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In Topic: Cooking/baking For Someone With Celiac?

Yesterday, 01:04 PM

I agree with the others & please  consider  what  Bartful  stated..... another  thought  is  they have  the  monthly  gluten-free boxes where  you pay  monthly  & get  some  tasty gluten-free  products  shipped  right  to the door.. You  can do a  month  or  several depending on your budget....Fruit  bouquets are also  nice....

In Topic: First Thanksgiving Since Diagnosis...feeling Anxious

Yesterday, 01:00 PM

It always  is  scary  eating  at  someone else's  home....as we  all know we  can get  ill from  grandma's cooking...but  the  nice  thing  is  your Mom  got  it & she  will give  it  her  best  shot to keep you  safe.....&  another good  point  is  you  know mishaps  happen  so  serve yourself  first & pass  on foods  you are not sure of....maybe  take  your  own stuffing  , dessert  is  a  wonderful way to introduce  non-believers  that  celiac  food  is  not  yucky &  tasteless....

maybe  take  a  gluten ease  or  one  of the  ones  for  accidents (gluten) before  you eat  so  if  a mishap happens  that  may  ease  your  pain....

I'm hoping  you have  a  wonderful holiday &  all goes  well.....

In Topic: I Don't Want Celiacs Anymore

25 November 2014 - 05:12 AM

hello & welcome

celiac   is  a  hard  disease  to swallow for many. but  it is  what  it is  so  at  some  point  you  will have to bite  the bullet  &  go back to being  gluten-free 100% of the  time  24/7   for  life...   celiac  is  not  just  a  diet  it  truly is a lifestyle change.. ANd  NO ONE  Wants  to  have  it...You did  it  before  & you  can  do it  again.....it  is  much  easier  now  to live  a  healthy happy gluten-free  life with  many  restaurants, & gluten-free  food  available....you  actually did it  when it  was  much harder  to  find  gluten-free  so  you  must  train your  brain to do it  again... the  brain  plays  tricks on  our  thinking  so  get  out  of your  head......

Waitingdreams  is  a perfect  example  of  how  one  can  make  changes  in  their  life...she  came  in  at  the  bottom of the  pit (so to  speak) &  has  listened  & learned by trial & error  until  she got  it. Her  rewards of  hard work & challenges have  paid  off  & now  she to  sees  light  at the  end  of a LONG road....she   is  willing  to give it all she  got  & then some....

It is  natural to feel  sad ,& blue   but  once  you  get  rid  of that  baggage  &  get a game plan in place  you to  will be  able  to defeat  a  big dragon in your  life.. You  will get  great satisfaction  in knowing  how  strong  you really are  & how  happy & healthy  you will  be....

Don't  fight  it  until  another  autoimmune  creeps  in on you  or  even  worse  a  cancer......

This is  one  of the  easiest  diseases  to  control without  chemo,  deadly drugs, or  being  connected to some  machine  for  hours/days....we  just  need  to  be special & eat  special food... can't  get  much  easier...you make the  choice  which  disease  you would  choose!

You CAN  do  this  &   you now  have a  team  of  celiac who  are  onboard  with you to  give  you any help  you  need.. Just  ask



In Topic: Kinnikinnick Pie Crusts

23 November 2014 - 05:29 PM

I'm not a big  fan of  Bob's Red Mill  stuff  but  I  do like  their  pie  crusts mix....

In Topic: Canyon Bakehouse G.f., Dairy Free, Soy Free Bread

22 November 2014 - 02:03 PM

Our local grocery stores just carry GoodBye GLuten ( fresh) & udi's & schar... Can't seem to talk them into anything else! It depends on where you live.. Some areas are big on gluten-free others not so much...