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In Topic: What Can The Autoimmune Thing Do To Us?

07 December 2008 - 10:40 AM

Celiac disease is an autoimmune disease because your body mounts a response to gluten complexed with your tTG molecules. If you have active celiac disease, meaning that you are consuming gluten, then you may be more likely to get sick since your body is using energy to attack itself, so it has less energy to protect itself against pathogens.

That's just the enlightenment I was going to get. I thought I was getting a lot of colds and they lasted longer that say if my husband caught it. So the Celiac can cause this. Such a bummer, huh?

In Topic: Comfort Food?

04 December 2008 - 02:32 PM

When I feel iccky and I want comfort food for me that's cream of buckwheat. It tastes and has the texture of cream of wheat without the gluten and with a lot more easily digestable protein. I use the Pocono Brand which is grown in dedicated fields and processed in a plant that only processes buckwheat.

Yeah! Hurray for buckwheat! Right now, it's the only grain product I am always safe with. The buckwheat cereal you mentioned is a staple of mine when I need a good carb fix! Also, I've been able to bake with buckwheat flour. ( The cheapest way to get it is the 100% buckwheat pancake flour..not the "mix") I use buckwheat flour in place of wheat flour to make breads like banana or zuccini bread ( substitute any veggie or fruit mash desired) and I use mechanically press palm oil as the shortning ( it's about the consistancy of cold cream and works great.) The yeast breads with buckwheat were a no go, though, because the flour is too heavy to rise. The banana bread thing is heaven, though, and SO easy and fast. Use carrot or squash or anything you're sure about for you.
I also make little buckwheat cakes ( thick) to use in place of buns and they have a great nutty taste. A little baking soda and powder must be added, but you can experiment with quantity there. I still am, but have had no real bad results with any estimations yet. For about 8 little buckwheat cakes/buns ( 2 c. flour) I use about a half teaspoon of soda and the same with the powder. That's working well right now.

In Topic: Red Wine Made Me Sick And I Dont Know Why

23 October 2008 - 01:48 AM

This never happened to me before, I just cant seem to tolerate red wine anymore. I used to be able to have several glasses of wine and have a good time. Now when I drink it I get nauseus, trouble sleeping, and anxious. I just came back from being down the shore and I tried to have a glass of wine again and it just sat in my stomach and then I had to throw it up.

Could it be that when you go gluten-free your body changes? Do you think its just temporary? I think that Im really sensitive right now, I can tell my body is going through a healing so maybe that is the reason I cant drink.

Has anyone else experienced this?

Im just going to give up drinking entirely. Its not worth it.

I can tolerate any really sweet wine but just a terrible reation to a dry wine. huh. Sour fruit does the same thing. What makes things sour anyway???

In Topic: Is This What Gluteining Feels Like? And Other Questions.

23 October 2008 - 01:42 AM

I've been gluten-free for 7 weeks. My symptoms have been mostly neurologic. There were really no digestive changes when I went gluten-free. I still feel horrible, but there have been a few baby steps towards progress. (Getting off NSAIDS). Saturday morning, I woke up feeling relatively clear headed. I had my gluten-free tea, plain walnuts, gluten-free rice chex, and DAILY meds (gluten-free vitamins, Strattera, and Cymbalta [EliLily will only confirm no wheat]). Within the hour, I started feeling my old headache, tension, buzzing, lethargy. That has continued for 48 hours. Then today, I got my version of soft stool with tiny bits of food. It was moderately painful, but brief. The neurologic relapse is feeling a bit better today. Canker sores are appearing. I'm thinking the most likely sources of gluten were invisible flying husband crumbs, invisible flying birdseed (gluten-free on special order), or my momentary relapse into nail biting).

