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In Topic: My Sister's Enterolab Results- What Do They Mean For Me?

07 April 2009 - 04:51 AM


In Topic: They Want To Do The Biopsy

05 February 2009 - 12:58 PM

"But this guy claims he can tell (possibly) if a person is Celiac after they have adopted a gluten-free diet and have healed? That's a first!"

You're right, Gemini - it really doesn't make sense. If he can tell I had damage in the past then why the heck would I need to do the challenge at all. Good point.

I have a lot to think about. Unfortunately the single blood test I had was negative probably since I was wheat free and gluten light at the time.

I am thinking of eating something gluteny maybe one or two more times, seeing what reaction I get, phoning this new GI and telling him how i feel and cancelling this biopsy.

Luckily all my friends and family are supportive of my gluten-free diet since they have seen the positive changes I have had with it.

It has been such a long time to figure out what makes me feel this way and I didnt have help from any doctors. I dont want to put myself through feeling horrible again to convince a doctor I've met once. Knowing it is celiac for sure would be nice, but the chances seem so slim at this point.

CMG, thank you for your post, I appreciate it. I think I am going to order the genetic testing from enterolab and the stool test too. Would you please post something when you get the biopsy results? I would be interested to know how the challenge worked for you!

Does anyone know of anyone who had a positive result on the biopsy with the "gluten challenge" after being gluten-free for a while?

Thank you,

In Topic: Could Depression/anxiety Issues Be Due To Gluten?

04 February 2009 - 09:48 AM

wow good post.

i was an terribly anxious child, just terrified of everything. when i got into college i had major panic attacks and have had 2 two-year periods in my life of being on anti-depressants. the first round helped in 2000, later in 2005 the drugs made me into a zombie (slow moving, lack of personality, just droning along) and also made me consider suicide quite a few times.

all through college i was diagnosed with unexplained chronic fatigue, anemia, they thought i had MS, lyme disease, mono etc. - i was sent to neurologists, many doctors. not once did anyone ask about diet (pasta bagels and coffee! yeah college).

after removal of gluten from my diet less than 2 months ago, i have seen remarkable disappearances of all kinds of weird symptoms including the anxiety! i feel totally different, not on edge all the time. it is amazing. it took about a month of carb cravings followed by a few weeks of sugar cravings ( i was never into candy before) and finally i feel so levelled out. i am still getting used to it.

also, i finally got tested for vitamin D - it's low!, and am taking supplements finally :)


In Topic: Gluten Free Pancake Mix And Gluten Free Oat Meal

04 February 2009 - 08:52 AM

I really like the Whole Foods brand, "365" I believe it is. The pancakes are light and fluffy and delicious! I believe there is milk in the mix, so caution there :)

I tried Trader Joe's gluten-free pancake mix and both my fiance (not celiac) and I felt HORRIBLE after eating them. They sat like a huge brick in our stomachs and we both were uncomfortably full for a few hours after.

I am hoping to try Pamela's next !

Happy Breakfasting!

In Topic: They Want To Do The Biopsy

04 February 2009 - 05:52 AM

one more question!

This reminded me...GI had paperwork from a biopsy that i didnt even know about in 2006 when I went in for upper endoscopy for gastritis. Results just said "normal" He said they might have done the biopsy because I was low in iron, but at that time i had none of these symptoms i had now. He also said they might have been sampling a different area than he would be for these symptoms.

GI doctor said that the villi never heal fully, even though they are not flat anymore after going gluten-free (is this what "blunting" refers to?) and he would possibly be able to tell if they had been damaged at all in the past? Is this accurate?

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