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Member Since 13 Apr 2009
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In Topic: Am I Just A Wuss? (Staying Home After Gluten/soy/whateverings)

10 March 2013 - 03:11 PM

Hi there:

you're not a wuss. I also stay home more than I'd like when I get glutened. It's a terrible feeling and best to just stay in, lie down, drink water, take digestive aids and ride it out alone. It's miserable and sad and it hurts me and I'm sure it hurts you. Nobody likes to feel bad and miss out on living.


And, since we are kinda complaining, I'll add that it's impossible for my friends and family to understand.  Recently I was with someone and felt pretty good. We went out to eat and had a nice meal. Within half an hour I was in pain, exhausted and couldn't do anything other than lie down on the hotel bed (we were travelling).  It was a real bummer because my friend wanted to go to the hotel bar and have a good time. I'd been all for it and suddenly, BAM: OUT OF COMMISSION. I know the friend didn't really get it.


So you are not alone. 


And yes, I do sometimes miss work. I try not to as my work is not at all understanding. Usually when I refuse to eat something at a work event at random regular restaurant, I get ridiculed or asked "why aren't you eating the food at this restaurant? How could chicken possibly contain gluten?" and the question is always so accusatory. it pisses me the feck off, in fact.  Anyway, when I respond  by talking about cross-contam, I get the eye -- roll. lol. So I think it's just not worth explaining further. Though I gotta tell ya, it's getting really fecking annoying that everytime I say "NO" to eating X, I get push back. I think that is my biggest struggle....I graciously refuse food and the people i'm with can't graciously accept my refusals.

In Topic: Ontario And Ohip

10 March 2013 - 03:02 PM

As far as I know, the poster who noted the nuance to ohip coverage is correct. My liver specialist shared the same info with me. I did not pay for my blood panel in ontario.

In Topic: Anyone Been Glutened By Earl Grey Tea?

10 March 2013 - 02:49 PM

I have been glutened at tea shops. I think, perhaps, it is due to cross contamination as earl grey is safe. Most of the shops I have been in serve scones and other products and it's pretty easy in a non-dedicated shop to have an issue with cross-contamination. I've seen scoops used in multiple mediums. BUT I don't think you should be scared of tea...it is gluten free and the bags are safe. You had an unfortunate incident. Perhaps avoid that tea shop or make your own :)




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