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Member Since 12 Aug 2004
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In Topic: Gluten Free Menu's

20 July 2005 - 05:36 PM

Anyone know where I can find info on Chilis? I have looked and looked. cannot find a thing. HELP!! Thanks!!!

In Topic: Gained 15 Pounds 2 Months

29 March 2005 - 12:19 PM

I agree, it is the carbs. I do not like the bread, any of it and only one type of pasta. My diet is basically lean protein, fruits, veggies with a few fats like nuts and cheese.

The flours used to make our stuff is highly refined, so its all useless carbs, and has high glycemic index that luv is talking about. unlike a 12 grain bread which is full of fiber. Carbs are stored as fat. This why Atkins and Southbeach work...

I hear you in feeling deprived. I get angry sometimes but then I think how sick I was and nothing would induce me to go back to that.

It also does not help that the brownies come in packages that make a HUGE pan.. there they sit and you just eat them.

I have lost my stomach, I was never heavy and am rather angular instead of curvy like I always wanted to be so I cannot say I have gained weight, I have lost the bloat that I thought was just my stomach. <_<

I think if you can, try very hard to stay away from all those carbs. I mean you gotta have some and yes we all need treats but you will get more fiber if you eat some veggies. I graze throughout the day. If I go too long without something, I am starving and thats when the pan of brownies starts looking like dinner. If youre starving by the time you eat, its easy to eat 16 oz of red meat.. thats not good either. :o

My husband who is not Celiac gains weight at an alarming rate when he starts eating lots of breads and what not. All in his belly. When he takes them out, poof its gone. Carbs make people heavy.

I really think people were not meant to eat a lot of grains or flours. No matter if you are Celiac or not. We were meant to eat lean protein and plants. Even in the ancient times, if people gathered grains, they were NOT refined. They busted them up with rocks and boiled them and ate them. They were only a very small part of the diet too. The meat they ate was lean game. Did you know the Native Americans used to store fat in intestines because in the winter, they would get a disease due to lack of fat in the amimals they killed? Cannot think of what the illness was called.... but anyway, we dont have that problem in the USA these days. Too much of what we eat is full of fat and we eat too many carbs too. Its just that it TASTES SO GOOD! :angry:

Instead of white or worse, Minute Rice, try brown rice. Put your PB on a stick of celery or an apple. Easy on our pasta and bread. And if you mess up dont be too hard on yourself. Its hard enough to be on a diet let alone this one!!

In Topic: P.f Changs In Naples, Florida

29 March 2005 - 11:59 AM

The manager of this particular PF Changs emailed me. I told him my story. He apologized and invited us to be his guest if we were ever back in Naples.

In Topic: P.f Changs In Naples, Florida

25 March 2005 - 07:57 AM

LOL!!! ajlauer!! Sometimes I get so angry I do things like that but on this day.. it was packed with fancy people...I should have though... and with no shoes too. Dang it all. If I am pushed enough, I get a little crazed and then theres trouble. But on this day I was tired and sun dazzled... so I just said to heck with it. But thank you for making me laugh. With my naval piercing and black bikini I am quite sure most of the clientel would have fallen over in their gucci shoes. Oh my what a picture!! :lol:

I am still getting used to trying to tell people what I need, want and I end up apologizing often. I have to stop that.

This was a Tuesday night.. sigh...

In Topic: P.f Changs In Naples, Florida

24 March 2005 - 02:08 PM

Thank you Nini!! :D

I could not go in because I had been to the beach. I was wearing a bikini and sand and suntan oil. Not the most appropriate attire for a restaurant. Besides I talked to them THREE times and was assured that yes I could pick up the gluten-free take out menu. I had planned the whole day around it.

Also I am a bit of introvert and loathe screaming children in restaurants.. so I prefer to do take out. I did my homework, no where on that site does it say, please print this menu as we dont have one for you to see unless you sit at a table. I was assured 3 times that I could do what I planned to do. I had planned dinner poolside, not some place I had to stand in line for 2 hours so I could be seated next to noisy people.

If I ran my business like that, my head would be on a pole over the town hall.

The customer service at that one sucked. Sorry but it did. I have had more help in the diner in town than this place.

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