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In Topic: Hiding Dh Possible?

15 April 2010 - 05:53 PM

I totally agree, seems to work out how much, how long, that's why people over 60 test out so high, Dan

In Topic: Hiding Dh Possible?

15 April 2010 - 05:06 PM

Is your husband having any other symptoms ? or just skin problems. while there are many serious complications from Celiac desease , some people are just gluten intolerant with no villi damage and have only skin DH as a problem . It is important to find out if it is celiac disease , and also if it is , a GFD is the only way to treat it as no topical treatment helps. As far as doctors and dermatolgist are concerned , most won't think of celiac or DH even when you tell them that's what you think you have. I would'nt volenteer that I thought it was DH, all you can do is see what they come up with. Me I went thru 25 years of embarrasing skin problems, after 5 doctors I gave up and went to the VA as I thought it might be Agent Orange from Vietnam. they said no it was'nt cloracne, just don't scratch!! any way last year I came across DH symptoms (thank you Celiac.com) and told the VA I thought I might have celiac disease. they said it was so rare that it could'nt be. the VA here uses Loyola Univ. hospital doctors and derms. As they took a second biopsi last year I asked if they were taking it next to the lession? they said no as that was too expensive and would only do that if they thought that's what it might be . the lab report came back with no infections, they did'nt know what else to do and diagnosed me with nurotic excorations !! I gave up with them to and filed for an official Agent Orange claim. I'd be surprised if his doctors came up with celiac disease/DH, but it is important to find out. hope things work out, Dan

In Topic: How Big Is This Iceberg ?

02 December 2009 - 08:09 AM

sorry, I'm new to this and tried using spacing and paragraphing but when I add reply it condenses it all together, thanks Dan

In Topic: How Big Is This Iceberg ?

02 December 2009 - 12:12 AM

Thank you everyone for responding,,,my family is suportive and trying to help me with gluten free food at family dinners, I did show them the DVD "Unlocking the mystery of Wheat and Gluten intolerance" by Thomas O'Bryan. so they are awhare that It's something to watch out for but they or I did'nt have any Idea how serious this is. I did'nt say anything about my grandson as I did'nt want to say I told you so. I'll give it a couple of weeks and see what happens. I know official celiac disease is now 1% and maybe 2% over 60. I remember 15 to 20 years ago that my friend at work had his young daughter was having these serious stomach intestinal problems where she could'nt eat some kind of foods and was in and out of hospitals. did'nt know what the condition was at that time, just felt sorry for them and the problems they were having. in the past while shopping at whole foods I noticed the gluten free products and thought that a lot of people must be following one of the hollywood diets. last december I was tested for sleep apnea and started Cpap, any Darlindeb 25 had posted on the cpap forum and mentioned celiac disease so I looked it up on the web and they showed skin problems as one of the symptoms, I had been looking for my skin condition on the web for a log time and that was the first time something looked like what I had. I know every cronic disease might not be caused by Gluten but from what I've been researching it maybe. doctors should be testing for this or at least telling their patients about the possibility if nothing else is helping so they could try a food elimination diet!!! now I think I'm seeing it every where . my mom came to live with me a while back, she ended up dying of complications of type II diabetis at 68, she had nuerapathy and was always going from Imoniom AD to doculax, she also had skin lesions on her shoulders and was obiese, my sister has been fighting thyriod problems, my oldest son 38 has been fighting depression bipolar problems for years, one of my lady freinds (short stature) has been diagnosed with ostopiena, she was taking ostomax but it made her feel worse. one of her neices is fighting bipolar. another lady friend has ruhmatoid atheritis pretty bad witha noticing bloated stomach and had stomach surgery last winter, I think ulceritis colitis. Her sister (both short stature) has the D&C problem,,, with her younger son 33 having severe IBS problems and her older son 40 had to move back in with her as he has MS and has to use a walker....one of my aunts died of ALS as did a coulpe of my other realitives........one of my daughter inlaws has a sister with MS.......and last week I saw one of my buddy's wife at the grocery store , in the past I had noticed that their son who was 5 or 6 at the time looked about the size of a 3 year old........she asked how I was doing I said better since I went on a gluten free diet because of my skin and that I might have celiac....she said that they took her son to the doctors because he was so small and that he was also having stomach problems,,she said the doctors said he did'nt have celiac as his test were negative.(can you believe that) I said look I'm not a doctor but these test come back negative alot of times,,, told her to please do her own reaserch on celiac and gluten...... this past week with her son , my grandson and my lady's 40 year old with MS has really got me agrivated with the medical profession.........I know there may be other causes for all this but at least gluten should be on their radar sceen,,,,,,,,,,Dan

In Topic: Dh?

23 August 2009 - 08:11 PM

Hi Crimson, your picture of the Iodine band aid patch test looks exactly like mine when I posted may 3rd, it would be nice to see if this is a valid test by trying the same thing with some one who dos'nt have DH , all I know is I started having skin problems 30+ years ago , been seeing doctors about this for 25+ years , in march with the help of this forum learned about DH and started going GFD in april . blood test in may were negative ( 5 weeks GFD ) and dermatologist at the VA biopsied the lesion instead of a DIF test next to it. they said the DIF was to expensive and would only do it if they really thought thats what I had !!! they blew off my Iodine test as they still had my diagnosis as nuerotic excorations , same as 3 years ago when I refused antibiotics again----- the doctor asked me if I thought I new more than him.... I got copies of my medical reports and at my june check up asked the doc about my biopsie , she agreed with my reading that it was negative for infection, I then asked her if that means if I then must have an autoimune problem, she said oh no it must be your nerves ?????? at least I got her to blood test me for nutrition vit ,minerals ect , about 10 different things. only B1 was a little low so I'm taking thiamin. also at that check up I was much improved and they still dismissed DH as it did'nt present like classic hives? symptoms . this is at Hines VA in Chicago with most of their Doctors coming over from Loyola so they should know what they're doing. now almost the end of August and I'm about 95% cleared up, last break out a couple of weeks ago and I can count the lesions I'm still dealing with on one hand , of course the purple marks take much longer to fade , this is the best I've been in along time and my friends have commented that I look better. I feel like I had to be my own Dr House to get my own self Diagnosis as they seemed to resent my research . Sorry about the long response just tired of 25 years of dealing with the medical system and since I'm almost all "Healed " up on a GFD then I must have DH & Celiac ?? thanks Dan

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