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Case To Be Made For Hepatoxicity

04 February 2005 - 12:06 PM

Hepatoxicity, by definition, means nothing more than liver damage/distress. Depending upon the severity of damage, Hepatoxicity can be a serious condition, or merely one that lingers around for an extended period in the abscence of any severe damage.

Here's a link covering a limited part of what is known about this condition, in basic terminology-

The article defines for the presence of Hepatoxicity by the following criteria, referenced directly from the article-
"Following criteria were used to define anti-TB drugs-induced hepatotoxicity:
Normalization of liver enzymes level and resolution of signs and symptoms of hepatotoxicity after withdrawal of all anti-TB drugs, and presence of at least one of the following criteria:
o A rise to five or greater than five times the normal level of ALT and/or AST.
o A rise in the level of serum total bilirubin over 1.5 mg/dl.
o Any increase in AST and/or ALT above pretreatment levels together with anorexia, nausea, vomiting and jaundice.
Normal maximum value in the laboratory is 35 IU/L for ALT and 40 IU/L for AST. For ALP normal upper limit is 115 IU/L."

The particular article above may only highlight TB prescription drug- induced Hepatoxicity, but the fact of the matter is that Hepatoxicity can be caused by many, many different prescription drugs. "Google it", and you will be able to see this for yourself.

Now I doubt very much that anybody here is in a state of full fledged Hepatoxicity. But are there signs of the basic pathway present here among some of you? Sure. Why else would some of you be experiencing fluctuations with those liver enzyme counts w/o any rational explanation, afterall.

Beyond prescription drug medications, Hepatoxicity can be caused by alcoholism, OTC drugs (Rare, but it can happen), and/or other forms of toxicity. Skin creams, household cleaners? You bet. Take a look at the following link, and you will see that a skin cream prescribed by Dermatologists has the ability to induce Hepatoxicity-

Once again, directly quoting from the article here, "The temporal association of Skin Cap use and development of pustular psoriasis along with symptoms and laboratory evidence of hepatotoxicity suggest a probable linkage in these events. Against the background of pre-existing alcohol intake in this patient, it is possible that the additional alcohol content of Skin Cap may have directly precipated pustular psoriasis and hepatotoxicity in this patient."

Further proof of the possible correlation between drug use and Hepatoxicity. I also share this article with you because it is possibly the most legitimite explanation that I have yet to find offering a rational explanation for what may be occuring here for many of you here. As you can see, rather than saying that somebody has Celiac Disease w/ Diabetes, Hypothyroidism, and Lupus/Rheumatoid Arthritis/Lupus, I believe that simply calling this "Amavata" would be a more logical approach. Whether or not all of the symptoms may be present is fairly irrelevant with what I am trying to do here, afterall.http://www.wrc.net/phyto/amavata.html

Again, quoting directly from the article-"Unfortunately, each class of drug listed contains a number of unpleasant and potentially dangerous effects, from hepatotoxicity (e.g. NSAIDs, methotrexate, penacillamine), kidney damage (e.g. cyclosporine, penacillamine) to immunodeficiency (e.g. corticosteroids, cyclosporine, methotrexate, penacillamine)."

Two thirds of the population pop that Tylenol, a solid one fifth/sixth have been prescribed corticosteroids at some point in their lifetime, and we've all been given Penicillin here or there, correct?

Before we move on, here is an outstanding resource matching up certain prescription drugs and their potential affects on liver function, basic health,etc. Because 2 out of 3 people who have Celiac Sprue are women, those of you that are female, please make note of the Estradiols and the ability they have to affect the liver bile ducts.

Of interest here is the growing, documented proof that there may well be a connection between Primary Biliary Sclerosis and Celiac Sprue, as this brief article eludes to. Take note to the fact that this article covers Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis, a condition that I personally believe may offer a better connection than PBS does, but the two conditions both highlight the same type of condition that would be active. They are quite similar, in other words-

What I find to be fascinating about this article is that when you compare the symptoms and diseases that are associated to PSC and/or PBS, you find so much of what is taking place here for so many of you. At what point does Celiac Disease essentially "Take its bow" to PBS? The intellectual can see the process for what it is-that of one big "Event," not a pool of collective, individual diseases that may or may not have associations to one another. And I would strongly make the argument that Celiac is the result, not the cause, of the much larger issue at hand, and for good reason. Realistically, what possible good does it do to address this or that part (Lupus, Thyroid, Etc) of the larger mechanism when no real attempt is ever made at getting to the bottom of what is really going on for those of you diagnosed with multiple conditions.

