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Member Since 06 Jan 2004
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Which Tests And What Age

25 July 2005 - 05:01 AM

Basically, I'm looking for opinions on when testing may be most accurate and which tests does everyone here find are the most accurate. Since I was diagnosed w/ celiac 19 mos ago, both my kids (ds@15 mos &dd@ 6yrs.) were tested and found to have the gene but no sign of the disease yet. GI said to have him tested again b/t 2 &3. I'm hoping for the most accurate results with the least amount of testing. Should I just wait till he's 2.5? How long before the test will he have to be gluten full? I hate the idea that I have to put my kids through damage in order for them to be diagnosed. As my daughter gets older, I see more and more signs that were overlooked in me when I was her age...the irritablity, swollen gut that just makes her look pudgy. Her pediatrician agreed I should have her tested again w/ ds. Should I push for a biopsy if blood work comes back ok again? I just can't stand the thought of my kids going through life, suffering w/ broken bones, depression, irritablity, on and off digestive problems all to find out when they are adults it's always been celiac disease misdiagnosed.

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