now all salamis, etc are casein free; they sometimes have milk products on the outside (I am thinking of artisanal charcuterie products.)

In Topic: Prosciutto Brands For Super Sensitive?

20 March 2015 - 05:11 PM

My spouse does well with Boar's Head and Salumi. He is gluten and casein free.


He handled those sorts of products (aged, fermented meats) even better after he recognized and addressed a histamine intolerance.  Alison Vickery's website was helpful.


Apparently the DAO enzyme is produced on the tips of the villi.Celiac and other inflammatory conditions can cause you to be low in DOA.




Alcohol also causes the DAO to work less efficiently. (I don't understand why this is.)  So red wine, aged cheese (sheep milk cheese for him) and aged meats were an issue for awhile.  Now, he adds anti-histaminic elements to meals, or uses a Histame (a DAO supplement - be careful, not all are gluten free) or takes niacin and vitamin C if he overdoes it on histamine foods.  


I am not saying that trace gluten isn't a problem; I am saying that a histamine intolerance may be aggravating a trace gluten issue.  It took a long time, but he can now distinguish his histamine reactions from a gluten reaction.


Good luck sorting this out.  In general, most people with histamine intolerance feel better if they take an antihistamine. Vitamin C or Zyrtec.  That may be a way to approach ruling this out for you.   The Vickery website is definitely worth a look.