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In Topic: Mental/mood Issues Related To Calcium Deficiency?

05 October 2009 - 03:28 AM

OK, I am going to give a short paraphrase/update of my situation. I have been gluten free for approximately 4 months. I rarely experienced any abdominal issues, except for sometimes after eating at restaurants, but only went on the diet for my daughter(s). In spite of this, I highly suspect that I have had non-abdominal symptoms related to gluten consumption my entire life: short, small, irritable, constant extreme fatigue, acne, anxiety etc. I've always noticed that my fatigue/irritability/anxiety virtually go away when I'm pregnant (possible "remission" OR prenatal vitamin?).

Anyway, the past three weeks I have been a raging maniac, so to speak. Crying, yelling, super tired (even more than usual) headaches, can't concentrate etc. If I didn't know better I'd think maybe I was having a "gluten reaction", which I'm not sure I'd know because I've never had one. My husband and I just last night discussed my need to probably see my dr. for Post-pardum depression (but after 5 months?). I had this type of thing about 7-8 months after my third child, but my symptoms were dismissed casually by the dr: "of course I felt this way, my daughter had just been diagnosed and we were struggling with her diet, I was busy with three kids, running a business" etc. But this time did seem worse.

Anyway, I take my prenatal (at breakfast) still since I'm nursing, and a twice a day calcium (at lunch and dinner). I have been slacking on the calcium at times just because I seem to forget either the lunch &/or dinner one for some reason. Today, for the first time in a long time, I made it a point to take the calcium as directed and "suddenly" since this afternoon my mood is better and I feel fine. It may be totally unrelated, but has anyone else ever seen a connection between their mood and a calcium deficiency? Or can anyone relate to the PPD possibility vs. a gluten connection?? I feel sort of ignorant. Thanks for any insight.

Umm, I recently read that calcum has a very good effect on menstrual cramps and also for mood swings generally. I think it had to do with hormone activity in some way, but cannot remember it all.
So I was having a lousy period, and tried the calcium - could not believe the diference it made. - but didn't keep it up after my period.

I've been depressed and extremely angry this last week - after reading your post, I'm grabbing the calcium tablets! Oh - I am not a celiac - my hubby and daughter are the celiacs here.

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