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Member Since 16 Oct 2008
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Topics I've Started

Getting The Intestines Back Into Good Shape

14 November 2009 - 11:23 PM

Hey everybody, since getting my IBS diagnosis this summer I've been around forums specifically for that (since I've been eating wheat after collapsing on the GAPS diet.) It's all a long story, but basically I got worse on GAPS and my doctor doesn't really want anything else to do with me because he has no more ideas.

The people on the IBS forums however do not embrace alternative therapies, treatments or ideas quite like the folks here do I've found; at the mention of "leaky gut" they rush to inform me that the medical professionals don't believe it exists and assure me that IBS is a condition in itself, not just the results of bacterial dysbiosis or food allergies.

I would expect everyone to be so desperate for relief that they would at least consider everything! Anyway, I'm back to square one, with nothing but IBS and a bunch of clean test results. Here's the dilemma: On the GAPS diet I lapsed into unformed fatty stools, sometimes passing pure liquid fat. However, a stool test I then did came back showing no malabsorption of fats! I don't know, I really don't. But at this point it's clear that no amount of low-carb dieting can cure me; I've read GAPS and I've read Breaking The Vicious Cycle and I believe whole-heartedly that they're effective and well-grounded strategies, however I'm sorry to say that apparently the inability to digest carbs isn't a universal problem for people with digestive problems.

Sorry to rant, I promise I'll get to the point now that I've vented my frustrations...whew...okay: I want to get my intestines back into good shape. It's the only thing that is evidently wrong, and whether or not it makes me feel better I want to get them right.

I mean killing the bad bacteria and yeasts, getting rid of the heavy metals and reestablishing the good bacteria, while eliminating any foods I've become sensitive to. So thus far, here is my plan:

1 Take a parasite stool test
2 Take a stool test measuring bacterial levels (to see where I'm at and check for candida/pathogens)
3 Take the food sensitivity test (can't post company name I guess) and begin the proper elimination and rotation diet
4 Take a heavy metals test and, if positive begin...chelating, I think it's called? Removing the metals anyway
5 Eliminate any parasites, pathogens or candida
6 Start a good hypnotherapy program for my anxiety and intestinal issues
7 Now if you haven't heard of this I warn you, steel your stomach: Fecal Transplant, which is exactly what it sounds like; taking good, healthy poo from a donor and inserting it via enema into yourself. I've been discussing this with people who have tried it for their UC and reported amazing results. I'm convinced it's the best (if not the only, because I haven't seen any benefits from regular probiotics) way to replenish all the hundreds of various types of beneficial bacteria in the human intestines.

So my questions are, have I missed anything? What other steps should I consider taking/avenues should I pursue? And also, what do you all think about colon cleansing, useful or bogus?

Thanks for any opinions, criticisms or additions to the plan, I'm really trying to hit the issue from all sides. I feel as if I haven't gotten better because I've tried all these plans by themselves; diets without checking for food sensitivities, probiotics without first removing pathogens etc.

Thanks again,


Dysbiosis, Leaky Gut And Meat

04 October 2009 - 10:31 PM

Alright, before I pose this question, you have to know that I'm the biggest meat eater you can imagine. Even before I got any stomach problems, I could easily eat 6 meals in a day; 5 of them would have meat, and all 5 of those would have more meat than veggies. When I went gluten free and now that I'm on the SCD I eat endless amounts of meat a day, I can go through a whole chicken plus no problem.

Could meat be keeping me from getting well? I had SIBO, took 2 antibiotics for that and barely improved, candida diet for 6 weeks and barely improved, I barely improved removing gluten the first time I did it and now on the SCD I'm worse than I've ever been. Consistently throughout these ventures I've been eating lots and lots of meat (all my meals are meat/meat + veggies.)

I've seen the term putrefactive dysbiosis thrown around, and I wonder if it's not the carbs that are a problem so much as all the animal fats and proteins? Because I haven't done much better off carbs, but when my doctor recently put me on the intro to GAPS diet (with soup and soup broth all fat included multiple times a day) I degraded rapidly and all the fat appeared in my stool, totally undigested.

Is this plausible, or are meats generally handled well by everyone with digestive problems?

Thanks, I'm discouraged,


Rotation Diet?

08 September 2009 - 01:09 PM

Is anyone on a rotation diet? I'm on a candida diet of veggies, meat and eggs and I'm about to start rotating foods every 4 days and food groups every 2 days. I have candida and leaky gut and I'm hoping to avoid any new allergies and give my gut a rest after eating something I'm not supposed to (I haven't yet identified all my problems.)

Any success stories?

Supplements For Leaky Gut?

06 September 2009 - 09:55 PM

Hey everybody, so I'm not having trouble sticking to the diet (meat, veggies, eggs, veggies in a 3:1 proportion to everything else) but I'm not seeing the improvements I would like to see. I'm on an antimicrobial to deal with candida, but for leaky gut all I take is a probiotic, fish oil and some "intestinal permeability" supplement, as well as digestive enzymes.

What else can I add to heal a leaky gut?

Official Test Results

18 April 2009 - 07:31 PM

Hey everybody, when I was first getting tested for my various intestinal issues I did a stool test through enterolab that came back with...I think it was IGA of 24, and that's how I got on the whole gluten-free diet. So a month ago, about 3 or so months gluten free I finally got the gene testing done through Prometheus, and here were my results:

DQ2-, DQ8-.

According to the little chart, I have a <.01x chance of having Celiac. Can anyone attest to the accuracy of this test, the accuracy of that interpretation and tell me once and for all if I have Celiac, don't have Celiac or it's still a possibility??

Thank you so much for any help.

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