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Mother of Jibril

Member Since 04 Oct 2008
Offline Last Active Aug 19 2010 06:25 PM

#552840 Are There Any Corn/potatoe Chips That Are 100% Safe?

Posted by on 06 August 2009 - 12:07 PM

Terra chips are my gluten-free (and corn-free) favorite :P
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#508355 I Found My Diagnosis Not My Doctor, And It Bothers Him.

Posted by on 05 February 2009 - 05:31 AM

I agree that the doctor is an idiot for trying to give you antidepressants and sleeping pills... classic. Don't listen to the "emotional" female, just give her drugs. <_<

However... be careful about ignoring other ideas like lupus. I'm sure that you DO have a gluten problem (an elimination diet is the gold standard of proof), but there are lots of other autoimmune disorders that can wreak havoc with your digestive system. For example... one of the symptoms of Hashimoto's hypothyroidism is constipation. Sjogren's syndrome dries out everything in your body (eyes, mouth, nose, etc...) including your stomach and intestines, so that can interfere with proper digestion. You could very well be deficient in B-12... or maybe magnesium. You need to have the right balance of calcium/magnesium for proper contraction in your muscles and digestive system.

There is SO much to learn! :blink: When I started this journey last April I kept thinking "This is the answer!" (and believe me... I was desperate for answers). Dairy was part of the answer. So was gluten... and corn... and taking vitamin D for depression (it helps a LOT)... and figuring out that my chronically dry eyes/mouth could feel sooo much better with proper treatment. I'm still putting the pieces of the puzzle together :unsure: I wish there was somebody you could go to that would just run all kinds of tests and figure out what your problem(s) are... but that person doesn't exist. Not when it comes to autoimmune disorders. Next month I'm seeing an endocrinologist, rheumatologist, and a gynecologist. I feel better than I have in YEARS, but there are still some things to sort out.
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#486289 Gluten-related Infertility Means Celiac?

Posted by on 19 November 2008 - 04:27 AM

It's my understanding that celiac disease (and other autoimmune disorders like Hashimoto's, type I diabetes, Addison's disease, etc...) can be associated with premature ovarian failure caused by your immune system attacking your ovaries :( Have you ever been to a reproductive endocrinologist? Fertility can go downhill really quickly... I would look for a specialist ASAP.
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