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Panic Time After A Long Time Of Not Hanging Around Here.

12 July 2013 - 02:03 PM

I can't believe I managed to stay away from here for so long. You all got me through some of my darkest hours in the early days of my recovery. Things have been going so well. I have been on a steady road to recovery for many years now with very little in the way of complications. When I saw my Gastro last year it amounted to "You are looking great, keep on doing what you are doing and unless something changes I will see you in another year." Hard to imagine it reached that point. Back to heavy workouts and exercise machine building, subbing on a regular basis and not freaking out in classrooms full of gluttonly sweaty careless middle and high schoolers. Educating them every chance I can and helping a few otherwise silent celiac sufferers as a result. So gratifying when I have them come up to me after I have shared my health journey and they have all sorts of great questions. Given the opportunity and good information kids can make good decisions but they live in such a toxic environment that is hampered by educators who are shamefully using the most unhealthy foods as rewards. Ah, but I am drifting way off topic.

Monday night I was eating some food I thought was from a trusted gluten free source. I eat very little processes food anymore and usually stick to organic, locally sourced and ethically raised antibiotic hormone free. So, I thought my little indulgence of all beef hot dogs from Applegate (normally trustworthy in the past) tasted off. Since it is the only processed food I have eaten I feel safe in finally implicating but Mods please feel free to pull out the name if you feel it unfair to them. I have now used more TP in the last 96 hours than I typically use in 6 months (yes, I have been calculating!)  cannot eat anything of substance without it going straight through and even though I am not eating have bouts of watery D every 45 minutes or so. I bloomed full out with a rash all over my chest, back and thighs down to my knees and have been extremely weak. I wanted to think it was flu or some other malady but the way all my mucosal linings are feeling I am pretty sure it is a result of gluten exposure. I have checked out everything in my environment to see if it might be from something other than food. CC or something. My family is really very careful about that issue and we can't find anything. They are miserable to see me this miserable. Things are starting to settle a bit today. I can't get in to my Gastro until Monday but have had several times when I almost made it past two hours without needing to run to the bathroom. Such a severe change from the last several years. Any food I try to eat gets on the rapid transit so I know my lining of my GI tract is very unhappy presently. At first I thought I might have picked up some sort of bug and threw off my gut flora but as the days wear on I am pretty sure it is a glutenning. So rare for me that I just can't say for sure. I can't take in more than a few sips of water here and there for the time being. Any observations or survival tips appreciated.. or just tell me to grow up and get a real job or something like that. 

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