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Silent Ncgi, Is It Possible?

13 December 2013 - 10:21 AM

For anyone out there, who has experienced this…I have a random question that I have searched for and can’t seem to find the answer too.

I know with Celiac disease there are folks that are silent Celiac’s.


Are there silent non-celiac gluten intolerant/sensitive folks? There is a reason I am asking.


In theory, let’s say someone has traditional celiac symptoms, and is diagnosed celiac via blood, but not villi (no villi damage) and the blood is only IGG higher none others, so….they go gluten free, but their symptoms continue even after years of gluten free, they remove other intolerant foods (corn and dairy) and then dying gall bladder and then finally they feel great.


Then, out of curiosity, they do the celiac gene test, and they don’t have either gene, but the doc interpreting the results says they have both genes for NCGI/NCGS. But then the person accidentally eats gluten and nothing happens, no symptoms nada…..they feel great.


How does that happen?  What does it mean? Has anyone had a similar experience? Theories, ideas?


Thanks guys, just need to bounce this off ya'll.



19 August 2013 - 10:49 AM

Not sure if this is the right spot....


Has anyone had any experience with applying for ADA? I hate to use this method, but my HR department has recommended this for a couple of reasons.

1. I have not been at my job long enough for FMLA, otherwise this would solve the whole issue I am having with my boss.

2. My boss will not let me take time off for doctors appointments, or should I say it's very restrictive. No Monday or Friday appointments, no labwork during business hours,
no doctor appts for the next sixty days, no vacation time off approved, etc. I work M-F 8am to 5pm. I schedule what I can outside of office hours, but
lets face it doctors are generally open M-F 8-5, usually. I have several doctors notes that HR does not want to see, or need to see, but recommend ADA for
possibly pushing the issue of flexibilty with allowing for my doctors appointments.


I am salaried, I have offered to come in early, to work through lunch, etc. He says no.
I do work on an on-call rotation for a full week and weekend every couple weeks and that isn't even taken into account as how much I work. It doesn't have to be
I realize, but it would be nice.

I hate to resort it needing to file ADA, but I am at a loss. I need to get iron infusions every couple months, see my endo for my Hashi's and my regular doc for the celiac/colitis.

I should mention too, no probation for me. I have been here for five months and no write ups or anything.

Any other ideas?

Hair Spray With Wheat Starch - Possible To Get Glutened?

15 May 2013 - 08:13 AM

Odd Question

Does anyone have experience with a person in their home using hair spray with Wheat Starch? The reason I am asking this is because my mother (whom I would deny nothing, yet I think is the cause of my current issue) uses a hair spary with wheat starch in it and I dye her hair every month for her. And today I feel like I have been glutened. I had the same problem last month around the same time I died her hair and I thought it was my period (the symptoms) but now I am thinking they are more like my gluten symptoms...I have severe nausea, upset stomach, lightheaded and waves of dizziness.


I just dyed it last night and it hits me this morning. Which is typical for me to get about an 8 hour delay in reaction. The timing is right but I am worried that I am over reacting. No, I didn't eat her hair, but combing it out (with said hair spray) attached to it, possibly floating around in the air into my sinuses, down my throat into my belly and blam?! maybe?

Thoughts? I am thinking I am nuts, so if you have ideas that would be great.


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