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In Topic: New Diagnosis - Frustrated, Angy, Sad... Will It Pass?

20 February 2009 - 05:46 AM

The best part is: when I get paid tomorrow, I'm going to Outback Steakhouse to get me a Chocolate Thunder From Down Under. I never thought I'd ever eat dessert out ever again, but this is a flourless brownie and totally gluten-free! I used to crave them when I was pregnant, and who knew it was acutally ok for me to eat?? (Probably the only gluten-free thing I ate in the whole 9 months.) I was so happy when I found out, I cried. :D Needless to say, I'm SO EXCITED!!

Enjoy your brownie!!

Funny - my dog does not do well on grain based foods, either - most folks don't realize that getting corn and grains out of their diets will make a world of difference - and he's (and my cat too) have both been eating grain free since last July. It's made a world of difference with them. Actually, my husband and daughter are the minority in my household, three of us grain free and only two of them still eating whatever they want!

In Topic: Walt Disney World 2009 Vacation - Dining Review

19 February 2009 - 11:53 AM

sweetfudge, thanks for the review!
I'll be making my first gluten-free trip to Disney in May (long time Disney traveler, though) and I knew they were accomodating, but sounds like a dream come true! Oh... that's right... it's Disney! I'm not sure yet if I'm looking forward to the new Celiac part of the trip and still just getting used to all the fun things I can't eat, but really, I am looking forward to dining there. There are some amazing restaurants and they do their best at making everyone's trip a magical one - despite what we can or can't have.

In Topic: New Diagnosis - Frustrated, Angy, Sad... Will It Pass?

19 February 2009 - 11:34 AM

THANK YOU all for your wisdom and encouragement.

I don't believe my family understands it, despite my attempts to educate. My husband refuses to acknowledge that even the slightest amount of a gluten product, say in a seasoning or something, can continue to cause damage. ("oh, well it's just seasoning, there's nothing in it you can't eat." or "well a little now and then isn't going to hurt you". OR - this past Sunday, "we know you can't eat sandwiches but we got sandwich stuff from the store for lunch".)

Despite my frustration over a food decision that ticked my family off the other night because I couldn't eat it, (had to do with going out, not cooking) I really am thankful that it's not worse than it is. Colon cancer runs in my family, so negative biopsies and polyps are welcome news.

I'm sure I'll get there with this - cooking isn't TOO bad, I've had to eliminate a few meals from my meal plans but will have to come up with options. We usually eat out one or two evenings in a week and then usually one fast-food on the weekend. I hate having to think my way through going a place, and although I like salads, you can only eat them so much when you go out! I had to pick up dinner on the fly yesterday evening, as I was returning home from an after-work vet visit with the dog (who, coincidentally, eats grain-free) and didn't have anything ready/time to cook. I had to go through which places I could go that I could get something for all of us. Arbys - salad. Thank goodness Tinkyada pasta is good because I do like my italian dishes! Also a hole in the wall Italian place in my town is one of my absolute favorite places to eat... alas, no more.

the learning curve is big, but One Day At A Time....
Again, thanks, everyone!!
Oh... and the Taco Bell.... kind of kidding. Kind of. I do love TB, but I can live without it. Funny how for the past two or three years every time I've eaten it it's made me sick after, but I never realized why! I can get my mexican food elsewhere!

In Topic: Gluten Free Pet Foods

28 January 2009 - 07:30 AM

There are several grain free dog foods on the market (mine eats grain free), but Chicken soup is definitely NOT one of them. Natural Balance makes a sweet potato-based food, but I don't feed it because it's first ingredient IS sweet potato, not a meat meal or meat. You might look into the Nature's Variety line - Instinct and their raw formulas (their Prairie is NOT grain-free); Taste of The Wild (mine is currently eating a variety of that now), And Wellness Core. There are other brands out there as well, Orijen, Before Grain, Horizon Legacy, and Canidae Grain Free. the problem is for me, I can't get all of these in my area. I can get some flavors of Instinct, the Wellness Core, and Taste of The Wild, and Nature's Variety raw. Watch for yeast in some of these as well, as some dogs can't tolerate yeast. Both my dog and my cat are on grain free diets and have wonderful coats. If you have any questions, ask away!! I have done a BUNCH of research on this after having spent a LOT of money having a large tumor removed from my dog last summer, and then finding out all of the crap they put in grocery store dog foods. these foods are expensive, but dogs eat less of it because of the higher caloric and nutrient content. Good luck on your search!

In Topic: Help - My Symptoms, And Your Opinions/thoughts Please

27 January 2009 - 06:15 PM

sbj - oh wow! Thanks for that information. I'm going to ask about that test.

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