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Member Since 09 Apr 2009
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In Topic: Drinking With Celiac Disease

23 April 2009 - 09:47 AM

They are considered safe for Celiacs to consume due to the distilling process. I would not consider anything gluten free unless it was tested or a single ingredient such as a banana.

bananas aren't gluten free?

In Topic: Drinking With Celiac Disease

23 April 2009 - 07:07 AM

I do a lot of the same stuff as everyone else--wine, tequila in margaritas, rum in pina coladas. I also really like Fox Barrel Cider--it's quite tasty and not as sweet as Woodchuck. But for an occasional treat, I make a really mean sangria. In fact, I'm inviting several friends over for a Mexican feast on Saturday, and I'm going to make some pitchers of sangria and margaritas.

has anyone tried like captain morgan and coke, or seagrams 7 and sprite or anything like that? Or are they gluten free?

In Topic: Trouble With All Grains

20 April 2009 - 06:30 PM

I believe your issues with other grains are probably due to the insoluble fiber content - it is very rough on the digestive tract, scraping it clean. Do you have issues with cruciferous vegetables like broccoli and lettuce as well?

I am having some problems with broccoli and lettuce, what can I do to help that?

In Topic: Processed Foods

20 April 2009 - 01:43 PM

Hi Landon, my take on processed food and what I allow myself to eat is a bit different to Rinne's. For me I eat as much fresh fruit and vegetable, eggs and meat as I can, but I include things in my diet like coffee, tea, milk, rice bread, yogurt, pasta/rice noodles (as they are just basically the raw materials without all the additives in them.) My main focus is to steer clear of all the highly processed foods that contain the extra additives, soy, maize, colours and preservatives. I'm not saying I don't on occassions eat these things, but I try to avoid them as much as possible. They tend to make me sick. Could be because I seem to have problems with soy and maize. I find sticking to the least adulterated food, the better I feel.


yea, pasta noodles is my main thing. I happen to really like the gluten free pastas, but I didn't know if they were a highly processed food. I'm trying my best to eat unprocessed foods to avoid any cc.

In Topic: Digestive Enzymes

20 April 2009 - 08:22 AM

what exactly are the benefits of the digestive enzymes? should they only be taken if you struggle with constipation? do they in any way cause any harm?

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