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In Topic: Gluten Free Beer

20 April 2009 - 06:35 PM

you'll find that Greens is is a great taste..but 4 to 5 $$ per bottle. Check out the website for these two breweries sprecherbrewing.com lakefrontbrewery.com
both good tasting ...sprecher makes two gluten-free brews that I prefer over new grist. I also recall some gluten-free brews from some craft breweries....google it and see what's up!
take care, kevin

In Topic: Wisconsin Celiacs Unite!

03 April 2009 - 08:31 PM

I live in oconomowoc, work in madison and find that there is a bounty of options for gluten-free food in grocery stores and gluten-free restaurants.
Whole foods has the largest selection...don't shop the gluten-free aisle only...lot's of choices in snacks , pastas, box brownie and corn bread mixes, frozen section plus their own bakehouse gluten-free items.
The best Whole Foods is east side milwaukee ...north ave. and prospect ave.....has largest store and largest selection / variety.

Woodmans....madison locations have just taken on a larger frozen bakery section...life beyond wheat from antigo, decent sized dry goods ie: all the Chebe mixes...some bulk gluten-free flours but should be available in Kenosha and Milwaukee.
Chebe is a great substitute for a an italian roll ...of course nothing beats an italian beef from tenutas in Kenosha or a nice baguette from paiellis...but chebe comes close , easy enough to make( I really miss a nice italian sausage from tenutas for the ride home...yum-o)

Natural Outpost foods....tosa and bayview locations...smaller variety but a bit of each , dry , frozen, bulk...excellent yougurt...Nancy's

Pick n' Save....very inconsistent.....I've been in five different PNS this past two weeks...no consistency in availability...even in the same city....one of their largest stores ...No gluten-free section at all ??
odd story here about PNS....I was eating at a Noodles in december and the teen girl taking my order said"oh...you too ...I'm celiac also" I asked her where she thought the best stores were for gluten-free was and she said "we go to whole foods a lot...even though my dad works for PNS ...he's a buyer for them " ???? odd..the largest grocer in metro milwaukee....smallest gluten-free section

can't remember the name of this one....There is a newer store at the strip center right behind the Gasthaus at Silvernail and Hwy. T in waukesha....just off the I-94 and hwy "t" exit...nice selection Grandma Ferdon's dry and frozen goods even has gluten-free chow mein noodles, good prices,on snack bars, pastas, spices and mixes.

Silly Yak bakery in madison is just about finished with their dedicated gluten-free bakery addition...so it won't be limited to just two gluten-free bake days per week....excellent product

My favorite bakery is Molly's gluten-free bakery in Pewaukee...closer to hartland actually.....located just a minute off Hwy. 16 and Jungbluth road in the basement ofa large former dairy barn....sharing space with a winery....pre- order is a good idea....pita style breads , excellent hamburger buns, TWINKIES, cupcakes, fruit bars , brownies, cookies and made to order birthday cakes...excellent pie crust or pizza crusts for the single person on the go......true to the bakeries of old though....sell outs are usually the case in the world of fresh baked goods

I'll post about restaurants later....gotta sleep nowwwwwwwwww. shalom , kevin

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