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In Topic: New Potential Diagnosis Confused And Need Help Please

04 August 2009 - 07:52 AM


A weak positive on the tTG test is still positive. If you had a weak positive on a pregnancy test, would you doubt whether you were pregnant or not? You either are or aren't, same with celiac.

right on.

positive is positive and negative is negative. there are no inbetweens.

it is not unusual to be overwhelmed by the voluminous, and sometimes confliciting, information available (not to mention all the scams, hoaxes and greedy sob's out there). mostly, no matter how smart you are, evaluating all the information is a matter of 'context'. and most folks do not have the experience and/or training to evaluate/synthesize all the information.

it is one of the huge values of this board -- lots of folks with years of experience dealing with what are,, sometimes, very individualized problems.

it is certainly a daunting task when starting, but does, as noted before, get easier.

hang in.

In Topic: Can Celiac Disease Affect One Side Of The Body More?

04 August 2009 - 07:45 AM

Hello Tiff,

Here's something I found a few weeks ago at acu-cell.com

again, sorry to be the harbinger of skepticism...

acu-cell is a scam. while there are certainly examples of asymmetry in the body (and related physiology/biochemistry) -- their discussion of 'handedness' of receptors (as with their so-called 'cellular analysis') is hooey...

In Topic: Please Help Need Someone To Read This Biopsy Result

29 July 2009 - 04:15 AM

Here is the exact info from the report

Duodenal biopsy
Benign Duodenal Mucosa with MODERATE villous blunting and increased chronic inflammation of the Lamina propria.
The villous architecture is moderately blunted and the lamina propria expanded by an increased compliment of mononuclear cells, to include plasma cells. Acute cryptitis or neutrophils are not noted. Eosiophils are not a significant component of the infiltrate. While few, scattered intraepithelial lymphocytes are present, they are not substantially increaseed. This finding is nonspecific, could be obsrved in treated malabsorption syndromes. Clinical correlation will be required.

*** I was on a gluten free diet three weeks prior to the biopsy and continue a gluten free diet.

i'm sure you'll get other replies; but, since i'm here...

since you are on a gluten-free diet, it will be very difficult to get 'clinical correlation'. that means blood tests to determine the cause of the 'villous blunting'. lots of threads around here that talk about eating gluten until AFTER all testing. otherwise all tests (blood/biopsy/etc) are suspect for celiac diagnosis.

as another thread somewhere over the last week or so has discussed, there are other disease states (besides celiac disease) that can cause villous blunting -- note the text in your report regarding 'malabsorption syndromes'.

in the absence of any other information (e.g., what other diseases can be ruled out or what other blood tests you have had) it is impossible to diagnose any disease from a single biopsy/blood test.

In Topic: Received Lab Results - Completely Confused

29 July 2009 - 04:07 AM

How in the world did my initial lab work come back negative????
I CLEARLY HAVE celiac (as per the biopsy and follow up lab work and I HAVE DH (on head, arms and back).... ) How could I get a false negative when my numbers above are soooo high?!?

as others have said, your case is (sadly) not unusual.

being a diedinthewoolwordparsingacademic, imho, i do disagree that you had a 'false negative'.

blood tests just measure stuff in the blood, and there is a lower limit of detection.

your body, health and wellbeing are much more sensitive to changes in 'state' than any blood test. however, it is exceedingly difficult to trust yourself to know you are, indeed, sick; when you get a printout saying that you are 'negative' or 'normal' (whatever that is...).

in fact, most people feel lousy BEFORE blood tests actually become 'positive'. this is why you feel sick, THEN go to the doctor -- not blood test yourself every month to see if you are BECOMING sick....

In Topic: Celiacs Absorbing Iron?

28 July 2009 - 08:03 AM


This may seem like a silly question, but can someone with celiac disease absorb iron in tablet form?

The reason I am asking is that I have loads of symptoms which would point to celiac, but I remember that a few years ago when my iron was at its lowest point, I was able to get my iron level back up again with a couple of month supply of iron tablets. Is it possible for this to happen with a person who has celiac?

I am getting my biopsy done on Friday to test for celiac.


my wife has had to have parenteral iron (i.e., iron infusions) for the last 6.5 yrs to keep fe, ferritin, & hb levels up to normal. for some unknown reason, although she has been diagnosed as being celiac for ~10 yrs and her gi tract is apparently 'healed' - she has been unable to absorb iron normally.

this may have had something to do with her having manganese poisoning due to intake of herbal supplements and vitamins around the same time (a very long story, i'm afraid), but has lasted well beyond the resolution of that issue. we have gotten the timing of her infusions to approx once every 6-8 wks.
curiously, after moving out of state, it has been 9 wks since her last iron infusion, her blood levels are well within normal ranges, and our 'new' doc is suggesting waiting a few more weeks, then do a blood test to determine if the malabsorption issues have resolved themselves.

i do NOT recommend this for everyone/anyone, as regular infusions carry significant risk (even in the doctors office). but we exhausted all other possibilities and infusions remained as 'the answer' (for her). as to whether this is celiac related, nutritional issue -- or something completely different -- i haven't a clue.

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