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In Topic: Is It Celiacs? Or Have I Been Gluttend

02 February 2009 - 10:25 AM

I actually contacted Quaker to find out. Quaker does not recommend any of their products due to cross-contamination. This has been a big one for me to learn. So, generally I do look for things that say gluten-free. But if I have a favorite thing or something looks like it might be okay I make sure to contact the maker. Usually I call right there in the store since there's often a number on the label somewhere. Sometimes checking is a pain but it's completely worth it when I know I can enjoy something and not have to worry about the after effects. I've come to the understand that there just is a level of inconvenience that comes with this disease and I end up making a lot of things now from scratch and freeze in portions. It's becoming second-nature to check labels and take extra time in the kitchen.

In Topic: Cold Sores

21 January 2009 - 09:49 AM

I dealt with cold sores for the last 15+ years myself! It's a terrible problem to have. Thankfully, since going gluten-free, I had one small one and that was all. The only thing I found that has ever helped me is a product called "Kanka". It numbs the area (temporarily) so at least I'd be able to get through a meal without so much pain. My cold sore that I'm getting over happened a few days after I got glutened. Coincidence? In my opinion, no way.

Hope you find some relief and that you don't experience any more!

*lee-lee* - I didn't think the strawberry chex were gluten-free. I might be wrong but as far as I knew only the plain rice chex are gluten-free. I hope I'm wrong for your sake!

ETA: My cold sores are always inside the mouth, never on my lips so Kanka may not work for coldsores on the actual lip

In Topic: Yay!

15 January 2009 - 10:04 AM

Congratulations!! It must feel sooo good to see your baby growing again! My son was just diagnosed in Dec. so we have a ways to go still but I remember how happy I was about 2 weeks ago when he had to go in to the dr. and when they weighed him he was already up 3lbs from his ďnormalĒ weight before being diagnosed (was 26lbs Ė at 2 years old, so tiny, lost about 5lbs being sick, so up 8lbs from that his sick weight!). I think itís just a relief to see that your child is finally thriving. I canít wait to see what my son does when heís been on the diet 3 months, 4 months, a year!

In Topic: Anyone Turn Down A Biopsy For Their Child?

13 January 2009 - 11:36 AM

Just wanted to follow up and let everyone know that I took my daughter to another Ped GI DR and he said that her bloodwork was enough to determine celiacs disease- he did not recommend the endo at this time. My husband and I are going to be tested- to see if we have it. I am relieved that he did not insist on the biopsy. My gut feeling told me to go to another Dr. This is my youngest child 7 years old. I have two older children that are 25 and 21 years old now, and I have always followed my gut with their medical care as well.

That's great news!! It must feel great to have a doctor who is understanding and ready to make a diagnosis without the additional procedures. Good thing you went with your gut! I donít think people give motherís instinct enough credit sometimes. And gut instinct doesnít always mean avoiding medical care. I mean, Iím the first person to call the dr. when one of the kids has sniffles that last too long .

Congrats on getting the diagnosis though Ė now sheíll be able to get better!

In Topic: Blood Results

13 January 2009 - 07:53 AM

If youíre really having symptoms than youíre not the slightest bit crazy. Maybe thereís something elseÖ.but regardless if you feel like you want to try the gluten-free diet, itís always a possibility. If you feel better it canít hurt and if you donít, then you know you need to explore other options. Iím sure the frustration is difficult though. While I was waiting for my test results I kept wondering what Iíd do if they were negative (and I was fairly asymptomatic but knew a lot of things would be explained if it came up positive).

Good luck in being diagnosed (whatever it may be) or to just simply feeling better!

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