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In Topic: Are You Amazing At Explaining Cross-Contamination? Help Me Be Lovely And Thou...

23 September 2014 - 06:30 PM

Aww… I haven't gone yet but I think I was worried about nothing. I saw everyone this weekend and they offered to stop by Costco (because we fly in there late) to get me anything I needed to stay healthy. I super enjoyed spending time with them and now I'm looking forward to the trip even more!


I thought the offer was so thoughtful and caring. I'm so lucky! And grateful :-)


I think one of the reasons I worry is I've just had not so great experiences in the past so I get scared. Now though, it might be just me worrying. I'm super looking forward to spending time with all of them and they just seem really understanding :-) Yay!


Thank you again for all your thoughts and help everyone!

In Topic: Help - Sick At Work All The Time

17 September 2014 - 07:50 PM

Oh wow, I used to have this! I know how frustrating that can be...


I just started really paying attention to my body and what kinds of things I was reacting to and days that were worse or better.


About 8 months into my job, I noticed it was the WATER at my work making me sick. I don't think it's gluten… but I stopped drinking the water at work and began bringing bottled water. No more sickie. The tap water at my home didn't bother me. Beats me why! 


Do people eat gluteny things in the space where you are working? Do you touch your face or put on lip balm with your finger tips?


Are you eating near people with gluteny items? I didn't figure it out for awhile, but crumbs get brushed off of hands, people gesture wildly while holding a sandwich etc etc… if I eat with gluten free people I don't get sick, with a gluten-full table, I get sick maybe 30-50% of the time. So I just at some point decided the horrible stomach pains and D were not worth it. There have been more things I've had to cut out doing at work and it's been getting better and better for me there. The thing that sucks is that it's somewhat isolating :-(. 


Weluvgators gave a pretty thorough response ! I'll just leave you with: I've totally been there :-(

In Topic: Hong Kong, The Philippines, And Japan

03 September 2014 - 09:59 PM

Oh wow I lived in Japan for awhile. I didn't know I had a problem with gluten back then (2003) but I knew wheat made me sick.


I swear I had this conversation like 1000 times:


Me: I can't eat the bread, I'm allergic to wheat.


Them: Oh, you don't like bread? But you eat cookies and cake though, right?


Me: No, no cookies or cake or bread, I get really sick from things made from wheat. I like them, but I'm allergic.


Them: You don't like bread OR cookies OR CAKE ???!!!!


Me: No, no, I like them, I wish I could eat them, I'm just allergic. I can't.


Them: Oh.


Me: Yes.


Them: But you eat cookies sometimes, right?


Bahahahaha honest, this is what it was like! That being said, I believe rice vinegar is okay for sushi but please double check. I haven't run into wasabi with wheat but I would leave it off just in case. Finally do not eat Japanese mayo! It contains wheat :-(

In Topic: Jif Individual Peanut Butter Cups

03 September 2014 - 09:51 PM

Have you tried Justin's peanut butter cups? They are certified gluten free and really, really yummy!


I know it doesn't mean a ton, but I am super sensitive and I don't react to them :-) 

In Topic: Are You Amazing At Explaining Cross-Contamination? Help Me Be Lovely And Thou...

03 September 2014 - 09:45 PM

Wow, these are awesome. Super grateful to all of you that took the time to answer so quick! I already feel better.


BlessedMommy- thank you for the thoughts and ideas, I feel more confident knowing you were healthy all weekend. Also, cutest name ever!


T.H. - Thank you too so much for your super lovely, thoughtful and thorough response. I ADORE the pudding idea. I want to do that! I think asking my boyfriend first about things is the best idea and I'll probably just explain the pudding thing to him. He'll get it and decide what to share. I trust him. I may steal the pudding idea for my classroom… there are so many allergies and it's such a great, visual way to explain! Thank you for being so understanding :-)


Beth01- I can see how that would work! I'm not sure how to get that idea across though to people I don't know as well… do you have any ideas? It's pretty clear though… I mean I have struggled with explaining to people in the past and that does make it pretty clear! Thank you!


So weird how hard it is to explain something that really hurts us, eh?


One thing I forgot to mention… there will be a very adorable toddler with us. About 2 years ago, a toddler I adored stuck her hand in my mouth after eating cookies. I was caught completely off guard but I suffered for weeks (maybe even months… it got better slowly) I don't want to run away from this little guy, but not totally sure how to explain I shouldn't be cuddly with him if he just ate cookies/muffins/etc?