Back to my favorite topic, that being the amino acids. Again, basic concepts, basic terminology, so take a look-

Quoting once again directly from the article, "Amino acids are also necessary for the manufacture of protein structures required for genes, enzymes, hormones, neurotransmitters and body fluids. In the central nervous system, amino acids act as neurotransmitters and as precursors to neurotransmitters used in the brain to receive and send messages. Amino acids are also required to allow vitamins and minerals to be utilized properly."

Another important quote from the article-"These proteins are used by the body to construct muscles, bones, organs, glands, connective tissues, nails and hair."-Pretty much everything, I would say.

And, for those that are being lazy by not reading through the links, another direct quote from the article- "Many of the amino acids required to maintain human health can be produced in the liver from proteins found in our diet. These non-essential aminos are: alanine, aspartic acid , asparagine, glutamic acid, glutamine, glycine, proline, and serine."

Contrary to what our doctors are led to believe in medical school, deficiencies of certain aminos can and very much do exist. That is a fact, one that has been proven time and time again in study after study. I once read that your IM physician has one hour of classroom education on the aminos. I was told that they are basically advised to administer glutamine in emergency situations, and to look out for PKU in newborns-that's about it.

We know that Celiac Sprue essentially is represented by an inability for some to properly digest the proteins in gluten, in particular, although there is plenty of evidence here to suggest that many of you are having problems with other protein sources, as well.

Let's look at four of these, in particular. Tyrosine excluded, 2 of these 3 (Tryptophan excluded) are DIRECT members of the non essential class (Produced by the liver-directly). Tryptophan (At one angle, but the following statement is correct, essentially) is than produced by the non-essentials. They give it its power to do its own job, in other words.

If one is to insist on proof in terms of the amount of confusion there is w/ the aminos among various sources, look at Tryptophan. About 1/3rd of the available literature tells us that Tryptophan is a direct "Bi product of the non essentials," another 1/3 (The source below included) believes it to be an "Essential" amino, while another 1/3 believes that Tyrosine is a non essential itself (Contradicting this link), and that it comes to be from a loosely defined metabolic reaction. This group, in particular, seems to believe that it is relatively helpless by itself, meaning that it in no way can be defined as an essential amino, though this statement falls dangerously close to one that can be debated, too.
#1)-Tryptophan (Product of the non essentials)
#2)-Glutamine (A "non essential," produced by the liver directly)
http://www.abcbodybu...4/glutamine.htmGlutamine "Produces" Alanine, and Alanine helps to "Produce" its counterpart, Beta Alanine.
#3)Alanine A "non essential," is produced by the liver, but requires proper Glutamine levels to function properly.


What this information does not highlight is that two of Alanine's main roles are to assist the body in protein (Gluten), carb (What gluten usually goes along with), and fat metabolism. A deficiency or toxicity of Alanine WILL CAUSE metabolic impairment, that's just a fact. Furthermore, it, along with its "counterpart", Beta Alanine, just so happen to be the body's main defenses against systematic acidity and high cholosterol, which may or may not be able to be traced back to an issue such as PBS.

Kaufmann-cholosterol may be nothing more than an anti-fungal mechanism, but that is where he leaves it, essentially. Kaufmann wonderfully explains for what may be behind several of today's mystery illnesses, that being various fungal agents, but he doesn't make the connection to the PH issues. I would argue that it would be very hard for one to have a systematic fungal infection if the body is not out of balance in some way. Only a long term illness/infection, toxicity, or long term vitamin/mineral/amino deficiency could cause this env't to take hold in the body, therefore allowing for the fungal growth to take place. I take a great deal of interest in the fact Alanine just so happens to have a role in fighting both acidity and cholosterol levels. Its dependance on proper Glutamine levels/function makes this connection all the more intriguing, as does its direct link back over to Tryptophan on the other side.

#4)Tyrosine-You may go look this one up for youself on the web, but just understand that it is believed to be the key player behind Endocrine function. Like I have said before, there will be Hypothyroidism or Hyperthyroidism, possibly even Adrenal or Thymus complication if there is a problem with Tyrosine. Of key interest here is the "War" that is always taking place once again between Tyrosine and Tryptophan for "Passage" into the bloodstream.

