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In Topic: Breyer's Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream

16 November 2010 - 06:21 AM

I had a similar reaction to a Swiss Miss hot chocolate brand. Caused severe joint pain and some other things. Must be the dairy, but I do have the experience that dairy in other forms doesn't cause the same reaction! You might check to see if there are other ingredients like corn or soy that might be causing a reaction.

Thanks for the suggestions about soy and corn but, thankfully, I don't have reactions to either of those substances. I do have to be careful about potatoes as I have reacted to those (stomach/intestinal pain), although it's much milder than my reaction to gluten. If I'm very careful to get potatoes that are FULLY ripened then I can usually avoid a reaction by not eating more than a small to moderate serving. If I get a batch of potatoes that aren't fully ripe...maybe still just a hint of green in the skins...oh, boy! From what I understand, there's more of the chemical that folks sensitive to nightshades react to in a slightly green, not-quite-ripe potato than one that's fully ripened.

Anyway, I'm now completely convinced that Breyer's either has a cross-contamination issue or they aren't being totally forth-coming in their ingredient list. I've tried 3 different brands of ice cream, 4 different whole-milk cheeses, heavy-whipping cream over sliced peaches, one brand of yogurt and a big dollop of sour cream on my gluten-free burrito. I didn't react whatsoever - not even the tiniest of reactions. Ate a small scoop from what was left of the Breyer's MCC ice cream and BAM - reaction!!! Therefore, I think it's a pretty safe bet to say that after eating all of that dairy and not having even one issue that dairy, itself, is NOT the issue. Despite what Breyer's FAQ's and ingredients lists say, I maintain and continue to maintain that gluten IS, indeed, showing up in their ice creams by one route (cross-contamination) or another (undisclosed ingredient). And, frankly, I don't really care which route it is because I will not be buying Breyer's ice creams again.

In Topic: Breyer's Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream

09 November 2010 - 02:13 AM

I had heard that Breyers will not confirm on CC. Since hearing that I have avoided but then I am not a big fan of Breyers.

Interesting that you would mention CC. After posting, I did a Google search about Breyers. It seems that there was a recall of the Mint Chocolate Chip flavor a while back (can't remember what year) due to UNDISCLOSED WHEAT being in the product but not listed on the label. Can't help but wonder if it isn't happening again.

Just in case, I'm avoiding Breyers all together. Just kind of bums me because I love mint choc chip and the mint choc chip Ben & Jerry's I find around here is mint ice cream with choc cookies in it. Not exactly gluten-free. Oh, well. The Chunky Monkey is pretty darned good.

In Topic: What's The Scoop On Maltodextrin?

14 May 2010 - 03:37 PM

taszoo, I am not familiar with the label laws in OZ. But in Canada and the US, maltodextrin is definitely safe--if wheat is the source it must be explicitly declared on the label.

The foods in question are from a company called Thai Kitchen. I checked their website and, like their packaging, the website proudly proclaims which items they consider to be gluten-free and which aren't. They also note that they do not add any MSG to their foods.

One thing I am seeing on the packaging is that it clearly states on the BACK of the package, "PRODUCT OF CHINA". In the small print at the bottom they note that the foods are distributed in this country (USA) by a company in Berkeley, California. Where the food items are a product of China and only distributed here by a US company, do the US labeling laws about explicitly declaring wheat/gluten sources still apply?

In Topic: Crazy Balance Thing Going On...

14 May 2010 - 03:19 PM

wow great to know that I'm not going crazy!!..this forum is great for that, just to be able to connect with others experiencing similar things. If I get the chance I'll get checked out by the doc just to see it isn't something else but hopefully it'll disappear once I get my diet under control again. Thanks!

I think we've all felt from time to time as though we're crazy and the only person out there experiencing such things. But, no, you're NOT crazy...

In addition to mild to moderate GI symptoms, I get peripheral neuropathy (burning/tingling in toes/feet/lower legs & hands) and the same off-kilter issue you have when I'm glutened. I find that I have a tendency to veer to the right when walking and it takes me longer than normal to adjust to sudden, significant position changes (e.g. standing after sitting or lying down).

