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Member Since 10 Oct 2004
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In Topic: Very Big Decision To Make But Need Some Distractions

Yesterday, 09:55 AM

I think we  on  here  are  all in agreement  your  big  sister  has  brought  so much  to each of  us in her  own special  way.... She  has  said many times  how  much she  loved  her  family  &  how  much  you  do  for  her... she  is  in  the  hands  of  God  &  he  will  do  what is best  for  her..  I must  say  your  family  sounds  wonderful  & blessed,  caring so much about  each other....

Please  continue  to talk  &  sing  & pray  with Kerrygirl,  she  hears & knows   even though  she  may not  be able to answer...

May  many blessings  be  bestowed  upon  Kerrygirl  &  the  whole  family...

Just  know  in  her young  life  she  has  touched  people  across the  world  & I'm  ever  so grateful   ..

hugs & blessings

In Topic: Very Big Decision To Make But Need Some Distractions

30 June 2015 - 03:35 PM

Keerygirl & Eloise

Thank you so much for posting for Kerry. Your parents must be so proud of you girls...We all have fallen in love with sweet Kerry & we all are sending payers & hugs to Kerry & all of your family....Kerry has left a special mark on all of us...Thank you for being also so special to post to us, it is greatly appreciated...
I pray Kerry has much peace & rest & the family knows how much we all love Kerry. She has brought so much to this board....more than I think she realizes....she came asking for our help but she has given us so much...She is my hero....... blessings

In Topic: B12 Injections

30 June 2015 - 02:40 AM

Lisa, I do have other issues besides not being to keep B-12 in my system... I drop off rapidly, been like that most of my life....I developed angio lymphatic edema a few years ago from Levothyroxine & for nine months I was nothing but a BIG mess from the neck up.. plus the soft tissue inside my mouth was raw & bloody most of that time...I went to two different Immunologists for help both said I was one of their worse cases ... Tried many things to combat this issue...then I read an article about B-12 possibly helping with my issues. I took to doctor & he said worth a try even though he never heard of it prior to the article. Well, it helped so much & the doctor said this condition would never totally leave me that for who knows what reason it could rear it's ugly head up.. The outer face & neck swelling is long gone but I still get swelling , sore soft tissue of the inner mouth at times.. plus very dry... they tested me for other dry mouth issues but all negative. The B-12 keeps this mess at bay....
After the dr. seen how well I responded he put his family member on it as well for a heredity form of edema....

In Topic: Very Big Decision To Make But Need Some Distractions

27 June 2015 - 10:42 AM

Oh Kerrygirl you are very strong & brave....you are an inspiration for many....you just may not realize it....Many couldn't handle or deal with what you have been given...& you do it so gracefully .... tears are very cleasning so do it as much as you like...I totally agree with gluten-free Lover in her post....All the music mentioned we too love. I will have to listen to LOCA....
Sorry your Mum is not feeling well but again I'm sure you two are connected spiritually...so you are truly not away from each other...My Mother passed four years ago but there are times when her presence is right next to me as is other loved ones... They soar near me daily & the doves visit me & give me strength...
peace will come to you...God is the shelter& the peace we all are seeking...... hugs

In Topic: How To Respond When People Bring You Food...

26 June 2015 - 05:07 PM

I can't remember if you are a gluten-free home...if not & someone can eat the food when they come in person with no advanced warning, I would thank them & accept the food , truly doesn't mean you have to eat it unless you trust who prepared... If people call in advance , I would remind them not to bring any food that your house is strictly gluten-free & you do not need any gluten-free food...You took care of the food end before the baby arrival... hth

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