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In Topic: Seasonla Crash

03 December 2008 - 08:32 AM

(I bet if I google mild hypothermia, I am going to find the symptoms of seasonal crash)

First quick google gives malnutrition as a likely contributor TO hypothermia.
Obviously more homework to be done.

People most likely to experience hypothermia include:

Very old or very young
Chronically ill, especially with cardiovascular disease
Intoxicated with alcohol or drugs
Mental impairment, e.g. Alzheimer's disease
Underlying medical conditions, e.g. hypothyroidism, stroke, severe arthritis, Parkinson's disease, trauma, spinal cord injuries, burns

In Topic: Seasonla Crash

03 December 2008 - 06:01 AM

cheers yolo.
I'm glad it was work that kept you quiet,
I was wondering if you had worsening "glutened" syptoms and were down.
How are you feeling now?

Cheers Lori T.

Seasonal Affective Disorder

That is exactly what we though we had in he UK.

B12 was lacking so severely in my body, I thought I was having a nervous breakdown in the beginning

That is exactly what I found in both myself and hubby due to the absence of half moons on our fingers, so I have started supplementing.

The lack of B12 created a lot of the nerve damage that I have. Diabetes did the rest.

I have massive nerve damage and this is where I am thinking it has come from.

What I know is that I have managed to start mine repairing, when there is almost no remission.
I just have to know How I got there to prevent a re-lapse.

The rest of your post makes my heart warm.
If you are getting remission and I am following the same treatments, maybe, just maybe I am on the right track, at last.

No other treatment for the nerve damage worked for me but stellate ganglion nerve blocks.
The drug treatment they gave me made me worse.
Nothing in "tablet" form worked Until I got l-carnitine, which has a similar action to B12.

I FELT the difference with L-carnitine OVERNIGHT.
Which is astonishing. I still have a feeling of "Disbelief" about it after 7 years of trying but like all my other theorys I am running with Effect rather than doctors help or diagnosis.
I am going to chase down the chestnut connection cheers.

Also this is good for anyone with diabetes as it works primarily in the extremities opening up blood flow, be cautious with other drugs you may be taking however

because that, the opening of the bood flow is the same sort of effect as B-12 and the carnitine has.
and I think yolo has hit it right on the head with the "Cold" theory.

Everything she has mentioned to do with the cold, exercise, drinking warming things like ginger,
and sauna all have a similar effect.
Excercise increases the blood flow (to get to the extremities)
Ginger and chillies all open the blood vessels (to get to the extremities)
Sauna warms up your core temp dilating your blood vessels (to get to the extremities)

B12, carnitine, and horse chestnut all do similar..I think we are developing a theme here..

I also did say I had a feeling that it maybe wasn't the vit D because even in winter we have the best sunlight levels in europe
well what we Do have is a distinct Temperature Crash.

I have plants, so I watch temp changes and this years was one of the worst we have had.
We dropped our night temps by 15 degrees over 1 weekend.
The Sunshine was still there but the temperatures weren't.

Now if you have a body that is massively undernourished because of the celiacs and it suddenly has to work Extra hard just to Warm itself up..
an engine with no fuel?
it has to Stop something,
so it cuts out non-vital bits and puts the energy it does have to protect your core functions,
heart and brain and cuts off the extremities.

ie, Cold hands and feet, peripheral nerve damage are your body shutting bits off.
The total lack of energy because it has to use what it has managed to get for your Vital functions.

(I bet if I google mild hypothermia, I am going to find the symptoms of seasonal crash)
You have cold hands and feet because your body hasn't the energy to protect them, so it is shutting them down.

It doesn't just feel like hibernation..it is one. :o

I have always said come winter,
"hibernate or emigrate"..
"Close Down or Warm Up"..

my body was telling me all along,
I just hadn't lifted the brain fog enough to listen.

I cannot wait to test the theory out when we get back from the UK,

yolo, even glutened Hon, you are a Genius.
I feel as if I have certainly got One Step in the right direction.
I will let you know how it works.

Eating the clay isn't as stupid as it sounds. It acts as a draw for poisons. However its easier on a body to put it on your hands and feet for twenty minutes with a bit of apple cider vinegar as well as water in it.

That was my second question, if you weren't ingesting it,
was it possible that being "up to your elbows" in it for work might be having a beneficial effect.

I said it was an obscure link clicked in my head,
but once I realised that I was "self-medicating" undiagnosed celiacs,
I got a book called Wild Health about animals and how they maintain their health in the wild.
Animals have something akin to celiacs and one of the links I picked up lead back to Clay.
I will explain when I get back from the UK because I don't have time before I go.

It is a marvelous feeling to have Hope.
Cheers everyone. :D

In Topic: Seasonla Crash

01 December 2008 - 03:04 AM

My grandmother, by the way, was born in Tasmania-- LOL!

