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In Topic: Mast Cell Activation Syndrome (Mcas)

Yesterday, 04:58 PM

Speaking of food...I want a piece of bread. It's that fun time of the month and I'm avoiding chocolate because of the histamine thing. Anyone know of a bread or have a recipe for one that is gluten, dairy, soy free and low histamine? Just want something like that. Hmmm...

How about pancakes?

I stay positive, but have gone through periods that I am way beyond frustrated. The hardest periods are the flares that follow big improvement...those have been hardest on my family too.

Kids are tough...they are likely more sad that Moms feeling sick than about missing good times with you this summer. Here is what I did. Tell them age appropriate truth and when you have a good day...make sure to carve out time for them...even if that means a hookie day...save an hour or two to make sure school work gets done so they don't fall behind ;)

Six months really is still early days. You will continue to improve. Try (one that I'm still learning...each day) to reduce stress...guilt about what hasn't been completed or time you were unable to do fun things will not help. In fact...stress can cause inflammation! Take a tub, go for a short walk by yourself with an iPod...read a book...and hang in there...sometimes all we can do is hang on!

In Topic: The What's For Dinner Tonight Chat

Yesterday, 04:34 PM

I have only used lasagna noodles this way. Haven't seen mini lasagna noodles. I have made minestrone in the crockpot. Then I add the noodles the last half hour.

They are more like wide egg noodles with a curly edge...we use them in everything that we used to use wide noodles for....going to give it a try.

Thanks :)

In Topic: The Song Name Game

Yesterday, 06:53 AM

America the Beautiful -- Katherine Bates & Samuel Ward

Have no idea who the first was to record so I listed composer and lyricist ;)

.....which gives plenty of words to play with :)

In Topic: Mast Cell Activation Syndrome (Mcas)

Yesterday, 06:49 AM

6 months feels like forever...mostly because I so desperately want to feel good and be able to be as good a mom to my 3 kids as possible. I had my antibodies checked a month ago and things had improved a lot. All of me medications are gluten free and the only supplement I take is a probiotic which is as well. My kitchen is somewhat shared. I cook all meals gluten free but my kids still have their cereals, crackers and waffles. I have a new toaster for my stuff.
I started the dairy and soy thing a week ago but have seen no difference at all in how I feel. Then I read Jess' blog and thought maybe that could be it. So I guess I need to just try the low histamine for the next week and hope for something. Beyond that I'm not sure what to do. Go back to the doctor...always frustrating. Ask to be tested for sibo? I don't know. I do feel discouraged...I want so much to feel good...or even great!

I. Get. This!

Could have written the same thing at month seven....when I removed gluten my digestive system improved at first, but all my autoimmune and inflammation type symptoms got worse....oh so frustrating.

My best advice would be try removing histamines for one week...if you don't notice any improvement (don't expect miracles...just note less bloating or less pain or better bathroom visits, etc), than I would do a strict elimination diet ... I spent two years trying to remove single food groups with no real improvement. When I finally did an elimination of all high lectin foods....turned out I was reacting to many groups which is why we couldn't root out the problem by removing single foods or groups for all that time.

Hang in there...it can get better...but might get more frustrating before you get there.

In Topic: The What's For Dinner Tonight Chat

Yesterday, 06:42 AM

The lasagna is very pizza like. No crispy crust, but the same flavors - cheese, marinara, sausage, etc.

Crock 'lasagna' up maƱana ... Have you used reg noodles in the crock...was thinking of using Sam mills mini lasagna noodles layered instead of lasagna noodle...they should get done in three hours too I'd guess.