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Topics I've Started

The "kill A Celiac" Diet

15 June 2012 - 06:39 AM

I've been hanging out on a diet web site lately as I try to lose weight. (Going good so far.) There was a new thread this morning asking for advice on the Bread for Life diet. I'd never heard of it but if it was what it sounded like, yuck. I looked it up. It made me want to keel over just thinking about eating that way! They recommend 12 slices of bread for women per day and 16 for men. OMG. Where's the emoticon that has rainbow puke? I laughed so hard at what they were recommending. Eat all this bread but do not eat fruit, because fruit will mess with your blood sugar. Part of their reasoning for so much bread is that the complex carbs in the bread increase serratonin levels, keep your blood sugar regulated, and keep you full and motivated. (Well if bread is so good at increasing seratonin, I shouldn't have needed Imitrex for my migraines. Just pop a loaf of whole wheat bread. Gluten is one of my migraine triggers.) This is one of the stupidest diets I've heard of! I'd think all that bread, whole grain or not, would clog up the pipes (unless you're an undiagnosed Celiac who gets D with gluten). All those carbs would send my blood sugar crashing, and I'd have the serious munchies. Oh my goodness. Be interesting to see what feedback she gets.

Oh Nuts, Say It Isn't So

03 March 2012 - 12:24 PM

I sure hope it was a fluke, but I seriously doubt it. I've known for years that walnuts and pecans (raw or baked) make my mouth itch and burn. But I like them. They're so yummy alone, in baked goods, in salads encrusting fish, etc. Maybe I've been playing with fire.

I made some gluten-free blondies today with a safe mix, safe chocolate chips, and pecans and tried one to make sure they were palatable for the intended recipients. My mouth started itching like usual, but then my airways started closing. I was able to lessen the reaction with benadryl. But that's never happened with nuts before. Kinda strange that it happened, too, in that earlier in the week I was eating raw pecans for snacks and was just itchy. Or maybe it isn't so strange; maybe it built up in my system. When I went for allergy testing two or three years ago, no foods came back positive. (Though negative means nothing with the error rate.) I'll wait a couple of days and eat some pecans by themselves to make sure. I sure hope it was just some weirdness with my system and not the nuts.

Thanks for listening.:)

Score For The Gluten Free Chick

31 January 2012 - 10:53 AM

Ha! Ha! A coworker called me down to her office just now saying she'd picked up the wrong kind of chips for her lunch. The bag said they're wheat and gluten free. I read her the ingredients list -- sweet potatoes, peanut oil, sunflower oil, and salt -- and said these are the same ingredients as she'd find in Utz, Lays, Dirty Chips, etc. It's a marketing thing. Well, she said, they don't sound like they have the tasty fattening stuff in them. They sound plain and nasty. I laughed as she asked me to take them away. :lol: (And then I washed the bag about five times, because she'd had her sandwichy hand on it.)

If More Docs Were Like My Dogs' Vet . . .

21 December 2011 - 06:13 AM

Just wanted to a share a happy. I have two Boston Terriers, one that I've had since he was 9 weeks (now 2, the one in my profile pic) and the other since late April (young adult, age unknown, brindle coloring). Both are happy little guys. Nothing gets thems down. The black and white loves people so much, and I joke that when he grows up, he'll be the social director on a cruise ship. The brindle likes people, but he's a little unsure sometimes and pretends to be tough to compensate; most of the time he also acts like a hyperactive toddler strung out on frosting at a birthday party.

For groomers when they get their nails cut, they're model citizens. For trainers and pet store employees, they're little angels -- even without treat incentives. However for the vet, my little one, who is bold and adventurous, started showing fear. My new one was growly and tried to snap at the vet on the first visit in May. They told me he had aggression issues and to get some training. Every other interaction in any other situation, I saw no aggression from him. I saw some uncertainty and a little fear, but no aggression. He needed a surgery to help with his breathing in June, and that vet had done a beautiful job on my first boy, so I let her take care of the new one. I wish I hadn't. They told me that he tried to bite them, and they had to throw a towel over him to hold him down to sedate him. He's 18 pounds, and it took four people and a towel to sedate him for surgery?!?! They said to give him xanax before brining him in for subsequent visits. At the follow up, he growled and snapped at them. After he healed from the surgery, we went into obedience classes. He was perfect. He showed no viciousness toward strangers or their dogs, and he allowed strangers to touch his face and paws and belly without issue. I never went back to that vet. How dare they stress my happy boy like that!

I found a new vet in October when it was time for vaccinations for my black and white. He combines Eastern and Western medicine. The new vet was concerned with the number of vaccinations he was receiving, so we talked about what was really needed based on our lifestyle. He conducted the exam on the floor where my pup was comfortable. He listened to my concerns and made suggestions. My boy was so content that, even after the vet stuck a swab up his butt and a needle in his paw, he play bowed to the vet to get him to continue playing. I had to take the new boy in last night due to a vomiting issue. The vet greeted him by plopping on the floor and playing and giving scratches. My "aggressive" boy turned into a puddle of wiggly mush and tackled the vet to kiss his entire face. He was his playful self, so relaxed, the entire time. The vet said he wanted to try the least invasive and stressful ways first. He said to change his food. While he approved of me giving the boys raw and no grains, lamb and salmon (hot foods) may be good for his brother, but they may not be good for him. Try rabbit and tuna (cold foods). He gave us an anti-vomiting med to stop the urge. If he's still chucking on Friday, then he'll do an xray, but he doesn't think it will be necessary; it's also a stressful procedure. He said a lot can be healed by simply paying attention to what we eat. Smart man. My boy jumped up and wiggled and kissed and was so happy that I almost cried. (Feeding my brindle tuna last night nearly started World War III. The little one was sooooooooo jealous!)

Can A Word Search Puzzle Give You D?

30 November 2011 - 10:17 AM

My supervisor popped a word search book into my inbox this morning, because she knows I like puzzles of various types. I opened up the book and laughed. The first search is entitled "About Bread" with words like croissant, durum, malt, spelt, wonder, etc. :lol: (Although rye isn't listed to find, I found it.)

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