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In Topic: I'm Moving To Korea

03 March 2010 - 08:49 PM

Hi Tiffers,
Hope you had a great year in Korea! I'm just about to start my year there in a couple months and was wondering if you would have any advice for me. I'm a celiac too and am also dairy and egg intolerant and am concerned about what I'll be able to eat in Korea. I'll probably be in Daegu, Seoul or Busan. I wonder if you have any experiences eating in these cities. If there are any brands or stores I can look out for I would be so greatful!
Really anything you could tell me would be hugely appreciated!

Thank you so much,

In Topic: Completely Miserable In Korea

03 March 2010 - 08:43 PM

Hi there!

I'm not in Korea yet, but I'll be arriving in early July. I was wondering if you're feeling any better about it since this last post. I was diagnosed with celiac disease in 2005, and I have to say that it has been one of my bigger concerns when preparing to teach for the year in Korea.

I've done a lot of research online about sources for gluten-free foods in Korea, advice from other Celiacs in Korea etc. I haven't gotten the practical experience myself yet, but some of these folks seem pretty credible. If you want I can send along some of my info for you, as well as some websites to check out re: gluten free foods in Korea.

If you have any advice that you would care to share I would also greatly appreciate it!

I hope it's getting better for you - I'm trying to get myself prepared to feel 'under the weather' again for a while until I can figure the foods out over there... but I'm still a bit worried.

~Kate :)

Hi All!
My partner and I are moving to Korea in a few months as well and would appreciate sooooo much any information any of you could give me. I have no idea what brands to look for or if it is safe to eat out anywhere. I'll be living in either Seoul, Busan or Daegu and would love to know where to shop etc. Any brands that you could tell me about would be awesome! I've heard that some stores have a special label for gluten-free stuff (orga whole foods)? I'm just not exactly sure what to eat when I am settling into my apartment. Maybe you would have some advice for me Kate?

I am so excited about moving to Korea and refuse to let my celiacs hold me back! It is scary though because I am super sensitive to gluten and dairy intolerant so I hope I can stay healthy there!

Can't wait to hear back from you all!

In Topic: Possible Crohn's Or Refractory?

20 April 2009 - 10:51 AM

A warm welcome to the forum even if you are not feeling well enough to respond. You poor dear, you really have been through the wringer. You must be suffering horribly.

I have only some quick questions and possible insights to offer. You mention you had a yeast infection. Where was the yeast? Was it overgrowth in the gut, or somewhere else, and how was it treated? Have they made sure that this has been controlled/eliminated? Or was it vaginal yeast or some other location? Have you had stool samples done to see if there is any other bacterium/bacteria causing problems in your gut, like C.difficile? Some of these bacterial overgrowths (beyond yeast) can really create havoc in our bodies. I am only throwing out suggestions here. I had a C.difficile infection that I thought was really going to get me, blasting explosive gas through my system while I was trying to work a new job. Only a stool sample to Great Smokies (now Genova) Laboratories diagnosed what was going on (I also had yeast overgrowth in the gut). Conventional alleopathic medicine at the time was hopeless to cope with this. Many doctors don't even seem aware that such things exist. I was sent to Great Smokies by a western Doctor of Oriental Medicine, and treated by a very unconventional M.D., with great success I am happy to say. My PCP didn't believe any of it.

Tell us more specifics and what testing and treatment you have had done., and maybe we can offer more suggestions.

Thanks so much for reading my story and offering some advice!
I collected my medical history before I came back home so I can tell you exactly every test result I had done. Okay so a year ago, when my digestive problems started and were explosive I was tested for C.Diff Cytotox, but since the stool was not watery it was not processed. I was tested for Stool Culture and no salmonella, Shigella, E. Colli 0157, Yersinia os Campylobacter were found. I was tested for Ova and Parasites and none were found. This was a year ago though so I don't know if that should maybe be redone.

The yeast infections which I mentioned were vaginal, and I used monistat almost weekly for a couple months, and Duflocan once to treat them. I eliminated yeast from my diet too, and still now if I miss a couple probiotics in a day I will start to get a yeast infection.

My first TTG came back positive in October when I was still eating gluten, the ones I had at the start of this month came back negative, (could this be because I've adhered strictly to a gluten-free diet?)

I've had various bloodworks done, the most recent one showed I was negative for H. Pylori. My ALT, and ALK Phosphate was lower than normal. My RBC was low as well as my Hematocrit. My Mean Corpuscular was high. None of these numbers were dramatic but were either above or below the normal cut off limits.

In terms of treatments I haven't had much done other than my own dietary changes and accupuncture and a few ineffective medications.
The antacids were Buscopan, and Losec.
The intestinal spasm medication was Dicetel
In March I was taking, Adrenal Capsules, Trophic Acidophilus (6 per day), and Moducare Plant Sterols. And adhereing the the specific carbohydrate diet with no: sugars, grains, canned vegetables, fungus (mushrooms etc.), grins, canned meats, processed meats, dairy, and a few others.

In February I was taking Trophic Acidophilus (6 per day), M6 Digestive enzyme and an Orti-B complex. In addition I was told to eliminate sugar, alcohol, caffeine, dairy, wheat and gluten, yeast, red meat and pork, citrus, eggs, soy, and corn. On this Brown Rice Diet the pain started after consuming brown rice with every meal.

Currently I am on the Specific Carbohydrate diet, and have only been eating:
Baked apples, peaches, strawberries and pears.
Cooked squash, tomato, spinach, green beans, chopped carrots.
Garlic, salt, onion and olive oil to season occasionally. (no other spices.)
Cooked lamb, beef, chicken, and fish. (No eggs or pork as I get so bloated and gassy from them).

I can't tolerate any raw foods, everything has to be well cooked or I bloat right up.
Even just eating these foods, and avoiding cross contamination by using bleach to was dishes and such is not working for me. I can go for about 2 days feeling alright but then something will just set me off and set me back for days with rashes and irregular bowel movements.
I've gone off all the naturpathic drugs as they made me feel a lot worse cause I was having a hard time digesting those.

I dunno this has me puzzled?

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