What has been discussed here is at the heart of your disease. And remember not to confuse yourself-Aminos represent the "Process," where as conditions like Celiac Sprue, Diabetes, and PBS are the result of an amino imbalance, in the abscense of a confirmed infectious agent.

So it goes without saying that in my last report coming next weekend, the heavy emphasis will be on the overall pathway involved within a connection I have found between the liver, the kidneys and/or the adrenals (Hormones), a possible toxicity or infection, along with the disruption that is bound to occur within the amino profile in the presence of such widespread disruption.

It is my opinion there does exist powerful evidence to support the theory that one's main problem here is either due to a deficiency or toxicity of any of the following-Glutamine, Alanine, Glutathione, B-Alanine, Tryptophan, Glutamic Acid, Tyrosine, and/or Arginine-all of or one of, or a little of both.

But what leads to all of this, you may ask. Is it an active infection, or is it more probable to believe that a toxicity of the liver, however slight that may be, may be at the roots of this disease. Finally, we'll backdoor the connection back over to the adrenals and kidneys. Than, rest assured, I'll be done.

But the process is quite simple (In my own non-medically educated opinion, of course)-I believe there may be somewhat of a direct connection between Celiac Sprue and the liver. It is my belief the problem starts with the liver. In other words, Celiac Sprue is caused by abnormal liver function, for some of you, at least.

What may have the potential to cause one to have abnormal liver function? Prescription medications, alcohol, smoking, vaccine content, illegal drugs, Aspartame/Methanol, the heavy metals. Indirectly, the overuse of corticosteroids could be another potential trigger, as would kidney disease and the indirect effect such complications may bring to the liver.

In the presence of abnormal liver function, there is an increased liklihood that one's non-essential amino profile will become affected, understanding that it has been confirmed that the liver is responsible for the creation of these specific amino acids (The non essentials).

Two of these aminos, in particular, that of Glutamine and Alanine (And Beta Alanine), seem to be at the heart of all of what is going on here, so long that one is to take into consideration that of the relationships of these two aminos with the metabolism of others within the profile.

I find there to be overwhelmning evidence to conclude that there may be a problem here for the majority of people when it comes to Glutamine and Alanine. The problem is that there does exist some confusion as to whether or not such individuals would be deficient or toxic. While the answer may appear obvious, the fact of the matter is that nobody could possibly determine where they are sitting w/ these two until they are tested. There are certain sequences, even medications, that have been known to lead to "Toxic" levels of these two aminos, so the assumption should not be made that one is deficient without having such confirmation in hand by way of medical lab testing.

The basic logic involved in this conclusion should be apparent to the reader. Glutamine, the body's most abundant amino outside of a state of illness, is known to heal (And regulate the overall health of) the GI tract, and to prevent further damage to this system from envt'l/metabolic forces.

Alanine is metabolized from Glutamine, and therefore it is believed by the common majority that Alanine needs Glutamine to do its job, in other words. Alanine's role in gluconeogenesis is extremely powerful, as one can determine from the literature I have presented to you here. It may be the largest player involved in the process of what truly may be at the heart of everything we find here.

The combinations of Alanine and Beta Alanine are known to combat cholosterol. It is an effective agent in glucose control. It is the body's chief weapon against blood acidity. Normal levels of the amino are required for the proper metabolism of proteins, carbs, and fats. Its role is very well established in muscle and connective tissue maintenance. Furthemore, Tryptophan is a very big player when it comes to the relationship it holds with Alanine. Remember, beyond its own extremely important capacities w/ one's health, Tryptophan, by itself, is always in that tug of war game it has with Tyrosine (Endocrine-Glands).

What causes Celiac Sprue? To answer that question, I believe one must first ask the question, "What is wrong with the liver?" Is there actual "damage" w/ the bile ducts? Is it being run down by a medication or alcohol? Is a virus or infection present in the tissue?

If these questions can all be outruled, than an exploration must be done into secondary stressors of the liver (Adrenals and kidneys are the top suspects). If that too can be outruled, than the determination must be made as to what may explain for a deficiency and/or toxicity of certain aminos in the diet. At the top of this particular "Suspect list" would be a blood infection (Fungal or Bacterial. Viral-doubtful) or a toxicity of the bloodstream that has not yet brought verified disruption to the liver's function.

