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Member Since 14 Sep 2008
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Latest Test Results In!

29 November 2009 - 11:37 PM

Hello all! My latest test results are in and my anti-gliadin is a high 97-this is my only positive "celiac" test. I know I ate the pumpkin custard from a pie(stupid) last month and believe this is what glutened me. But why when I was eating all the gluten I wanted my test results for anti-gliadin were only 79-high. How can my reaction be so high when my exposure so low? I will of course look for hidden gluten-vitamins etc. and be more strict about being gluten free but wonder how long it will take to get my anti-gliadin response to negative?

Bacterial Overgrowth?

29 August 2009 - 10:01 PM

I was dx Celiac in 10/08, since then I have eliminated all gluten from my diet. I was still having trouble with eye-kidney- head aches so I eliminated Casein. I am extremely sensitive to mold in foods, so I have eliminated mold foods. Now it appears that carbohydrates are my problem. So, I am now on a Grain -Gluten-Mold-Casein-Low Carbohydrate Diet! My Naturopath had my stool analyzed and I am not able to metabolize carbs, and have an excess of bacteria(gut dysbiosis). I am negative for Candida. My naturopath has referred my care to my gastroenterologist. I have researched gut dysbiosis- and feel that mine may be Small Bowel Bacterial Overgrowth Syndrome-my G.I. appt. is next week, my G. I. and I spoke on phone and he believes that this is very possible. Eliminating Carbohydrates has given me energy in my "muscles" that I haven't had in 2 years- it seems fleeting though because I'm still fatigued. My symptoms have been so many and each time I eliminate a food I feel better. I'm wondering if anyone has dealt with this syndrome? (It is very similiar to Candida). I have tried diet, supplements, anti-bacterials and still over-react to molds in foods and environment. I will be going on antibiotics to try and treat this. My worry is if this will be a cyclical problem for me? The thought of being on this crazy diet and repetitive trials of antibiotics for years to come is SCARY! Sorry for rambling, I suggest anyone that is having trouble with multiple food intolerance and success with the SCD diet--have their stool tested(Genova Diagnostics-CDSA 2.0) especially if you have had antibiotic treatment.I believe I have had this since 2003! Thanks for listening any advice would be greatly appreciated.

P.S.- 2003 Chemo-radiation therapy for Stage 2b Cervical Cancer-antibiotics given for tooth infection

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