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I hate gluten!

Member Since 30 Jan 2009
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#508321 I Found My Diagnosis Not My Doctor, And It Bothers Him.

Posted by on 04 February 2009 - 08:52 PM

Everyone here has that great doctor story. (lol) Had my first doctors apoint. since taking my self off gluten. I started off telling him all the symptoms I had before switching my diet. Then I told him the have all vanished in 7 days since starting the gluten free diet. (insomnia, vertigo, nasuia, extreme fatigue, irritablity, headaches you name it). Of course he was concerned and I asked him to please run blood work for me, complete blood profile, Celiac panel, t-4, vit d and b-12, and what ever else he wanted to run. Not sure if anyone had ever requested specific blood work before to him, but he was shocked, but very nice about it. After telling him how much I improved and my family history of autoimmune issues. I also asked if he could give me a complete work up in case it is more wrong. So for some reason, I guess because I cried with happiness about feeling good for the first time in 6 years almost, he stated he thought I was depressed and gave me anti depressents. HELLO did you not hear me I finally feel good with just changing my diet. He also wanted to give me sleeping pills. WHAT! Really, if the diet is working and I am finally sleeping, do I really need them!? Its like doctors do not want you to feel better without drugs. Then He about flipped when I told him my sons Celiac test was neg but I switched his diet and am seeing drastic improvement. "How do YOU know whats wrong, you are treating something that is not even diagnosed, at least get a biopsy before you make such a drastic diet switch!" Ok so he wants me to put my toddler under anesthesia, that is much safer than a diet switch. WHATEVER! Well I got what I wanted done, my blood work. I really did not go to see him but to have my blood work done. They could get me in, in 2 weeks versus months for a new doc, so I chose the lesser of two evils. Love the mentality of treating symptoms over the problem. Gotta love it. Ps he also stated that lupus has strange symptoms so I prob. have that not Celiacs. Ok whats another blood test, guess he can not stand to have one of his patients figure out what is wrong after 6 years since he couldnt. Also when i stated 6 years ago about how fatigued I was he stated that I had infant twins he wouldnt want to get out of bed either.
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