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In Topic: Best G.f. Pie Crust I've Made In 6 Years...i Switched To Lard!

Today, 06:17 PM

If  you don't  want  to mix  up your  own  mix I  tested Bob's Red Mill pie  crust  &  it  was  good  &  very easy to work  with.. I usually just make  my own  but  in a  pinch Bob's  works!!!! 

Whole  Foods  has a  ready  made  pie  crust that  is also  good  for  ready made....

In Topic: Living Without & More Event

Yesterday, 02:20 PM

You can order  tickets  now....we are  about  4 hours  away.....

In Topic: Grocery Store

26 March 2015 - 01:03 PM

I never  heard  of this!  but  I  have been in  allergist practice  where  there are  signs  no  perfumes, no nuts, no  dairy  are permitted   in this office...a bit  different  than in  a grocery  store....people  can be  so  crazy... for instance  we  were eating  at a Texas  Roadhouse  where  peanuts  are everywhere  &  shells  thrown on the  floor... A couple  of  people  got  seated  next  to us  &  the server  asked  if  they  had ever  been there  before, they  all  say  yes...the  thirteen year  old  or  about  that  age  breaks out into hives  & starts  grasping  for  air  ... the  servers  run over to help  &  the  adults  start  yelling  you  have  peanuts  on  every table this  boy  has a peanut allergy... huh? Why  would  adults  who knew the restaurant  ever  take a kid  into a  place who served  peanuts? An ambulance  rushed  the kid  to the  nearest  hospital...just  stupid....

In Topic: God I Feel So Stupid

24 March 2015 - 06:47 AM

crap like  this  happens  all the  time... I did a  very quick  search  & found  a  couple.... GutPro powder..........Probiotic  10..................Theralac............. Dr. Ohhira...... I do use  the  last  one    ... some of these  may be  in  capsule  form   the other  two  are  powdered.... I never  used  powdered....

Also  remember  you  should  occas.  change out  the probiotic  you are using  so  the body  doesn't  get used  to  the  strains in  that  probiotic...

In Topic: New And Feeling Awful

23 March 2015 - 05:52 PM

Please get tested , you are in the final run you just need one more push ... Don't give up now....focus only on the daily things that must be done, Care for the kids, worry about nothing else , it will all be waiting for you after you get the testing done...Take all other life burden's & put them on the back burner. You are going to get healthy then you can catch up....
You are not only doing this for yourself but for the kids!