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Member Since 29 Oct 2008
Offline Last Active Nov 01 2010 01:33 PM

#643638 Response To Outback That I Copied From Reader's Digest

Posted by on 02 October 2010 - 07:12 PM

After being glutened for the 2nd time in a little over 2 years at the Outback, I sent them an email detailing why I was peeved. It took the manager over 2 wks to respond to me and he basically took no blame just that the Outback gets compliments all the time regarding their gluten free menu and how the waitress had just returned to work after being off for a while getting her teaching degree.

I promptly sent him back this reply which I copied from the March 2010 Readers Digest and I think I'm going to keep it in my stock pile of what to send from now on to restaurants when I get glutened--not often, but I think this response nails it.

Servers should have the maturity to realize that when a customer tells them about a food allergy, it's not to annoy them. We are trying our best not to have to spend the weekend in the bathroom, the emergency room, or the morgue.

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#634507 Dealing With Rude Family Members

Posted by on 25 August 2010 - 05:56 AM

I just saw my old post and comments. It's kind of funny in the past two weeks--this is August now--six months after my sister telling my DD that she didn't have problems--my dear sister has called me 2x. the first to tell me about the gluten free bisquick at Kroger and that they had King Arthur gluten free flour, too. And 2 days ago, to tell me that Sam's club has this gluten free chip called Rissotto that was good.

What's gotten into her? :P
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#624287 Walt Disney World Resort

Posted by on 15 July 2010 - 02:06 PM

Hi, I know there is a whole foods close to Disney, but I'm planning on specifically doing Disney in 3 weeks just because of what I've read and heard about their gluten free dining. Go to www.Disboards.com then the disabilities section and there are a couple of threads specifically about people's experiences with gluten free dining. I personally can't wait to try fried chicken at the 50's prime time cafe at the studios (used to be called MGM--I can't for the life of me remember what they call it now.)
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#610463 I Can't Commit To Gluten Free Without Some Sweets!

Posted by on 13 May 2010 - 07:43 AM

quick reminder though: Gluten Free is not Calorie Free

Trust me my hips learned that lesson over the winter and now I'm paying to remove those extra pounds from the fudge, the glutino "oreos", the cookies made just from pb and brown sugar....
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#605870 Anybody Out There A Morbidly Obese Celiac?

Posted by on 21 April 2010 - 03:28 AM

The skinny celiac is more and more a thing of the past. Doctors get their knowledge from school they attended 20-30 years ago and don't seem to get updated. You're not an anomaly!

Saw a doctor friend in line one day and was going on and on about the miracle of gluten free and why, oh why, doesn't more doctors know about this.

She said there is only a small chapter and barely touched on in college and that I know more than she does (she went to med school about 20 yrs ago). They really need to rewrite the books.
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#603674 Dealing With Rude Family Members

Posted by on 09 April 2010 - 02:32 PM

You can. Take a picture and show it to her. :P

That's what I did last year when my son had been vomiting every day at school. See, for every parent out there that thinks kids shouldn't have cell phones. Well, it came in handy when he took a picture of his vomit so he could show the principal. :D
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#603630 Dealing With Rude Family Members

Posted by on 09 April 2010 - 10:07 AM

I said I was going to be out of town at Easter and I wasn't. Next holiday, I will NOT be around my family.

My sister (50ish) was handed a big piece of cake. She was sitting beside me and smirkingly asked, "So you can't eat this either?" "Uh, no, it's made from flour," was my reply--I wanted to add you moron, but chose to be kind.

Then she looks at my 16 yr old daughter and said to her, "Well, you can eat this, you don't have a problem." DD said yes I do. To which my lovely sister replied that I had brain washed my child.

I just looked at her said no I hadn't and left the room.

Didn't help that about 2 months ago, my mother suddenly thinks that my problem is Crohn's. Maybe my doctor needs to check that out instead, she thinks--never mind that the only time I'm sick is when I've accidentally been glutened at a restaurant. (about 2x this year and it wasn't pretty) Then 2 hrs after my sister's remark, my dear mother asks me how much coffee I consume. A little and a lot. Drink tea every day, but the occasional coffee when out. Why? I want to know. "Well, I just read this article that said that too much coffee can cause diarrhea." I stood up, made some pithy reply about gluten and left.

They all tend to forget what agony my son and I went through and what a miracle it is that we are gluten free and healthy.

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#565465 Berry Smoothie Readi-cat 2, Barium Sulfate Suspension

Posted by on 01 October 2009 - 05:33 AM

The ct barium is sorta the consitency of well um, snot. It can give people diarrhea as it seems to be a common complaint I hear from my patients. There is contrast you drink that you mix with water and it causes more water to be drawn into the bowel. It can give you the D too. The thick barium they use for the upper gi series, barium swallow, small bowel, and barium enema x-rays tends to make people constipated. The key is to stay well hydrated. When I had my upper gi series I was worried about the constipation issue, but my body had other plans. As it happened I came down with a stomach virus the next day and had no problem passing it. While it is common to notice some gray to white to your stool in bowel movements after the procedures, don't be alarmed if you don't notice anything. As long as you are hydrated and are still moving your bowels and not getting constipated you should elimate it fine. The barium itself is an inert substance most people react to the additional additives.

So for future reference, get the unflavored kind?
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