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In Topic: Glutened By Celestial Seasonings Tea!

29 November 2013 - 12:07 PM

I was disappointed by that tea. My husband sent me a pic of the holiday flavors of their teas and I told him to buy all of the herbal ones. When he brought them home and asked which one I wanted I told him the cookie one of course! Then I was like "can you just read the ingredients to me, there isn't any reason to put gluten in tea just because it says cookie on the label but read it anyway." There was an amount of swearing when the second ingredient was barley, but then I told him I would have the sugar plum instead. He rather enjoyed the cookie tea and it smelled divine.


FWIW I get different symptoms that last different amounts of time depending on what type of gluten I ingest. The times it has been wheat it has always been about a month, and really bad, really fast. The single time it was barley it wasn't so bad all at once but it was more neuro, and lasted far, far longer. So it's possible that a barley glutening won't be devastating to her, but that doesn't mean that even a trace amount of wheat won't be. Plus, not that it makes it ok, but it isn't like she ate a bunch of barley... she drank water that barley had been in. Not quite so much a hit as straight up eating a spoonful of gluten. Not that anyone wants to see a child suffer, but if she thinks this is an excuse to eat gluten and does cheat hopefully it will hit her with enough to make her seriously rethink that.

Thank you Adalaide.  I agree, it does seem in my daughter's case that a glutening from wheat is far, far worse symptomatically for her.  But even if she isn't having abdominal symptoms I can always tell just by looking at her if she has had exposure to gluten--something very subtle and very distinct happens to her pallor and the area around her eyes, and she definitely looked that way these past few days.  I almost said something to her at dinner time yesterday (before I discovered the glutening), but she is at an age that she is so darn sensitive to my noticing her that I just kept my concern to myself.  Of course, a few hours later it all made sense when I read that label.  Imagine how mad I was--I had just spent tons of money and 3 long days preparing an entirely gluten free AND ketogenic Thanksgiving meal, then discovered I had messed up so easily.

I'm glad that you had the presence of mind to double check before you consumed it.  I had this unfortunate reminder of why it is soooo important to be vigilant about checking every label first :(  I've been on top of this for so long perhaps I need a refresher, sort of a renewal of my advocacy license.  I can't believe I was so na├»ve about this, when I am so hyper vigilant all the time.

I agree that sometimes kids need to learn for themselves...once, when she decided to just go ahead and eat a wheat pastry when I wasn't looking--pain be darned--she got a reminder.   After being symptom free for so long (she was very young when she was diagnosed), I told her maybe she needed that pain as a reminder of why she can't eat those things anymore.  Hardline, yes, but it is how we learn sometimes. 

I told my husband to just take the rest of the box of tea to work with him (with a reminder to tell the two Celiacs he works with not to drink it).

I did go looking around the Celestial Seasonings site and they state very clearly which teas are gluten free, however I did not think that herbal tea bags were a gluten containing product--my bad.  Doh!  I feel horrible about it and hope others won't make this mistake, but I also want to add that the Celestial Seasonings labeling is not at all user friendly.  The disclosure was in small print no where near the actual ingredient list and there was no allergen warning whatsoever, which with my bad eyesight is usually what helps me catch it.  I think that we all need to keep pushing for better labeling and disclosure, especially in regards to non-wheat gluten ingredients such as barley, rye and oats.  Just my two. 

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