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Grace Maureen

Member Since 08 Nov 2008
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In Topic: Nuts Without Cross Contamination?

30 December 2009 - 11:00 PM

"Costco raw nuts are also processed in a nut only facility (the ones in the bags). The roasted nuts in the jars in the snack section are processed on shared equipment so if that bothers your son you might want to steer clear

I just spoke with Costco today and there almonds, pinenuts and cashews are all manufactured in the same facility and the women said do have a risk of cross contamination....

I also had a troubling email with Trader Joes. They would/could not specify as to which of their nuts (or most other items) could be cross-contaminated...

I'm on the lookout too...I will read on, but am hoping for a lead for all of the above and cashews and peanuts.

Good luck to us all=)

In Topic: Confused About 6 Month Follow-up Ttg Iga Test

25 March 2009 - 06:00 PM

Thank you for your response. I guess I was confused by the names of the tests? So, tTG IgA is not the same as IgA? This is so confusing. Maybe I can get her to prescribe me the other test so that I can feel more confident in my progress.

I have just been working so hard and if I am making mistakes I don't want to wait another 6 months to find out. Esepcially when you conisder all the things we give up to follow this rediculous regime. It's not even that I miss the food, it's the social life and my old personality. Now I have to be so "on" everywhere I go that isn't a gluten-free environment, friends and families houses, vacations (which I am to scared to go anywhere longer than a weekend), the lunch room, my shared office space at work.... sorry for that vent.

But really, thank you I really appreciate the article. I will read it tonight.


My tTG at diagnosis was >200, then after four months it was 132. My doctor said it can take a long while for tTG levels to normalise, and everything I've read supports this.

Antigliadin IGA levels are far more reactive, and will rise and fall more quickly with exposure to gluten, so if you're worried you could ask for your antigliadin tests to be redone and compare those.

"IgA gliadin antibodies increase rapidly in response to gluten in the diet and decrease rapidly when gluten is absent from the diet. The IgA anti-gliadin antibodies can totally disappear in 2-6 months on a gluten free diet, so they are useful as a diet control."


I'm due for a six-month review very soon, so I think I'll ask for antigliadin IGA to be done as well as tTG.

In Topic: Confused About 6 Month Follow-up Ttg Iga Test

25 March 2009 - 05:52 PM

My symptoms before going on the gluten-free diet were random and many constant extreme exhaustion, REALLY REALLY low energy, depression (probably because I didn't have enough energy to live a normal active lifestyle), headaches, constipation, GERD, anxiety. Post diet includes kind of exhausted, kind of low energy, some headaches, some constipation....you probably get my drift=) So, no, things are not peachy keen but they definitely are peachier.

As for keeping your gluten intake pretty low...if you have a diagnosis of celiac, then to have any gluten seems like a bad idea. I understand how hard it is. My sister was diagnosed the same time I was and has given up on the diet completely. She just couldn't handle it. My motivation to keep going is seeing the complications that my mom has had to deal with after being diagnosed many many years after her celiac was triggered. Good luck to you. And thank you for your response=)

I'm just curious as to your symptoms -- I had a similar tTG result (180 or so) prior to starting a gluten-free diet.

Did your symptoms go away even though your blood test is still "high"?

What symptoms do you have?

After about a year on the diet, I got down to a 60 or 70 (at the same lab/method/test kit/etc.) though my symptoms (mainly pretty constant distension and bloating never went away, i.e. right now I'm 6'2'' and 170 lbs with low body fat of around 11-12% though I have to wear 36 inch pants to only mostly be comfortable and look reasonable whereas most people with my stats wear a 32 comfortably) never changed.

At that point, potentially prematurely, I stopped the gluten-free diet and eat whatever I want though I keep my gluten intake pretty low (my tTG is back over 100 now). I feel miserable and want to change something to hopefully improve my situation.

Re: "Why can't our doctors just know more about celiac? argh" --> because most GI's are idiots since it's a relatively "soft" specialty in terms of interpretation of images and the relatively low litigation risk

and besides, with celiac, there isn't an army of drug reps giving seminars, free lunches, and pushing drugs on GI's to give them to celiac patients

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