If all of these questions can be answered in a method that would outrule all of these suspicions, I will officially give a select few what they apparently want to hear. For at that given point, I would have no choice but to conclude that Celiac Sprue "Is what it is." I would still make the argument that the sensitivity is triggered by lectin sources rather than gluten, but I would be in line with the overall thought process, at least.

Comprehensive Questionare-1 Of 2

30 January 2005 - 08:20 PM

If it's ok with you folks, I am going to divide this series of questions into 2 batches. This first batch, listed below, will require precise answers from anyone choosing to participate. Though I do include a few T or F's on this one, the 2nd batch I intend to post later this week will be a round of simple "Yes" or "No" questions, so this is the one that may be a bit more difficult.

I am looking for many different patterns when it comes to some of the questions that I will be asking you. So, while some of these may appear highly irrelevant to you at the time, please do understand that I am a believer that a pre-existing endocrine imbalance may be in place for a large number of those experiencing complications, and that is why a few of these may appear irrelevant to the naked eye in regards to any association they may have to what is known about Celiac Disease.

A few others will appear to be highly irrelevant to the issue at hand. In those cases, I will admit up front that they probably are. Yet, if we've come this far with this, I just don't want to leave any possibility out of the loop whatsoever, as ridiculous as some of the questions may seem, and quite likely are. So if I happen to ask about a household plant along the way, please just be patient with me~.

If there are any questions that you would feel uncomfortable answering, just skip right past it. I fully understand those issues, and I'm certainly not demanding this must be done my way. Everything is up to you, personally.

My first question will be one that asks you about medication, one of the most critical relationships I believe there may be to Celiac. Now I fully understand that some of you may be hesitant to list an anti-depressant or a birth control drug here. If you are taking one of these medications (And I am in no way implying there is any direct link between Celiac and these drugs, I only highlight them because of the issue I am addressing here), please understand that I, nor anyone else here has any entitlement to judge anyone for taking such medication. We live in a day and age when anti-depressants are the most commonly prescribed medications on the market, afterall, so if you're not taking one, your neighbor certainly is, you know?

If anyone would have justification for being on one of them it would be you poor things, afterall, so please do not have any embarrassment about listing it if you are taking one. As for birth control pills, many, if not the majority of those women taking these medications do so for pain, etc. My point simply is there is not any medication that anyone needs to be embarrassed about listing, especially when we are dealing with a much larger issue here to begin with.

It is up to you whether or not you will find the time to go through this. Please understand that you have my assurances that each and every lead will be followed to the fullest extent. I doubt you will ever again come across a two part survey that will be this detailed, so this is everyone's chance to really try to go after some of the more precise detail. For any of those that may take the time to go through this, I can't ever thank you enough for your cooperation. We're going to get you better-that was my promise than, as it is now. You just hang in there now and be proud of what you have done for yourself thus far. Thanks again to everyone.

Do understand this information will never be published, even referenced without every participant's approval, in the event any sort of a major pattern would show up. I hope everyone understands by now that I am doing this out of my own townhome, and nobody is standing beside me, so it's just between us. And no, I am not going to take this and go write a book, either~. I was only trying to stir up the pot with all of that dialogue back than. K, here it is. Thanks again.


#1) Please list any and all medications that you were taking at the time you can trace back to being the onset of your Celiac-related symptoms. Please include all vitamins and OTC (Tylenol, etc) drugs/supplements, too. If possible, please be specific about brand name and dose with each medication (Water pill='s Maxzide 25 mg, multi vitamin ='s Centrum one a day, etc), as well as how long you were taking the medication up to the exact point of when you began to experience your symptoms. If you cannot remember a drug's name, just simply try to list the type of drug you believe it was, if possible. Precise detail here is key, but don't worry about that if you cannot fully account for what you may have been taking, on the same hand.

#2)Have these medications/vitamins changed since that time you can trace back as being the onset of your Celiac symptoms? Meaning, if you were taking Tylenol at the time you were diagnosed, but you do not take Tylenol any longer, list that here. In other words, if you began taking Tylenol in 91, noticed your first symptoms that were consistent with Celiac in 95, than stopped taking the drug in 98, try to do all you can to point these issues out here, if possible. If you don't, I will assume that any med/supplement that isn't listed under #2 you are still taking to the day. Also, please indicate how long it has been that you've been taking any and all of your current medications/otc's.

