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12 July 2011 - 12:59 PM

my antibody tests came back neg!!! My body is not attacking my pancrease or thyroid! That means I just need to lose a few lbs, watch my sugar to keep my pre-d in tact (or get rid of it all together!)
something I did learn was that celiacs have a harder time with hypos bc of malabsorption which I completely agree with! I've only ever had 3 "high" readings (above 140) everything that's been the pain has been the hypos I can't avoid or come out of. Hopefully as my gut heals, those will dissipate!

Who Is Gluten-free Casein-free?

11 July 2011 - 07:13 PM

I just went CF a few days ago and was fine until today. I chose to go CF (despite past elim diets that never showed me a problem) b/c I read that there's a significant correlation between folks with celiac and type 1 and producing antibodies to casein. So, since I'm pre-d I thought I'd skip the whole "moving to full blown diabetes" thing ;-) Or at least try my best!

I was doing fine completely Gluten-free Casein-free until tonight. I wanted some dairy so bad that I could've hurt someone to get a glass of milk. I wanted buttery bread, tacos for the cheese and sour cream and soup for the customary glass o milk that I drink with it.

Anyone else have a similar casein-withdrawal experience? BTW, I think I must have a sensitivity since a) I'm having such a hard time now being cf and B) I've lost a few lbs in a few days despite keeping my calories the same and only removing dairy.

Pre-Diabetic, Help!

06 July 2011 - 03:38 AM

I originally posted in "Coping With" but didn't get any input and I realllly want some input, lol. THANKS!

I was dx'd with celiac 3 years ago via bloodwork and struggled with a gluten-free diet until about 6 months ago. I've been gluten-free since then 99% (the 1% being accidental). Over the past week I've had some bouts with low blood sugar. My dr did some bloodwork and I've monitored in the meantime. He's sending me to an endocrinologist in a few months (earliest appt).

My own readings are that I wake up (fasting) at between 105-117, avg 115. Throughout the day, my sugar ranges from 60 (like this morning) to 199. My average 1hr after a meal is about 150-160, 2 hours is around 130. Those aren't HORRIBLE, but pre-diabetic to me from what I read at Joslin's Center online (harvard diabetes people).

My pcp is more concerned about the hypo than the higher numbers. I'm bothered by the fasting level b/c those are consistently above the threshold. Not diabetic, but borderline. Based on the irregularity of the numbers I think my pancrease is kind of "giving out". I say this b/c on Sat night I ate salad, soup and had a small soda... 199 at 1hr. On sun to experiment I had the exact same meal, same qty, etc and it was 83. Basically it's doing it's job sometimes and not others... sometimes way too much insulin (like hitting 60 this morning after a glass of milk) and sometimes too much like hitting 199 after the other meal.

So my bloodwork.

c-peptide 1.3 Normal is .9-7.1
insulin fasting 4.8 normal is 1.9-23

I am within normal range on both of those. However, I am hugging the very bottom of normal on the c-peptide. This was proof in my mind of what I had thought... my pancrease is still working but not quite enough or well.

So, I'm looking for some "expert" opinions. Is a c-peptide thats .4 away from abnormal normal enough? Coupled with a low-end of normal insulin level coupled with high fasting glucose levels, hypo spells and I'm having the typical blurry vision and thirst/urination that you'd only see with much higher levels (so I assume).

Also, does your pancrease "start shutting down" like over a few months/weeks or does it just quit all in one day? Does that make sense?

I'm going to pay careful attn to my diet over the next few months til I can see the endo. If I can keep things where they are and not hit true type 1 that'd be awesome but does it matter? If my pancrease is going out can my diet impact it? Also, I assume this would be type 1 as everything I've read about a low c-peptide indicated type 1 rather than type 2.

Thanks so much guys!
Erin, 29
DX'd Celiac via bloodwork 7/08

Little Help From Those With Celiac & Diabetes

05 July 2011 - 10:52 AM

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