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They Want To Do The Biopsy

03 February 2009 - 03:54 PM

Hi everyone,
I have been wheat-free since December and Gluten-avoiding since January, and am feeling 1000 times better.
I have had unexplained chronic fatigue and anemia in the past as well as a few kidney stones.
I am a 28 year old, 5'7" female. I normally weigh about 117, but by 2008 I had gone up to 136.
Then I started having chronic constipation, extreme bloating and styes in my eyes every day. After removing all medications, dairy and finally going vegan, I stopped eating wheat for 3 days and my eyes cleared up completely.

My naturopath has me on an anti-inflammatory diet after regular docs insisted i was "just getting old" and "needed more fiber" - also on probiotics, digestive enzymes

All of these things have cleared up since avoiding gluten:
-Am finally back down to normal weight
-Bloating and constipation significantly better
-No more trouble sleeping (my fiance would wake me up every night saying i wasnt breathing right i was on my back
-Styes are gone
-Itching skin on shins is gone
-No more pains in sides (I was attributing this to kidneys/stones but now who knows)
-Face less swollen
-Gums are bleeding less
-Mouth ulcers are gone
-Apppetite is coming back

I was allergy tested, and a few things came up on the prick test but no allergies were present for the bloodwork. I have low vitamin D25, but am taking supplements now

I also had the Anti-Tissue Transglu IgA Ab tested and it was 12.3 (negative was <20), but I had already been at least wheat free for a few weeks at that time.

Both the naturopath and the new GI doctor I just saw today want me to have the biopsy done. The last time I accidentally ate gluten I got a huge fever and aches all over, but he says that's not a symptom. I searched here and it seems like it is a symptom for some people. GI doc wants me to get the biopsy in 2 weeks from today and eat gluten up until then.

From reading here, it seems like 2 weeks is no where near enough time for the "gluten challenge" - has any one gotten a positive result after a challenge?

I am not sure whether to go through with it. I am finally just starting to not crave the gluten and feel normal after a year of suffering. I am considering sending out for enterolab. Please let me know your experience with the biopsy and challenge?

Thank you so much!

Digestive Enzymes - Malt Diastase Free?

15 January 2009 - 07:32 AM

Hi Everyone,
I have read every post I could search for about maltase/malt diastase/maltodextrin and it seems like everyone agrees that they may not be safe for celiacs.

I just ran out of my Garden of Life - Omega Zyme digestive enzymes and realized after a few days that I was having less constipation than usual. After reading the label I noticed they contain malt diastase and barley grass juice. My dr. has me taking 2-3 per meal so I wonder if these ingredients have been affecting me in some way.

Searching online, I'm finding that all the digestive enzymes labelled gluten-free have these ingredients. Does anyone know of one that does not? Or do you all use them anyway? Just looking for some info please! I am looking to order online or go to Whole Foods.

Thank you so much!

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