(Here is what I would be looking for in #1 and #2-
The first possible signs of Celiac came on in 1997, though I was diagnosed in 2000.
In 1995 I began taking a Centrum every day.
In 1996 I started taking Tylenol for an aching back, 2 capsules daily.
In 1997 I was prescribed Atenolol, 50 mg, and Maxzide, 25mg.
In 1999 I stopped taking Atenolol, and was prescribed Cardiozam instead, 10mg, etc, at which time I stopped taking Maxzide, too.
In 1999 I switched from Centrum to One a Day.
In 2000 I started to take Natrol brand Omega 3, Alpha Lipoic Acid, Green Tea, and Selenium-etc, etc

I'm being a major pain in the $%^ here, I know that. But again, if there is any correlation to speak of between the onset of Celiac symptoms and certain medications (And I'm not saying there is, even, but if..), this is going to be your one chance as a group to either prove or discount such theory. You don't have to include 1 or 2 month trials of every single thing that you've been on, but anything you have taken for over 6 months, I would that to be relevant within this particular scope of things, that's just the fact.

#3) Besides those foods containing gluten, what other food sources are you suspicious of? Try to list them all, and be specific. For those of you that have had RAST or ELISA panels run on multiple foods, share all of that, if willing. Try to be as specific as possible within each food class. If you can tolerate butter but not margerine, indicate that as a sidenote. If apples make you sick, but not oranges, highlight that. If you can tolerate cottage cheese, but not yogurt, please make note of that, too. You get the picture.

Example-nuts (Peanuts and Cashews), oranges, grapes, ketchup, dairy (margarine and cottage cheese, mainly).

#4) Region of the country or state where you live right now. Citizens of Canada list where you are, too, please. Is this where you living at the time of the onset of your symptoms? If not, please indicate where you were living than.

#5) Your age and the year (Roughly, if need be) you associate back to the onset of your symptoms.If you have ever read for low iron and/or any form of anemia, please specify that here, too.

#6)Have you experienced abnormal pain or fatigue that seems to correlate with the onset of your symptoms? If so, did this begin before or after you removed gluten from the diet? Location of pain, too (Abdominal, knees, joints-or-systematic in nature).

#7)How many glasses of water per day do you drink, roughly?

#8)List any and all related conditions that correlate with your Celiac. If you have Type 2 Diabetes, and/or Fibromyalgia, and/or Lupus, list them all here, if possible. Include any that you suspect you may have, but don't get carried away here, either, if you know what I mean.

Also, please include any past health matters that may of interest. You don't have to include a "Cold in 1987," in other words, but if you had Peptic Ulcers at some point, please list that, and at what point you had that. Same goes for Mono, Rheumatic Fever, Gallstones-I'm sure you get the picture.

Example-Had Mono as a teenager, Peptic Ulcers in 1988, etc.

#9)List any all of the current health symptoms you are currently experiencing. Pain? Tingling in the face? Cold Hands? Chills? Difficulty swallowing? Labored breathing? Exhaustion/fatigue? Sleeping problems? Female pains? Repeated infection? Dry mouth/dehydration?-Everything, if possible. How long have you been experiencing each individual symptom? Have they improved, or have they only come on since removing gluten sources from the diet?

#10)Vaccination history. Do you go in for flu shots? When did you start having them? Do you have them annually? Did you begin having them prior to or after the that period you trace back as being the onset of your Celiac symptoms? Try to think of all of them you had within a ten year window of being diagnosed. Do you have any other types of shots on an ongoing basis (Allergies, some diabetics-insulin, B12, etc). Are you between the ages of 25-35? If so, your childhood round of vaccine took place in the 70's, so try to indicate those specifics, too, if possible.

#11)List any medical tests, other than Endoscopy, that have returned abnormal findings that would be of relevance here. We have read that some Celiac patients show elevated Eosinophils, for instance. Do you know if this has shown up in your case? Any abnormalities in the other differentials? Have you had antibody testing (Immunoglobulins)? What was the result? What about a blood/fungal culture? Have you ever been given a tear test, or tested for the SSA antibody? Please include hormonal tests that you have had. Have your Estrogens/Testosterone/Progesterone been abnormally low? Are they high? Is one low, the others normal? If so, which one? As much as I can get out of you about everything here the better, in other words.

#12)Have you ever been given a stool culture by your doctor? If so, were you normal? Were parasites, bacteria, or blood detected?

#13) Have you had an Endoscopy? Is that how you were confirmed, or have you based your diagnosis on your own suspicions, a blood test, or the opinions of a company like Enterolabs, etc.?

