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Member Since 29 Mar 2009
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Kraft And Quaker Products

13 April 2009 - 12:28 PM

I just called Kraft to ask what was in their "modified food starch," specifically for Miracle Whip. According to them, it contains corn, potato or tapioca, but not wheat or gluten. They also said that if any of their products contain gluten, they will list it in parentheses on the label; for example: modified food starch (rye). According to them, if any of the ingredients do NOT show gluten on the label, then it does not contain gluten, because they list any ingredients that are known to cause intolerances or allergies including soy, nuts, eggs, etc. They said that if they use anything with gluten, it is listed on the label. BUT, the product may not meet the FDA's requirements of "gluten free" to put "gluten free" on the label. I guess it's a product by product thing with Kraft.

I also called Quaker to find out if their rice cakes contained gluten specifically in the ingredients of "caramel coloring," "maltodextrin," and "natural flavoring." They were unable to tell me WHAT these ingredients contained, gluten or otherwise. I have problems with a company who can't tell me what is in their ingredient list. They did say, though, that none of the rice cakes would meet the requirements for a "gluten free" diet, so I think I have to assume the rice cakes contain gluten.

If anyone has experience, or reactions, to any of these products, please post...to save me a reaction. :)


Other Food Intolerances

05 April 2009 - 10:25 AM

I'm very new to this. Less than 2 weeks without gluten. I kept a food diary to see if food intolerance was causing my fibromyalgia symptoms. As soon as I noticed a relationship to breads and pasta, I discovered on the internet about gluten. For several days, I felt daily improvement in pain, fatigue, and other fibro symptoms. Then it all went south. I started to think I must have been mistaken about the gluten...all in my head, because a gluten free diet wasn't helping me anymore.

THEN I read more of the posts on this website.

I realized that I was having a real problem with white rice. Not only did I feel worse, but my blood sugar skyrocketed, disproportionate to the amount of rice that I ate. So, no more white rice for awhile.

I carefully looked up every ingredient on everything I was eating to make sure there wasn't any hidden gluten. That's a maybe, or maybe not thing, since things like "caramel coloring" are ambiguous.

Still having symptoms, so yesterday, I avoided all milk products. And, today I'm feeling better again (except the diarrhea that is coming from who-knows-where?) I'm still watching to find out if soy and/or corn is causing any problems.

I'm also a diabetic. So, it seems my list of things I can't eat is getting fairly long: gluten, dairy, carbohydrates. I'm having trouble getting enough calories, so my weight is taking a tumble, too. (that isn't all bad, but I doubt that it's good to lose 10 pounds in two weeks!)

I started this thread to try to get, all in one place, the other things that people are having problems with. Additional things to watch out for?

Is it all down to just fresh meat, fruit, and vegetables?

So far, for me, it is:
white rice
milk or milk products (including cheese)

This is getting ridiculous!

I Think It's Celiac

29 March 2009 - 02:17 PM

I have been diagnosed with "fibromyalgia" for years. This means that doctors couldn't find anything wrong, so I got a diagnosis that means "you're sick, but we don't know why." I was certain that "something" must be causing all my symptoms, and so I set out to figure out what that was. One theory of fibromyalgia is a food intolerance. So, I decided to see if that was causing the fibromyalgia: IBS with bloating and abdominal tenderness, muscle aches and pain, arthritis, brain fog, headaches, extreme fatigue, etc.

Recently, I started to list everything I ate, then rated my symptoms the next day to see if there were worsening of symptoms after eating any certain food. It took me awhile, but finally I started to see a pattern. I always had worse symptoms after eating any breads or pasta. It wasn't long before I found "gluten" as a possible source. So, I eliminate all gluten...and lo and behold, my symptoms are ALL going away or lessening. I haven't felt this good, for this long, in many many years.

I have an appointment next month to discuss this with my doc. But, I'm about 100% certain that's what's been happening. Gluten!

I am relieved to have my symptoms getting better, but I'm also furious! Something like this shouldn't have taken this long to get diagnosed...the years I've suffered! And, it took the determination of the patient to do the doctor's job...that is, diagnosis!

I guess I'm asking if this sounds familiar? And, I guess I'm looking for sympathy? WHAT tests can be run AFTER I have eliminated gluten? Thanks!

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