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Member Since 14 Sep 2008
Offline Last Active Oct 12 2012 01:57 PM

Topics I've Started

Mixed Up The Applegate Boxes!

17 April 2012 - 02:22 PM

Not sure what's more idiotic - me or the Applegate boxes.
Last night after my daughter's softball game I was rushing to put dinner on the table. I grabbed a box of the Applegate gluten-free Chicken Nuggets (or so I thought) and popped them in the oven & cooked 'em. Then I served the kids and took a bite of one off the pan. My 8 year old (also Celiac) says, "Mom, these taste different." OH NO! I grabbed the box and sure enough they were the regular ones. ^%&&Y**! The boxes are nearly identical!

It took exactly 30 minutes for me to get horribly sick. Stupid bite. And, my poor little guy woke up with 4 canker sores and a headache. : (
Still feel like crap. I'm so frustrated & angry. Angry at Applegate. More angry at myself :angry:

Gluten In My Thyroid Meds!

31 October 2011 - 12:41 PM

Hi all,

So, I found gluten in my thyroid meds -- generic Cytomel (T3)!!! :o

I have been getting progressively sicker over the last few months. Headaches, severe shortness of breath, zero stamina, stomach issues, etc. I work out regularly on my own plus 2x/week with a trainer. Finally, after embarrassing myself yet again with zero exerise tolerance with my trainer I made an appt with my endo guessing my thyroid was off. My doctor said I may have switched from being hypo to hyperthyroid and may be over medicated. I have been taking T4 and T3 for about 6 years. So, we did the labs for thyroid and a bunch of other stuff.

After he convinced me I must now be hyperthyroid I dropped my dose (37.5 mcg/day) of Cytomel T3. After just a couple of days I started feeling so great! Then after about 4 or 5 days I was freezing cold and sleepy (like I was hypothyroid again), but still oddly felt great otherwise. So, 10 days later I got my labs. Normal! In fact my T3 was borderline between normal and low. So, why did I feel better not taking it??? It didn't make any sense. Was there gluten in the pill? So, I crushed up a couple of weeks worth and ran the Elisa-Tek gluten test--twice. Positive! There was gluten in my pill!!! D*** it! Furious. Absolutely furious. :angry:

Turns out my T3 generic was coming from a new lab that I had never used and it was different lab than my T4. The pharmacy had switched it. Taking my thyroid every morning was like taking a dose of cyanide.

Anyway, I confirmed the results with Elisa-Tek then I ran it up the food chain at both the pharmacy and the drug manufacturer. I've switched brands and am feeling great!


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