#14) I always stay away from gluten, true or false. If not, are there weekly cheats, one a month, or can we say that we are 100% gluten-free.

#15)I have taken immunosupressive (Prednizone/Hydrocortizone, etc) drugs, or have used antibiotics heavily in the past. True or false.

#16)I probably drank a little more than I should have at one point in my life, but I have quit. True or false? Do you still drink? If so, how many drinks per day?

#17)I have always craved carbs/chocolate/sugar. True or false.

#18)I feel dehydrated often, and/or seem to be thirsty much of the time. True or false.

#19)I have the urge to urinate frequently. True or false.

#20)I moved into a home that was less than 5 years old right about the time I began to experience my Celiac symptoms. True or false.

Or do you live in an older home? Have you ever had your house checked for molds?

#21)I have a real plant or a real tree in my home, true or false. If so, what kind of plant/tree is it?

#22)I am lacking in good, restful sleep, true or false. If so, when do you normally go to bed? When do you wake up? Regardless of whether or not you feel you may have sleeping problems, please include your normal "Timeclock hours," if possible.

#23)If I get stressed too much, I tend to develop panic attacks. It's not really a panic attack, but if I get stressed enough it's as if I get confused, feel unfamiliar with my surroundings. I develop irregular heartbeats, but they go away after 15-20 minutes. My vision sometimes gets extra "Bright" when this happens. Sometimes I will get headaches when this happens, sometimes not. Sometimes this will happen during an orgasm, too. -Is anything true here? All of it? Part of it? Or nothing here.

#24)My Celiac seems to have developed during Menopause, true or false. -Any males diagnosed over the age of 60 would have to say yes here, btw.

#25)Were there any major life stresses that took place shortly before the onset of your symptoms? (Kids moving away, retirement, graduating from hs or college, divorced/caught my husband with another woman, clinical depression/anxiety, job change, illness in family, etc). If so, no need to indicate what actually happened, just answer yes or no if you want to.

#26)What are your most prominent Celiac-related symptoms? No need to go into a lengthy description, just indicate whether or not your symptom base is "Agressive" or is more "Dorment/hidden."

#27)When I get sick and have to use the restroom, it usually occurs a couple of hours after I eat. Or, do such attacks come on for no apparent reason. Is there a distinguishable time table that seems to be involved with your attacks, in other words. For those of you that go through your most severe bouts in the morning, does the urge come on immediately after waking? Or does the attack occur usually after you have eaten breakfast, etc.

#28)Your diet at the time of the onset of your symptoms. Were you a dognut/coffee breakfast person, or more of a cereal/orange juice/toast/coffee/banana breakfast eater. Did you even it breakfast? Were you eating three meals per day? Were you a big junk food eater, a snacker? 6 fruits and veges or more per day, or more like one or two? Be as descriptive with your former routine as possible. How has that changed today? Is it any different? Besides refraining from gluten, is there anything else that you are you doing differently now in terms of that schedule and the foods you eat.

#29)My complexion has always been more on the pale/pasty side, t or f. Do you have naturally blonde or red hair? Do you have redness to the cheeks, a flushed look? Is this consistent, or does the flushing only occur at different points throughout the day?

#30)I have a family member(S) with Celiac Sprue, too, t or f. If so, list relation to you.

#31)I have lots of autoimmunity running in my family, true or false. If so, list the various conditions of each person afflicted and their relation to you.

#32)I used Alpha Hydroxy lotions or Kinerase skin creams prior to the onset of my symptoms, true or false. Were you wearing make up and/or using other cosmetics regularily? If so, list it all-everything, including brand names, if possible (Moisturizer='s Oil of Olay true affects, or Lancome Renergie. I know what they are, I can get jiggy wit' it~). Just do the best you can to come up with as much of your previous arsenol as possible (Only interested in what you were using for the year prior to the onset of symptoms, in other words).

#33)I usually have a "Tightness" in the chest-not at the heart, per say, but right above it. T or F

#34)I owned a pet at some point within the previous 10 years of the onset of my symptoms, T or F.

#35)I believe that I get enough fiber in my diet, t or f.

#36)I am a confident, talkative, very outgoing individual, t or f.

#37)I have always kind of been a worry wart, t or f.

#38)I tend to be shy around people, t or f.

#39)I have noticed major personality changes since the time I was first recognizing my symptoms, t or f.

