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Nicole H.

Member Since 19 Feb 2009
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In Topic: Galvanina Blood Orange Sparkling Fruit Drink

21 May 2010 - 02:45 PM

In case anyone else needs to know, I've heard back from the company, and this product is gluten free. It's also known as Italian Soda, and it's quite tasty.

I know this is very late, but thank you for posting this because I needed to know!

In Topic: Applegate Farms gluten-free Nuggets

08 October 2009 - 02:59 PM

I just tried the applegate farm chicken nuggets and they tasted so good I was afraid that they put the regular ones in my gluten free box by accident!

In Topic: Frustrated

28 September 2009 - 06:29 AM

I used to think I was getting glutened a lot of the time (when I really wasn't) when I first started out. Turned out I was just bloated because I wasn't properly digesting/absorbing fats. I have found that if you're pretty sure it's not gluten, it's always something else.

How long have you been gluten free? If it hasn't been that long then it's probably safe to say the gluten is messing you up. It really does effect virtually every other organ. I would definitely cut out dairy for a while, especially any lactose and casein. These can cause symptoms very similar to that of ingesting gluten. Casein has a very similar protein structure as to that of gluten and temporary lactose intolerance with Celiac is very common.

If you did have another food allergy, it is very unlikely that it too would damage your small intestine like Celiac does. If anything it would probably cause inflammation and/or irritation somewhere else in the body.

You could try keeping a food diary and try to notice when you feel like crap. I did that for a while and found out I have to take it easy on fats and no whole grains or cruciferous vegetables.

Thanks, Ive been gluten free since February...So Im not sure if thats long or not. I know my numbers for my ttg are really low (4)...so my doctor said Im def. staying away from gluten. As for the dairy, it doesnt seem to bother me(at least I dont think!) haha maybe I dont want it to. I love milk, yogurt, cheese! so who knows. I did do the food diary for a while and then stopped, maybe ill try it again!

In Topic: Orgran(spelling?)buckwheat Pancakes And Other Questions

26 August 2009 - 08:55 AM

So I bought Orgran(The Australian company) buckwheat pancake mix. I was very excited and they tasted great. But I felt sick a couple hours after I ate them. I let it go because quite frankly Im getting sick of freaking out about getting glutened. I had some for breakfast the next morning and a couple hours later again felt sick. So im thinking it was them?! The only other thing could be some quinoa pasta salad my mom made for me. Everything in it was gluten free. But the next day she said she wasnt sure if she used the same spoon to mix the pasta's. (she was making non gluten free pasta salad as well and used a wooden spoon for both, but she wasnt 100% sure if she did that or not.) So, ironically I had my 6 month doctors appt with my gastro yesterday for blood work to check my numbers. I explained everything to him and now hes doing a stool study on me. He always says hes not worried about me because of what he saw in my colonoscopy and endoscopy. He said everything looked perfect except for the fact that my villi were somewhat damaged to show evidence of celiac. So, sorry for all the info but im thinking, what else could it be?! grr, a little frustrated...thanks for listening!

So good news! my Ttg came back 4! and my stool study came back normal! :) yay...so now I will have to keep it up!

In Topic: Im Sorry For Another Question So Soon

06 June 2009 - 06:10 PM

Exactly this! :)

Thank you all for your responses...Maybe I was a bit hard on myself, but I got nervous lol. My husband said the same thing as you guys and he doesnt even have celiac. I was just nervous that if I make too many mistakes that it will hurt me in the long run. But I do appreciate everyones responses. So I slapped myself on the forehead and I will try not to do it again!