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In Topic: Celiac & Lyme

28 November 2010 - 10:13 PM

YES-- There is a HUGE connection.
1 out of 100 people have Celiac, but 1 out of 10 people with Lyme also have Celiac. The way that the Lyme bacteria goes through your body confuses your immune system-- creating auto-immune disease, like Celiac. Lyme disease is not an easy thing to test for, some people go years without being able to get a positive blood test, when they are in fact infected. Also one of the first symptoms of Lyme is constipation, which leads a lot of people to the GI Dr.

After 2 years on a gluten-free diet, and SCD diet-- I tried everything and was still more fatigued and brain foggy than ever, I was finally diagnosed with Lyme disease, even though it wasn't popular in my state (which doesnt mean a thing) and I had NEVER even seen a tick, let alone been bit by one. I strongly recommend getting tested if you are not improving. If you do have Lyme the longer you wait the harder it is to ever recover.


In Topic: Hypothyroidism/chronic Constipation...gluten Intolerant?

14 July 2010 - 08:18 PM

Hi there,
First of all if you are still symptomatic of hypo then its VERY possible your medication is not adequate regardless of what your Dr says. A lot of people need their numbers to be above the range to be symptom free-- and in my book if you have symptoms then the issue was not resolved, which is dangerous for your health. Another thing is the levo is a T4 only medication. Many feel much better on a T3 and T4 medication like Armour, or add cytomel which is a T3 in with their levo and get great results. Not all Drs like to go the extra mile, if yours is one of them-- get a new one, you hired him after all! I would find a Dr who beleives in this type of treatment-- its worth the effort TRUST ME!! Going gluten free might help, but if youre hypothryoid I STRONGLY suggest you make sure its being treated very well. Google "stop the thyroid madness" it details what I am saying.

Good Luck!

In Topic: Pins And Needles?

24 April 2010 - 01:31 PM

YES. Half my hand or feet would go numb for hours-- totally numb it was sooooo weird-- then I was diagnosed and I've never had it since. I didnt think it was related until I read about it and made the connection. We forget how everything is connected :-)

In Topic: Yet Another Negative Test Question

21 April 2010 - 04:30 PM

I'm not a Dr-- but I say no. Thats the difference between Celiac and intolerance/ allergy; Celiac causes intestinal damage but intolerance does not. If youve been gluten free and you really feel you've improved dramatically then keep doing it! Dont look to a test to tell you what your body is already telling you. Once youve reached a level ground health wise if you want to know for sure...order that pizza and have a piece, but beware some people take several glutenings before they actually react. I'm not reactive unless I really skrew up, but the internal damage to my intestines and immune system is still happening. If youre feeling better, just stay on the road youre on.

In Topic: Negative Bloodwork... What Should I Do Next?

20 April 2010 - 10:43 AM

Hi there! First off let me tell you not to second guess yourself. Dont let people make you think youre crazy. Your feelings and concerns are perfectly valid and if you dont listen to your body you WILL pay for it later. OK so the blood test is very unreliable. You can have Celiac and have a negative blood test. So what you need to do is have a biopsy (make sure you are eating gluten for about 6-4 wks every day before so you dont miss the diagnosis). To complicate things even more, some people dont have a positive biopsy but still have Celiac. I think its worth it to have the biopsy though. If you feel better not eating gluten then dont! But Id go through the testing first.

I have a probelm with the term IBS. I dont think it exists--i just think its a label Drs put on people when there is a GI problem and they dont know what it is, or how to fix it. So keep on trying to find the answer and if your Dr isnt helpful then go to another one. I went to about 4 Drs before I got diagnosed. One Dr doesnt know it all.

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