#40)One more time, just to be sure~ I was consuming caffeine at the time my symptoms came on, t or f. Was it excessive?

#41)We had new carpeting installed, or our carpets were cleaned at about the time I began to experience my symptoms, t or f.

#42)What best describes your home heating method-electric furnace, fireplace/wood, electric heaters, or gas furnace.

#43)At the time your symptoms came on, in that home-We had wood flooring where there was not carpet in our home, t or f. If false, what type of flooring material covers the floor. Linoleum? Pressed wood?

#44)Typical detergants/laundry regime-Chlorox, All, and Bounty? Has that changed now from what you were using then?

#45)I get stressed quite easily these days, t or f.

#46)I have used probiotics, and they have been/were pretty effective for me, tt/ff/tf/

#47)I am
Righthanded (A)
Lefthanded (B)

#48)I have itchy skin which seems to have come about since all of this started, T or F

#49)I experience sounds of upper GI distress- indigestion/gurgling- quite often, t or f. If True, do you suspect GERD?

#50A)I have always been quite skinny, T or F.
#50B)I have gained weight since going gluten free, T or F.


27 January 2005 - 12:56 AM

With two weeks to go until my final report, I was wondering if any of you would be willing to do me the favor of answering a series of five different questions that I will be posting over the coming 10 days. Thank you very much.

Gluten, Or Msg?

05 November 2004 - 04:49 AM

Over the past two months, I have posted several different topics in relation to this disease that is known as Celiac Disease. Recently, I have critically examined a substance known as "MSG." I have provided you with links to all of this information under the posting "This may well be the answer."

Nearly three weeks ago my family began a complete, MSG free nutritional regime. The results of this new diet have brought with it what I can only describe as "Shocking results." The member of my family that has been diagnosed with Celiac Disease has been free from any Celiac reactions for eight days running. Having been nearly crippled by Fibromyalgia for the past five years, the pain has begun to leave, as have the minimal nervous system disorders that had previously been active. The positive changes in regards to Fibromyalgia and the nervous system have not been dramatic as of yet, but they have gone noticed. As it would relate to this individual case, the evidence thus far appears to support the theory that MSG was the trigger, not "Gluten," per say.

Unfortunately, in today's world gluten IS MSG. MSG is in just about every conceivable food and vitamin product one could imagine, afterall. Those of us that understand the chemical form of this substance understand why gluten becomes its host more often than not. It is just a snapshot into the larger process at work.

Yesterday I was able to verify my theory with a university source. Simply said, "It fits, it works." I will be traveling to Iowa and North Dakota now in the very near future so that I may gain supportive evidence for my hypothesis.

At this point, I have been advised not to highlight my theory in any specific, detailed fashion. I had promised that, but now am telling you that I will not be able to do so. For that, I greatly apologize. I would hope, however, that many of you would understand why I cannot do so at this time. Inventors do not share their ideas with the world on forums without first having a patent, afterall, and it is along those lines why I must keep my research relatively resticted at this point in time.

I will tell you, however, that it is my opinion many of you should invesigate the merits behind doing what you must to avoid any and all forms of MSG. I believe, with 99.9% accuracy, that this is where the answer lies. The evidence is so supportive, so clear cut.

I went into this with an open mind, obviously. My approach was one that originally accepted the merits behind gluten being the trigger for your disease, but I also believed there was more to the story. With that approach, that mindset, I was led to the theory I now hold. But I also knew that for it to be given any form of meaningful value within the medical community, I would have to "Prove it." And I have done that, I believe.

I would like to conclude this by thanking you all for all of your assistance. Many of you went to great lengths to share with me your personal medical histories. Only than did I begin the broader focus, and without that I would not have been able to get to this point.

I would also like to extend my appreciation and gratitude to all of those individuals that have highlighted the background of MSG. Obviously, I would not have known anything about MSG had it not been for their own personal experiences, and the backgrounds they offer us.

I would not expect you to accept my theory at this point, I wouldn't either if I knew the theory was coming from a "Young kid without a medical degree." But that is why I am doing this the right way, and taking it to the medical community itself. Only than will the issue be better understood, only than will the additions be made to the diet restrictions. I am not, nor ever was in this for personal achievement. I have done what I have for those that suffer with this "Disease." That was my purpose all along, and I would like to believe that I achieved that today.

I once again must thank you all. May the Lord be with you each footstep along your journey. Take care now.


27 October 2004 - 01:50 AM


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