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In Topic: gluten-free Bullion & Flavorings

21 January 2011 - 03:52 PM

To all of my celiac gourmet's, can you recommend companies that make gluten-free bullion cubes or granules to enhance the flavor of chicken, beef, & pork dishes etc. Best wishes, Doug

I like Kitchen Basics for stock. I use Watkins chicken and beef soup and gravy bases in place of bouillon. The Watkins chicken, beef and cream soup and gravy bases are gluten-free. The others are not.

In Topic: Cold And Flu Season - What Do You Take?

18 January 2011 - 10:25 AM

If you're looking for natural remedies, Nature's Way Sambucus (black elderberry extract), Umcka and Nutribiotics' grapefruit seed extract are staples in our home during cold and flu season. Also, we up our intake of Vitamin C, D3 and L-Lysine.

Hyland's Flu Care is also good, but I don't think it's lactose-free. And Sinupret is really good for upper resp. illness.

We also use several OTC meds if the need arises, but we try to treat it naturally first.

In Topic: Candida Or Celiac

17 January 2011 - 11:34 AM

I agree with above. You could have issues with the other but if you had the positive blood test, I'd say that means your body needs to be off gluten, even if you have issues with the other. It it were me, I'd get off gluten as soon as I had the biopsy and then deal with the other potential issue.

In Topic: Shepard's Pie Seasonings

16 January 2011 - 06:57 PM

Some are and some are not. The Lea & Perrins brand sold in the United States (cream colored label with maroon lettering) is gluten-free, and says so on the label. The version of Lea & Perrins sold in Canada (orange label with brown lettering) has malt vinegar from barley as the first ingredient--not gluten-free. If you are close to the border you could bring the US version back to Canada (bring lots of Chex, too). There may be places in Canada that sell the US L&P on the gray market. There is at least one in the Toronto area.

Crosse & Blackwell (Smucker) also sell a Worcestershire sauce that is gluten-free. I have found it in Canada, but it is not easy to find.

I didn't know this! Why in the world ...???? Thanks for the heads up. I'm not close to Canada, but I need to go back and specify U.S. Lea & Perrins on my recipes!

In Topic: Help Using Corn Tortillas

15 January 2011 - 03:26 PM

I usually find them at Whole Foods, next to the gourmet tortillas (refrigerated section) and at Mother's Market. Every now and again, I find them at Sprouts. Hopefully you have some of those stores close by.

The nearest Whole Foods is several hours away, so I stock up when I go. Thanks!

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