I like your description about how your symptoms feel like you're walking on the deck of a rolling ship. I described it as a sensation that I was walking on a floor that was warped and buckled but your's is a much clearer description. When I get that "rolling ship" sensation, it seems as though I can't control my legs & I find that I do a lot of tripping and the veering thing.

But it's the way you describe how it seems that there's a delay where you have to "wait for the back of your head to catch up" that really stood out to me. I experience something that's somewhat similar. Before I was diagnosed, I wasn't sure how to explain what I was feeling to my doctor other than to say that it felt as though I was having what I thought an out-of-body experience might feel like...I knew in my mind that my physical body was walking on the floor but it felt like some "invisible, shadow part" of me was simultaneously walking 6 or 8 inches off the floor and a step or two behind my body. And don't think I didn't worry about being thought of as crazy with a description like that!! LOL.

Take heart, though. Since going gluten-free, the only time I have those unsettling symptoms is the unusual occasion when I get glutened. It sounds as though your cross-contamination issue is at the root of this and I'd bet that the symptoms will disappear when you're able to fix that problem.

In Topic: Trip To Wegman's

17 March 2010 - 01:28 PM

This is only my 17th day being gluten-free, or trying at least. I have been to Wegmans a few times. I bought Pamela baking mix and made a pretty decent coffee cake with it. Hope to try pancakes this weekend.

The Envirokidz cereal is pretty good, tried the Gorilla crunch, and it's a reasonable price, saw a box of Gluteno this morning for $6.50?? at Bloom. Also, their Crispy rice bars are good.

I haven't tried any bread yet, thought I'd see if I could just live without it.

Did try the Redbridge gluten-free beer, it's really good, similar to Killian's.

I like the fact that they have a special 'Gluten-free' aisle, or 1/2 an aisle, and it's labeled clearly. I haven't ventured into the bakery to see if they actually make any gluten free products fresh, they did have some cookies/muffins in a refrigerated section, but they were quite expensive.

Love our new Wegman's, but will need a second job to afford shopping there often. Enjoy your shopping expedition! That's what I think of grocery shopping any more!

Shopping expedition...LOL! I think we all pretty much felt that way when we first started out on the gluten-free "adventure". Trust me, it will get easier as time goes on and you know what you can and cannot have. For me, the hardest part is going out with friends and having any degree of confidence that the following couple days won't be spent in the bathroom and feeling miserable. Pretty much, my friends have tried to be understanding but, unless you live it day in and day out like we do, you just don't truly understand how hard it can be to eat out just anywhere.

I am looking forward to going to Wegman's tomorrow. I've never been before and I keep hearing all of these amazing things about the place. Like you, I've heard that it can be quite expensive...even for the non-gluten-free foods.

It's funny that you mentioned coffee cake. I used Betty Crocker's yellow cake mix to make a coffee cake. Whipped it up just as the directions say but filled the pan about 1/2 way, tossed on some cinnamon, brown sugar and butter mix, filled the remaining batter and sprinkled on more cinnamon/sugar/butter mix. Turned out pretty well.

I've pretty much learned to live without bread, too, although I did try a couple of the Bob's Red Mill bread mixes. Unfortunately, I did NOT like either of them. Instead, if I'm feeling like a "sandwich", I use a 100% corn tortilla as a wrap. I just thought I'd try one of the commercially prepared gluten-free breads and see if they're any better than those mixes. I'd LOVE to have a ham, egg and cheese sandwich for breakfast...or cinnamon toast, but it won't kill me if I can't.

By the way, since you're new to this, you should check out the website called Glutenfreeda.com . I've found some really awesome gluten-free recipes on there. They rate them from Easy to Intermediate to Involved depending on how much prep work is required. I've made quite a few of the dishes for non-Celiac friends and they said they were so good that they couldn't believe they were "special" recipes.

Anyway...Thanks for your suggestions and we'll see what wonders of gluten-free dining I can find tomorrow at Wegman's!

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