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In Topic: How To Know If You Have Dh?

13 March 2009 - 03:07 PM

This is my first post. I have two gene markers for Celiac disease and have been gluten free since late '07, for intuitive reasons in lieu of proof. Recently I find myself hypersensitive to soy, confirmed by eliminating the stuff from my diet and then ingesting vegetable oil (on accident).

So, to get to the point, I have at least three distinct types of rashes and a recurring itchiness. Sometimes after eating I feel like there are pins and needles under the skin--even when I can't trace the source of any contamination. Part of my problem (our problem?) is the conflicting information out there. I read the post about wheat vodka...distilled spirits "should be safe," right? For that matter, soy oil should be safe, too, but my own experiment confirms this is not the case.

I take a lot of nutritional supplements. Try getting a soy-free vitamin E. Not easy. Most fish oil, multivitamins, etc. exist in a nebulous realm of ambiguity. I'm going nuts.

Thank God for wine.

So, to get to the questions:

1) Booze, ok or no?
2) Supplements--if they don't explicitly say "soy free" "gluten free" am I in trouble?

I feel better than I've felt in my life, I should say. I feel like there's one nagging problem that I can't solve. Where is the hidden contaminant???


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