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#527188 Eating Disorder Brought On By Gluten Intolerance?

Posted by on 21 April 2009 - 05:32 AM

I had a compulsive eating disorder that began in childhood, when I was very young. I think gluten intolerance creates, oddly, a craving for foods because we're not getting the proper nutrition because of the malabsorption issues. And, yes, I had a bloated stomach all throughout childhood. My mom told me that all the women in our family had that "pouch" (lower abdomen distention) and to get used to it. When my disorder turned into bulimia, I remember it was always, always, wheat-based foods that I would binge and purge with. Makes me wonder if the purging was just getting sick from the gluten sometimes.

I don't think any one thing causes an eating disorder. I do think that different variables combine to create an environment and an individual that is vulnerable to the illness.

I do know that now that I know I have celiac, I have absolutely no desire to enter into those destructive patterns again. Partly it is because i can't binge on gluten free foods! I don't get the same urge to just keep eating as I used to. As your body heals, you will get more nutrients from the healthy foods you're eating. Just make sure you're not seeking out gluten-free versions of your "trigger foods", the ones that trigger those destructive behaviors. I made that mistake, seeking out the gluten free donuts I'd heard so much about. Not a good idea. I try to eat clean, eggs, meat, veggies, fruit.
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