At this point in my treatment, I have several questions for all of you.
1) Does this sound like any of you when you get glutened (especially the 48 hour delay in digestive symptoms)?
2) If I did gluten myself, does that mean I had been successful at being gluten-free?
3) If the most I can say after 7 weeks of gluten-free is that I'm off NSAIDS, can climb stairs a little easier, and walk a little faster, shouldn't I be asking for more? (I'd say I'm 4% better) My 2 month appt is coming up and I'm thinking about discussing the following with my rhumatologist:
* vitamin testing/injections
* investigating additional autoimmune diseases
* wondering about refractory (I don't want to think it, but I've had so little progress and all the incomplete diagnosis along the way make me on my guard for a better explaination).
4) When is the earliest I can get my first gluten-free bloodwork done accurately? I'm tissue transglutiminase IgG negative. Everything else was moderate to strong positive.

As far as my gluten-free attempts go, I'm eating almost all whole foods, stopped most beans/soy last week, kept old unscratched expensive teflon, DH still has gluten, no gluten baking for me, prerinse gluten plates for dishwasher, called company on all prepared foods (or lablel says gluten-free), no restaraunts, no makeup, Suave shampoo, B&Bworks shower gel (no obvious gluten), dishwash can opener, crest toothpaste.

Thanks for any opinions, personal experiences, and web links you can share.


The first couple of healing months for me have been absolutely awful! I of course react to gluten, but aslo to so many foods that are non gluten. Trouble with fats ( dietician ays that's common) lactose intolerant. The only grain I can tolerate at all is buckwheat ( not really a grain but a flower) Natural and artificial flavorings absolutely throw me down! No fruits yet or anything sour ( like a dry wine too) I worry aout my fat soluable vitamins because I'm getting very little fat and my energy level id low cause I can't take any startchy or sweet carbs like beans or rice or fruit. Even potatoes are still off limits.
I like to say I get my variety having fish and vegetables one day and then vegetables and fish the next. lol Yeah this is a tough time for me, but yesterday I was able to tolerate 8 oz of fat free milk! Yay! And even though I can't tolerate chicken, I discovered I can have pork ( of all things) if it's boiled clean of too much fat and in small amounts. I can also drink tea again too! Nothing flavored, though.
So I'm getting better and smarter and more patient. Patient especially has been a biggie with me. Not trying to eat all foods that are non-gluten too fast. Wierd that we have all these other food reactions at the beginning of the damage manifesting itself. I was SOOO discouraged and always sick for a while. But at the very beginning I was actually doing the IV food bag clinic cause I couldn't tolerate a bite of anything. Hideous! Thank God that part is over at least!

In Topic: How Long Does Dizziness Last If It's Cc?

15 September 2008 - 11:13 AM

I've seen my doctor for my dizziness that comes and goes and I've had all the tests. So right now we think it's either anxiety symptoms, or CC from gluten. I just don't know right now because I have stress that I'm dealing with (classes start tomorrow) but I've been so careful fixing my food and I've been sticking to only foods that are made to be gluten-free (not mainstream grocery store foods).

Anyway, the question is, how long does the dizziness last if I am getting glutened?

Oh sure! That's a celiac thing. I get dizzyness, loss of balance, ringing in the ears, extreme irritability, disorentation,numbness and neuropathry in the extremities, and bone and joint pain all accompanied by extreme sleepiness and exhaustion. But you can't lay down cause it makes it worse. AAAUUGGHH!!!
My reations always get better in sequence. First I feel better mentally ( less sort of creeped out feeling or basic anxiety) then I know the dizzyness and and balance problem goes. Numbness next, but the joint pain lasts longer. Usually 24 hours or so, but the disorentation ( I call it the Jessica Simpson complex) and ringing in the head can go on for days with any food at all stirring things up and I have to be really careful eating too much at a time.
I'm losing too much weight and worry about being malnourished. I take good vitamins and calcium too because after a bad reaction I have to eat nearly nothing for a few days so as not to "stir things up again" I've been told that when this kind of thing happens some Celiacs take laxative to clear out whatever caused the darned crap in the first place cause it can take a few days to natually void it out. I haven't tried that yet. It seems so drastic! But I almost did that this weekend. My reaction ruined my weekend totally. I'm going to ask my doc about the laxative thing to make sure it's OK occasionally before I do that.

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