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In Topic: Response To Outback That I Copied From Reader's Digest

18 October 2010 - 02:06 PM

I did reread your reply and I came back with the same impression--I was not able to eat with Outback managers and it has been more than 2 experiences in 2 years. I actually googled and came up with some Outback experiences that I had had that I I'd forgotten about. I was not bashing as you say Outbacks, I was providing a pithy response for people that was copied from a magazine. Sorry that you could not use that reply in your efforts to uphold a company that I have had BAD experiences with. I won't be checking this thread again so don't bother with a response.

In Topic: Response To Outback That I Copied From Reader's Digest

17 October 2010 - 06:41 AM

I had the pleasure of going on a sightseeing tour in Savannah with about two dozen Outback managers and a regional manager for the southeast recently. Outback is very committed to serving the celiac community and spend quite a bit of time and money on training. Please contact Outback's corporate headquarters if you are having a problem with a particular Outback. I've eaten at a dozen or so and never had anything but positive experiences.

I, too, have had the pleasure of eating at the Savannah one and it is NOT my local Outback. So glad that you have had positive experiences, but I have not--and I complained on the corporate site with the local manager responding (St. Clairsville, Ohio store if you all want to know which restaurant).

Obviously, you are somehow in the Outback circle with the experience you just described--most of us do not have that pleasure and have to rely on ourselves or sheer luck to have positive experiences at Outback restaurants.

In Topic: Need Help For Cycling Tour!

04 October 2010 - 11:29 AM

if you ever come to Northern part of West Virginia, I'll cook something for you. :)

And i saw at my local Big Lot's store Nutrisystem meals that are gluten free. Maybe you could bring some with you.

In Topic: More Trouble At Pf Changs?

04 October 2010 - 11:15 AM

Just ate again yesterday at PF Changs in Pittsburgh (Homestead) without a problem. However, it took me months to go back again after an incident last December--I think the waitress deliberately put hair in my and my daughter's meals.

Don't even say come on....it was busy...she got nasty when I told her that all but one of needed gluten-free menus, then condescendingly informed me that vinegar was glutened--I told her that it was fine for me and that only malt vinegar was not safe. The food was cold.

Took me a lonnnnnng time to return and even then went to another one in Pitts.

Could've, should've complained, but dear hubby didn't want to complain on his b-day meal. :rolleyes:

Servers should have the maturity to realize that when a customer tells them about a food allergy, it's not to annoy them. We are trying our best not to have to spend the weekend in the bathroom, the emergency room, or the morgue.

In Topic: Has Anyone Tried Frs Healthy Energy Drink?

02 October 2010 - 07:25 PM

I tried it last year, we had it delivered for a few months. Then the flavors really became very I don't know vitaminy tasting. Yuck....

We did like the chews in the car for hiking, but that's when my teenage daughter didn't/wouldn't eat nuts. Now that she does, finding energy bars or things for her/us.

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