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In Topic: Celiac And Constipation

Today, 01:19 PM

constipation is VERY common in celiac maybe even more then the BIG D.......I've been gluten-free twelve years & still have major constipation issues......

In Topic: Low Gluten Flour + Gluten Does Not Create Celiac Reaction?

Today, 11:31 AM

Makes  no  sense  at all  for me! But  perhaps  they  are thinking  of  less  than 20 ppm's?  which  for me  is  not gluten-free....

In Topic: Pizza Hut Gluten Free

Yesterday, 02:14 PM

No  pizza in the Pittsburgh, Pa area  yet!!!!  We  are  not  on  the  list but  maybe  down the  road  they  will add  more  pizza  hut's

In Topic: Pizza Hut Gluten Free

Yesterday, 11:03 AM

The  pizza  they are  using  is  Udi's gluten-free kit... that  is  safe & gluten-free...  problem  comes  in  that  it is prepared as  safely  as  it can be  but  it  still is  a place  that  has tons  of  wheat  products  so  the CC is the problem... plus  it  becomes an  unsafe  pizza  if  someone  decides  they  want  to add  maybe peppers  & olives  to  the gluten-free  pizza ... The  common  area  also  isn't  wheat  free.....if one  is a very sensitive  celiac  I would  not  eat  that  pizza....for  most  as  long as  the  staff follows  through  on their  gluten-free  training  the  pizza  would  probably be  fine....

I have  eaten the  same gluten-free pizza  at  home  with  no  problems, only  difference  would  be  the  restaurant !

In Topic: Breakfast

25 January 2015 - 03:35 PM

they do  make  gluten free  bagels& much more..... I   make waffles  & pancakes  & freeze  them  for  breakfast... Hard  boiled  eggs,  breakfast  casserole, toast,  yogurt, fruit, leftover  pizza!!!!  Protein  shake  , these  are a few  things  we  eat....