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Member Since 12 Sep 2008
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In Topic: Please Help With Results ?

25 November 2008 - 03:32 PM

She gave me the report. I have had Blood test done which came back negative but I was already on the diet. I also have had both scopes done but GI DR. still won't give up the results of biopsy. I've been to so many Dr.'s they have asked for biopsy results from him he will not send them.. So I'm going to have to go in and demand them. I'm just so frustrated and tired of getting the run around and the typical there's nothing wrong with you and it's all in your head diagnosis. The testing was performed at H & I Laboratory in Salt Lake City UT.

In Topic: Please I Hope Someone Can Help I Think I'm Going Crazy

12 September 2008 - 02:46 PM

Thank you
I don't believe they did a celiac panel. I also forgot to mention I developed a rash on both elbows that looks like poison ivy but nothing will clear it I believe it is dermetitis hepifortis. another clear sign. I'm being sent to a Gastro specialist at the CLeveland Clinic in ohio. I've already been to a gastro and had both scopes done but my GP is sending me there. All of my pain has been on my left side is this common? and as far as PPD goes my GP said I've seen this before you have PPD & IBS & Diverticulitis and put me on pills. I never felt these were the problems scope confirmed mild Diverticulitis and he said IBS but I had no prior symptoms all of this started with a double ear infection. I just hope & pray this is truly what I have and that a strict food diet will make me feel better. This is horrible. Thank you for any and all advice you can send my way. This is day 5 of the diet I felt great all day yesterday except for when I ate ice cream last night. It seemed to have sent me into a panic attack with headache which caused insomnia you know....

Thank you again and it's wonderful to hear from other people who are going through this or are just starting out.

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