I Knew it..our celiac symtoms sound very similar, now the Taz connection, we Must be sisters. :D

She wants us to make more meals etc. for my mom

I Love this idea. Could you do it for you younger brother too?
I will tell you why.

The more I discovered my problem the more I could register the same symptoms in my husband.
He was very cynical about the wheat being so dangerous..I don't think anybody Without our problem does.

Anyway, he is 65 and a dedicated wheat drinker and eater.
It is a massive part of his diet.
Everything in a sandwich or pastry person.
When I spotted his symptoms I realised that it would be a simply cruel twist of fate if he was because so much of his pleasure is attatched to wheat.

No Doctor in 65 years has told him that there might even be a possibility he had a wheat problem
Despite the fact that he had 2 years of intensive tests looking for a mystery immune disease that was playing havoc with his body and a cancer.
(I think most people with celiacs will appreciate that they match Some of the symptoms of Most of the most common Immune diseases, I certainly do)

Anyway I couldn't see a way to get the bread/pastry out of his diet so he comprimised by changing his usual Lager (wheat yeast and sugar) to red wine.
(Before I discovered its yeast killing properties)
It took him a bit to get used to but when he did he noticed an improvement, enough to give the
wheat-free diet a try, even though I am sure he wasn't really convinced.

He was on the wheat free diet for 4 days and fell off the wagon. He had a sandwich.
1 sandwich .

As soon as he walked in I knew he had been wheated because the top of his belly where he has a hiatus hernia was out like a balloon, rock hard.
When he got up next morning he had full-blown flu syptoms, absolutely wiped out.

I told him it was the wheat syptoms and he laughed at me, told me not to be stupid, he knew what the flu feels like etc..etc..
I am sure we have all heard it before. Wheat couldn't do this...pure denial.

Then I got him to pick the paper out from under the seat that I had put there the night before...
and I had written down his flu syptoms, his rash, his acid reflux and his odema swelling and the
way they were going to appear over the next 4 days.
ALL of them proved correct.
At the end of the 4 days, He was Horrified.

He couldn't believe how ill it made him.
I don't think he appreciated anything I had said to him about it until he felt the results.

Needless to say,
We are Both on the wheat-free diet now and I HONESTLY do not think he will ever touch wheat knowingly again.

65 years of eating wheat....4 days off it completely..1 complete cynic totally convinced.

Once I managed to get his withdrawl syptoms under control he actually says being wheat free is making him feel like he did 20 years ago.

He has even started getting up in the mornings singing, having a little jig and doing superman impressions, (shakes head in disbelief) honestly..
which keeps me well amused.
(I just hope the neighbours don't see him :P )

He is starting to feel alive again.
It makes me so glad that I pushed the issue.
Even if I didn't appreciate the Massive difference it would make.

especially with herbal knowledge as well as diet--and now this advice to exercise vigorously

I am going to the UK at the end of the week, visit everyone before christmas but as soon as I get back I am going to force the issue.
I think you are totally correct.
Even though I don't Feel like it, I think I am just going to have to force us Both to get back to our morning beach walks etc.
Bring us out of hibernation.
I will let you know how it goes.

Bea, when you have time, tell me about your art, it sounds so interesting.

When I was thinking about it something clicked in my head because I am not really artistic but there is something about working with clay that has an almost magnetic draw for me, even if my end results are rubbish.
But it clicked off a most Obscure Link in my mind.

You will think I am daft But.. :rolleyes:
have you ever been tempted to taste the clay?

In Topic: Seasonla Crash

30 November 2008 - 01:01 PM

Thanks for your continued support.

It is no more than you have done for me Hon.
You are Welcome.

One of my ex-boyfriends used to call me TAZ.
(You know the tazmanian devil off the cartoons.)
He said I was the most laid back person he ever met but once, every 4 years, I would lose my temper and when I did..I was like the TAZ in a tailspin.
All snapping teeth and venom.
I plead the wheat... :rolleyes:

I hate anti-depressants too, but I had to have them before they would move me through the treatment program and get me onto something that worked.

Plus, I was in desperation trying to stop the pain so I had to try them incase they worked.
None of them did and if I was told by the docs to take them again, I would just flush them down the toilet and LIE.

I will only eat with them if the food is entirely safe -- which mainly means in my kitchen at this point

I Think that is the only way you are going to be Safe but it is such a Shame.

Enjoy your walk.
I am off for a bit more homework :D

In Topic: Seasonla Crash

30 November 2008 - 05:33 AM

Ah, just a though, before I go to do my homework.. :D

When I came into the threads I asked about seasonal crash.
When I was looking at the threads yesterday I noticed nearly everyone saying they dreaded this time of year and the felt ill and depressed, spotty and down,
the whole tone of the forum seems to have changed.

I think we collectively suffer a seasonal crash, I am not the only one who hates the winter because it makes me feel bad.

Wish I could find a Cure for it,
or at least a way to minimise the syptoms so I didn't have to dread it coming around.

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