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Member Since 05 Jan 2009
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In Topic: Excessive Hunger?

30 January 2010 - 01:28 PM

I was excessively hungry for several months before going gluten-free. It got progressively worse..and I was always craving cereal and wheat-y foods. It was pretty miserable because every time I ate, I'd feel so full, bloated, gassy, and just total discomfort but my stomach would be empty within an hour of eating and I'd feel like I needed the food. Vicious cycle! After going gluten-free, my hungry eventually subsided and I don't crave cereal at all anymore. (and when I say crave, I was going through a box a day! It was almost all I was eating). I'm not sure about your other questions, though.

In Topic: Multiple Food Intolerances

11 January 2010 - 06:45 PM

I didn't think there was anyone else like me out there! :o

I have almost all of the same issues as you! I'm gluten, soy, and dairy intolerant and have recently stopped eating almonds, walnuts, and pistachios due to GI symptoms. It basically feels like I've been glutened when I eat these nuts now, which for me is stomach rumbling, tummy discomfort, D, and bloating, and GAS..ugh. I'm so disappointed because I relied on nuts for healthy snacks. I find that when I eat some foods in excess, I seem to develop an intolerance. I'm so frustrated. I've already given up peanut butter, hummus, and dates...and I think it's because I just have eaten too much of it in the past. Now it's nuts....makes me wonder, when will it stop? Or is there an underlying problem that needs to be fixed? Ugh, I don't know. Just wanted to say I relate to you and I feel your pain!!

In Topic: Can Undereating Cause Insomnia?

10 October 2009 - 04:16 PM

Gfresh- I can definitely relate to you. When I was my sickest and couldn't keep anything in my stomach (D after everything I ate), I ate very little to be able to get through the day without incident.........and consequently, I had major insomnia. I've never had sleep problems before and I take no medications. I used to have no problem falling alseep, but would wake up at like 3am and not be able to fall back asleep til 6am. It was pretty bad. Now, when I find I haven't eaten enough throughout the day, the same thing happens. I have no studies or science to back this up, just my own observations with my body.

I'm sorry, I disagree with Deb. Maybe you DO need those calories. I agree that the calories could come from somewhere healthier than junk food (although depends what you mean by junk food...dark chocolate is good), but more bananas, grapes, etc is not the answer if that's what you already say you're eating. I imagine you are already eating fruits, as you say. I would suggest adding nuts (maybe some almonds) into your diet. I know you say you have problems with fat digesting, but I think you may need to try to add some healthy fat into your diet, since it seems like it's high in carbs. Or maybe experiment with protein? Do you eat beans? Maybe you could dip the veggies you eat in a bean dip? That will add calories if you normally eat your veggies plain. What about nut butter? You can eat very little of that and up your calories a lot.

In Topic: Doc Says I'm Gluten Intolerant... But I'm Not Sure?!

06 August 2009 - 04:45 AM

A few hinters about eating gluten-free-

-start out simple. Think fresh fruit, veggies, eggs, plain meat (you can season with salt and pepper or mix in with veggies, etc. Just try to avoid sauces at this time until you get a hang of it), plain fish, nuts, rice, potatoes, corn, rice cakes, beans, plain popcorn
-I might avoid a lot of the processed "gluten free" foods that you've already bought. Not saying you can never have these.....but in the very beginning, it might be best to start with natural, whole foods. I would then add in the processed foods in slowly and see if your stomach can handle them at this point

What really helped me was stripping my diet down to the basics for at least a week or two. Then you can definitely add in more things. Not sure if you have intestinal damage, but I had inflammation and this helped soooo much!

In Topic: Doc Says I'm Gluten Intolerant... But I'm Not Sure?!

05 August 2009 - 05:19 PM

Hi there! Wow, that is kinda weird that your doc looked at your results and came to that conclusion. I'm all for people listening to their body and doing what they think is right for them....but as far as I can tell, your blood work looks negative. That being said, I had negative blood work too. I also had a negative biopsy (well there was damage and inflammation but apparently not damage suggestive of celiac). I went gluten-free anyway because my symptoms were getting so bad, I just had to try something. Well, when I am 100% gluten-free, plus soy and dairy free, I feel great!! I may or may not have more intolerances (trying to figure it out- so frustrating!!).....but point is, I literally saw a 180 difference within one day of going gluten-free in the beginning. I could DEFINITELY tell! So my advice, give the diet a try...........or if you want to continue with the testing for celiac, schedule an endoscopy while eating gluten. Either way, good luck to you!!! I hope you find your answer......I know exactly how you feel about wanting an answer, even if that means you are diagnosed with a disease.

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