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In Topic: Symptoms And Approaching It....

23 October 2008 - 07:56 PM

You need to keep eating gluten until all the testing is done. Being gluten free will raise your chances of a false negative even higher than they already are. If your blood testing is positive then you will be given a referral most times to a GI for an endoscopic exam and biopsy for confirmation. Be aware that there are false negatives with both blood and biopsy so after those tests are done make sure you give the diet a good strict try for at least a couple of months. I also agree that you sound very much like you are in the right place. Your allergist may also be able to guide you through an elimination diet if needed but not all will. Do be aware that if you have celiac your immune system is in hyperdrive, do not be overly alarmed if you show allergic to a number of things. That may well resolve. When I had my allergy testing before I was diagnosed out of 99 things they tested for the only thing that was not positive was beech trees. Almost all those allergies resolved after I started the diet. I hope you get some answers and can start healing soon.

Okay, I'll keep eating the same...would the Plant Enzyme pills I just started taking increase the risk of a false negative too? I am supposed to take them whenever I eat a meal....they help a little :).

So if I get a negative on my test....what do I do? Should I still try a gluten free diet or wait for allergy testing? Apparently if I am diagnosed with Celiac, the government will help pay for my food (which would be a huge relief)...so if it is negative what do I do?

I feel lost...I dont know what to do if it comes back negative, I can't keep living like this...and people here might be the only ones who understand.

You have inspired me, that if your anxiety and depression were caused by celiac...if those went away....I don't know who I'd be, in a good way. Its like my health problems are all I am anymore...I had no idea that the problems with my stomach could even be related to, causing, my mental health problems...I'm thinking about dropping out of University....but now, if I feel better...I don't know.

I know its horrible, but I hope it is Celiac....just so I have an answer....

In Topic: Symptoms And Approaching It....

23 October 2008 - 12:00 PM

I'm not a doctor and I only learned of Celiac Disease a few months ago. Your symptoms are similar to mine. It certainly sounds like Celiac is a possibility and worth getting the testing. I want to caution you that there are many other things that could cause your symptoms. If the doctors want to explore other kinds of testing as well, I think it would be worthwhile. I think you are doing the right thing by taking an active, educated role in your health care. Continue looking for a doctor with whom you can form a partnership. If the first diagnosis you get does not explain all of your symptoms, keep pushing for deeper testing. I wouldn't have gotten my diagnosis if I hadn't switched doctors and bucked anyone who felt I was just a whimp. Take care and good luck with the health clinic docs. Ask for that Celiac panel right up front and have the names of the tests ready for them. Make sure they are the ones that are included in what is ordered.


I will do that :) I am going to ask to be tested for Celiac disease, and I am waiting to get my allergy testing apointment, to see if I have any other food allergies. If this doesn't end up being correct....I don't know what to do next. My GP diagnosed me with IBS, aka he doesn't know. If it doesn't end up being Celiac, does anyone have any suggestions as to where to go next? Should I ask to see a GI specialist?

And would anyone know if I start eating some gluten free foods, if it will change my test results for the Celiac screening, or an allergy test for gluten?

In Topic: Symptoms And Approaching It....

23 October 2008 - 05:42 AM

Sounds like Celiac Disease to me! I also had almost every symptom you listed before I went Gluten Free. The back pain and the extreme fatigue were the worst parts for me. I also felt like some people thought I was making it up. It was making me crazy. You definitely need to get tested. Good Luck!

Thanks Roxie....I'm sorry I missed your post before! It is nice to know that someone with a diagnosis had felt the same way I do...its so hard, when everyone (including my mother sometimes) thinks I am faking it, or exaggerating. All I want is to feel better.

In Topic: Symptoms And Approaching It....

23 October 2008 - 05:39 AM

Thanks SGWhiskers, my mom and I were talking about it and I am going to go to the health clinic at school. I've been there once before, and the doctors were great. My GP...their whole office...has claimed to do tests in the past, but they aren't in my file. And the thing with how I 'refused' a test at the hospital, that never happened.

But do you, or does anyone, think this sounds like Celiac?

In Topic: Symptoms And Approaching It....

22 October 2008 - 05:28 PM

If your doctor doesnt think very highly of you....then you need a NEW DOCTOR!!

Not in a position to. I've switched once, back to the doctor I had as a kid. But there is only one doctor's office in town and they don't LET you switch. Its so frustrating. Because they have this 'file sharing' form...and so many people don't even have a doctor... But thanks for the name of the tests I need to ask for :)

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