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Member Since 07 Aug 2004
Offline Last Active Oct 05 2004 04:21 PM

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In Topic: Endoscopy This Morning

29 September 2004 - 11:54 AM

jhmom: sorry about your negative experience.There are some terrible doctors out there. Do you feel like your celiac disease is better and you are looking for something else that is causing you pain?

In Topic: What Happens If I Don't Stick To The Diet?

29 September 2004 - 11:44 AM

Lovgro, that is bad news about Godiva...are there any Belgian/Swiss chocolates that are gluten free? :unsure:

In Topic: Wish Me Luck!

29 September 2004 - 11:38 AM

Hi, CanadianKaren: Hope all went well. From a fellow Canuk, Anne

In Topic: Anyone Not Super Careful About Cross Contamination

28 September 2004 - 07:22 PM

Well I don't any reaction from drinking Amstel and I know a few other Celiacs that do it too w/o a reaction. To each his own I guess. I believe the company and I believe my body.
I watch what I eat and I pick my own battles. For the most part, since I stopped being so extremely careful . . . I've felt 90% better than before the diet and even after I started the diet and was watching every single morsel area I put my food.

To Pturse: There are some beers being brewed that are malt free. I heard there is one in Montreal Canada. I am sure there are more. I am not a beer drinker so I haven't investigated this further but why not take some time..use the internet or switch to liquor. I always wondered years ago before I was diagnosed for celiac disease why beer made me feel so bloated and awful. I don't think you should risk it.

In Topic: Stomache Bloating/gas Daily

28 September 2004 - 06:57 PM

When I made my own gluten-free pies after being gluten-free with celiac disease for a month I had bad gas and diarrhea. I told my GI and he said it was because my intestines were too damaged to absorb fats. I find if I eat too many fats I get gas. Has anyone gone gluten-free for months and then had another biopsy, found out their small intestine is fine but still experienced bloating? I have used Pepto Bismal successfully when my bloating is bad at night. ;)

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