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Member Since 21 Aug 2008
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In Topic: Bewildered And Confused

04 September 2008 - 02:49 PM

I came off gluten..but could barely eat with all the stress..for about 6 months the only foods my stomach could tolerate was ham..and plain rice...that was it..three meals a day every day.

.....and after three months I could eat other foods withut reacting..it took work and time..and trial and error..but it helped me to eat again.

With all that you have been through I wouldn't be at all surprised if the stress of it all is affecting you.

My thoughts go out to you.

Thanks MissyH. I am very greatful for your help. Yes, it helps to know that things will improve despite what I am going through regarding my health. I hope and pray that I will one day post my own message of hope and recovery from celiac to encourage others.

In Topic: Bewildered And Confused

29 August 2008 - 05:55 PM

Dear Welda,

Thank you for sharing your experience with me. Your situation seems similar to mine. I began elimination tests on myself more than 20 years ago out of necessity on several kinds of food, most of which are acidic (such as fruits) and spicy, and some are dairy products such as cheese and butter. What bothers me though is that in a little more than a month since I eliminated gluten from my diet, I have become less tolerant to many foods that I did not find too bothersome before. Simple example: I used to enjoy cooked broccoli, cauliflower, spinach, kale, cabbage etc in my meals. Now, I cannot eat any of these unless they are uncooked, because during cooking (it seems to me) the acidity in vegetables increases and that bothers my stomach (probably not totally related to celiac, but I wonder why I should be more intolerant to these things now than before.) BTW, when did you know about your celiac status and when did you start eating gluten-free foods? Did it help you improve on your list of food choices or did it worsen it? That insight will definitely help me with what I should do and expect in my situation.


Dear Rya,

Thank you for your detailed look into my experience. Some fruits such as orange and lemon are a killer to me. Veggies don't have as bad an effect on me, but they are still unhelpful to say the least. I eliminated lactose milk after my doctor told me about lactose intolerance about 7 years ago. That seemed to help for a while, but I knew that I still had problem even with lactose free milk. Then I started to experiment with skim milk (and eventually skim cheese) about 2 years ago. Again, I found out that skim milk was not the answer, and I switched to lactose free skim milk (I never knew until a few months ago that they had both lactose free and skim milk in the same product.) That I thought was going to be the answer for my problems, but even that didn't work. A few weeks ago I learned that casein (a protein found in milk) is similar to gluten in its chemical structure and on some celiacs it has the same effect as gluten. So, that's where I am now. No milk products.

The backing powder I use is Indigo Packaged Goodness. Actually, I am glad you pointed out that, because even though there is no aluminum in it, now I suspect that the cream of tartar mentioned as on of the ingredients may be the enemy. Previously, I had used Kraft's Magic Baking Powder and didn't bother me. The only reason I abandoned it was because it doesn't specifically say "Gluten-free." Now, I am going to switch back to it.

I will follow your suggestions.

Thank you.


In Topic: Bewildered And Confused

27 August 2008 - 08:25 PM

If you have had gastric bypass you need the iron. I live with someone that eats any thing they want but with out the iron
they get very tired and pale.

Good luck I can relate to your problems. I have been labeled a hypochondriac for years. And for me also it seems that once I get a handle on one thing, another pops up. You just have to keep trying. Please do not give up.

One more mile.

Sorry, but I meant gastrectomy with Billroth 2, not gastric bypass. But I guess, the overall effect is similar. No, I will never give up. But I hope I will see the results of my efforts sooner than later.

Thank you and hope to get more help from people who have gone through a similar situation.

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